Laura Laws

Laura Laws

Published on 2 years ago

A day of what I ate on Easter Sunday (no chocolate bunnies) with Gestational Diabetes while trying to keep my glucose levels under control at 30 weeks pregnant. This is based on my drs protocol. Everyone will be different but here are some tips and tricks I've learned so far. Also, it is very similar to what they recommend for the pregnancy diet for everyone.

Fasting Blood Sugar: 92
Breakfast: 1/2 Protein bagel with cream cheese, cucumbers, tomatoes, coffee with half and half
Breakfast Blood Sugar: 138
Snack 1: XS apple with peanut butter
Lunch: Salad with oil & vinegar, quinoa with spinach and parmesan
Lunch Blood Sugar: 136
Snack 2: Trader Joes (Damn you) free sample of chocolate chip cookie with ice cream
Dinner: Quinoa Cowboy burger on slim bun with cheese, asparagus
Dinner Blood Sugar: 129
Snack 3: multigrain waffle, cottage cheese, raspberries

Thanks for watching and I'm not a doctor or nutritionist so be sure to consult with your doctors!

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About Me
My name is Laura Laws and I started this channel because I wanted to get the word out about the ERA test (I thought it would be weird to put it on my Real estate channel). The ERA test is a biopsy they do in the IVF process to see when you are receptive to implantation. It is new and I wouldn’t be pregnant without it! My husband Phil and I live in the suburbs of Philadelphia. We have 3 ragdoll cats and we are due June 10, 2018 with our first baby girl! I have shared my 2 rounds of IVF as well as weekly pregnancy updates & other baby related videos. I am a real estate agent and you can check out that channel if you’d like to see more info on real estate, smart home technology and other random stuff here:

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Sara Cardenas

Sara Cardenas . 2 days ago

I have GD as well and has Been very hard to deal with but this gave me hope! That last snack looked so good😭😭

Onyinye Patricia

Onyinye Patricia . 2 weeks ago

My sugar levels 6,2 normal or higher I'm pregnant

satya shukla

satya shukla . 2 weeks ago

Please make a video on what you ate during your second cycle of IVF and your routine. It will help 🙏

Swatipatel Rpatel

Swatipatel Rpatel . 3 weeks ago

Hye very nice information dear and. Good blasss u and ur so beautiful I'm I have also dibetce

Amanda Quinn

Amanda Quinn . 3 weeks ago

New subscriber! 🙋🏼‍♀️ Today I found out I have GD. I was very sad and bothered when I found out. Thank you for sharing your experience and recipes. I am feeling much more hopeful and positive.

Babisha Tomlinson

Babisha Tomlinson . 1 month ago

This is such a plus trust me I smile the entire time knowing that I'm not alone in this and I'm just ready to be induce this week to welcome my baby girl into this world

Subrata Saha

Subrata Saha . 2 months ago

I believe it should be below 95 at fasting test and after every meal below 120 . I am concern with the result which are above 120 .. did your doctor or dietitian suggest the range ? Could you please confirm

Diana Gonzalez

Diana Gonzalez . 2 months ago

My sugar has to be below 120 😒 I’m so over it

nicole Denisealtnor

nicole Denisealtnor . 2 months ago

I am going through but I'm not really sure if I will have to because I have to go to the doctors and take another test and I'm only 10 weeks so I hope and pray that I don't have to but if I do you have definitely open my eyes to more ideas especially with the waffles and the raspberry even though I'm allergic to raspberries I can definitely substitute that with anything else I'm sure and I just want you to know that you are not alone I'm in Philadelphia Center City will University City and I just wanted you to know that I'm expecting in June I wonder When You're Expecting congratulations and good work keep up the good work be merry and happy holidays

Elaine Laukon

Elaine Laukon . 2 months ago

Nice... girl you did so good

Wendy Valadez

Wendy Valadez . 2 months ago

I had GD. And my readings had to be 120 and under. And 95 in the mornings. 😱 i.m surprise of how many carbs u were able to eat. 😩 I had a hard time then my doctor thought I was starving myself because I was losing weight. And I was eating 4 meals and 3 snacks 🤦‍♀️ so maybe next time pregnancy i.ll know more. 🙌🙏👌🤗

okusan Turcios

okusan Turcios . 2 months ago

My mom has this and everymorning she has it very high, what can she do to lower it

okusan Turcios

okusan Turcios . 2 months ago

When you had this did your baby stop growing in you womb?

Sumiara Begum Laskar

Sumiara Begum Laskar . 2 months ago

Thanks ma'am


83prettyblack . 3 months ago

This is my last baby and I have had it before and now I have it again.I met with the Dietitian today.So I am hopeful I can get it under control so I wont have to go on Insulin and your braver than I am ,I hate finger sticks

Gina Echavez

Gina Echavez . 3 months ago

Thank you very much for this video

Varanun Tasnapakdee

Varanun Tasnapakdee . 3 months ago

Thank you for making this video ❤️

Sarahi vl

Sarahi vl . 3 months ago

Did you had normal birth??


00yl . 3 months ago

Am currently pregnant and am also running a chance of getting diabetes, Did your diabetes go away after giving birth ? I hope you answer me lol


mintghost . 4 months ago

Thank you for posting this! Very helpful

Ria Miya

Ria Miya . 4 months ago

Hi. Interesting vlog. I like it... I am 4 months pregnant and my Dr. Told me I'm on the boundary of having gestational. My highest result was 102 that is after meal. And the before meal is 95.4.. My Dr. Said my post result is too high... But yours is higher. Did your Dr. Recommend you to inject insulin everyday? Thank you for your response... It will help me a lot.


Brigitte . 5 months ago

I went and tried your coffee its good! Also copying your snacks! Tested high on my first sugar test, bummed me out, I have to go for a second test. Thanks for sharing.

lydia garza

lydia garza . 5 months ago

What is the right way to excised during pregnancy?

Meagan Kunschik

Meagan Kunschik . 5 months ago

Tip for less pain during your pricks. Pull on the tip of your finger. Rub very firmly, until the the tip of your finger has gotten much redder (this is due to increased blood flow to the area). It increases blood output and actually partially numbs the area. This will allow you to use a lower setting on your needle, which also reduces any pain. I use the smallest needle you can possibly get and my needle is set on 1. Its literally the BARE MINIMUM and it is way more than enough to get a proper reading. 👍👍👍

Keishla Peters

Keishla Peters . 5 months ago

So I was diagnosed woth gestational diabetes and I just can't seem to find this possible while taking care of my 2 year old toddler. I am stressed


Ashley ASHLEYM . 5 months ago

Six times a day?!?! Are they insane?? That sounds like a lot of work! If I do develop gestational diabetes I'm sticking to my 3 meals a day, I can barely eat all those times (like today I forced myself to eat my second meal because I know if I didn't I wouldn't have eaten enough calories for the day), but hopefully I never develop it.

Addison Gilbert

Addison Gilbert . 6 months ago

Where did you get the log chart. I have been looking for a great logging chart like this.


It'sChass . 6 months ago

You are doing well. I need to be this disciplined 😭


BlackBodianGrl . 6 months ago

Great video, I’ve been struggling with gd food changes. Your video is inspiring me to do better 15 weeks thus far 💗

Graciela Alejo

Graciela Alejo . 6 months ago

This is so helpful I’m pregnant and my sugar levels are up and down this motivates me to keep on doing things I’m buying the bagels

Babli Paul

Babli Paul . 6 months ago

Thank u so much dear..u inspired me a lot

Lilibeth garcia

Lilibeth garcia . 6 months ago

Thank you for sharing your experience. I'm currently pregnant for my second baby and I have Gestational diabetes. Well I also have on my first one. Your video help a lot to give me more idea what to eat so thank you.😘

Baby S

Baby S . 6 months ago

This is my 2nd child and I got a call early this morning that my glucose test came back high and l needed to come to the hospital. I went in and the nurse said I need to do the 2nd level glucose screen so they can properly diagnose etc but based on my numbers she's pretty sure that I likely might be diagnosed with gestational diabetes. I am little stressed out. I do plan to change my diet whether it is confirmed that I have gestational diabetes or not. I don't want to go through the finger sticks. Thank you for you very helpful video. I will rewatch for meal inspiration.

Kimberly Hernando

Kimberly Hernando . 6 months ago

Nice video 😊

Maria De Jesus Martinez

Maria De Jesus Martinez . 6 months ago

My doctor tells me it has to be under 120 I only had one for 143 or 135 and she wants to put me on medication 😥😥😥😥 I’m 33 weeks.


S RH . 7 months ago

Hi, my 1hr after meal value is fine..but the 2hr after meal value is a little above the cut off.. any idea what this means ?? Thanks

Tabassum Anika

Tabassum Anika . 8 months ago

Did you take medicines besides diet control as well?

boo 3253

boo 3253 . 8 months ago

Easy to do in your forst pregnacy but on your second pregnancy and it comes back with vengeance and you got a toddler not so easy meal planning lol

Ashley Eveleth

Ashley Eveleth . 8 months ago

Thanks for showing the blood sugar monitoring part. I just got diagnosed but haven’t been back to the doctor yet to get my orders. It was nice to see what that looks like.


PurePoison . 9 months ago

I like your ideas however they are not all very practical when having other children and a full time job aswell.

Chauntil Bell

Chauntil Bell . 9 months ago

I was a vegan too and was diagnosed with gestational diabetes with my fourth pregnancy

Dalia Sinclair-Thomas

Dalia Sinclair-Thomas . 11 months ago

Thank you so much for your has made my diagnosis and meal planning a lot easier 💕💕💕

Britt Reed-Isler

Britt Reed-Isler . 11 months ago

This video helps me alot! Didnt know about the exercise! And my doctor want my numbers of B, L, & D to be under 120 🤦🏿‍♀️ I'm 28 weeks and I feel like this video will help me do better these last few weeks!


PinkSpklz . 12 months ago

31 weeks pregnant...I'm so depressed every day, I've lost any sort of joy that I've had... feel like I've already given up so much. Dont know how I am going to get used to this lifestyle 😢😢😢

Yan Sfor

Yan Sfor . 1 year ago

I'm currently pregnant and I just got diagnosed with gestational diabetes 😢. In the morning I wake up with below what my doctor recommends. During breakfast I eat plain oatmeal well I add cinnamon to it. That's it and I waited 2 hours like he said before checking and I came out really high. I was at 190 like how in the world did it go from starting off ok to just eating plain oatmeal and coming out soon high 😫. This is torture for snack I eat a stick of cheese or an apple or pear. I eat what I'm suppose to and it still comes out high. Well at least the good thing is that I'm 31 weeks about to be 32 weeks Tuesday. So almost there.

Emily Vanover

Emily Vanover . 1 year ago

So so glad I found you!! I know this video is old, but I was diagnosed with GD at 25 weeks. I am currently 30 weeks and I feel like I’m failing at this whole thing. I can’t keep my sugar low whatsoever, and now I’m on insulin once at night and a pill during the day ☹️ your video has gave me an idea of what I can eat! Thank you!!


ChillingWithBrenda . 1 year ago

This help me a lot thanks for sharing

Alexia’s Corner

Alexia’s Corner . 1 year ago

I test again tomorrow And hopefully it’s not positive. I’m hoping it was false

Amaris Galloway

Amaris Galloway . 1 year ago

Thank you so much for making this video! I have just been recently diagnosed with gd and am doing as much research as I can- your video was super calming and makes it look easy! Thanks again :)

Gayathri Gayathri

Gayathri Gayathri . 1 year ago

very difficult and very very very great ur.

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