British rock band formed in 2010 as the solo moniker of former Oasis lead guitarist and songwriter Noel Gallagher performed with the 2005 years song by Oasis ''The Importance Of Being Idle'' from album ''Don't Believe the Truth'' and performed with the 1995 years song by Oasis ''Wonderwall'' from album ''(What's the Story) Morning Glory?'' at Pinkpop 2018 Live! in Megaland, Landgraaf, Netherlands on 16th june 2018

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Zä Music And More

Zä Music And More . 5 months ago

Noel Gallagher was an old fart since before he was old. What a dull, arrogant, talentless, ignorant twat. Overrated soulless shit.

Pietro Cellè

Pietro Cellè . 5 months ago

4:22 wrong gig my girl

Isabella Y

Isabella Y . 6 months ago

I wish Noel still did the guitar solo, there’s something about his technique

gerry gLadian

gerry gLadian . 6 months ago

Nice wonderwall

Ksi O

Ksi O . 8 months ago

I sold my soul for the second time Cos the man, he don't pay me I begged my landlord for some more time He said "Son, the bills waiting" My best friend called me the other night He said "Man, are you crazy?" My girlfriend told me to get a life She said "boy, you lazy" But I don't mind As long as there's a bed beneath the stars that shine I'll be fine If you give me a minute A mans got a limit I cant get a life if my hearts not in it I don't mind As long as there's a bed beneath the stars that shine I'll be fine If you give me a minute A mans got a limit I cant get a life if my hearts' not in it I lost my faith in the summertime Cos it don't stop raining The sky all day's as black as night But I'm not complaining I begged my doctor for one more line He said "Son, words fail me" It ain't no place to be killing time But I guess I'm just lazy I don't mind As long as there's a bed beneath the stars that shine I'll be fine If you give me a minute A mans got a limit I cant get a life if my hearts' not in it

christian lerø

christian lerø . 10 months ago

Noel's voice just got better over time..his brothers voice is just over:p

Max Bloi

Max Bloi . 11 months ago


marco scioni

marco scioni . 1 year ago

Shit version

William Henderson

William Henderson . 2 years ago

Where's the guy playing the scissors

Michael Mulhall

Michael Mulhall . 2 years ago

Like most this tour going through the motions is Noel like he just doing it for the money now

Lorenzo Irrera

Lorenzo Irrera . 2 years ago

How the fuck does Noel still have his voice. He’s like 50. Good on yer mate. Proper trooper.

Chris Chambone

Chris Chambone . 2 years ago

Might need to drop the set a semitone, son.

Johnny Rose

Johnny Rose . 2 years ago

I don’t know if there is something up with the mix, but when I saw Noel this year, there was a shit ton of power and emotion that I just am not getting from this performance....hmmm


prisonss . 2 years ago

Noel is the biblical God!! Liam isn't good enough to play the scissors for the HFB

La Mujer de Noel Gallagher

La Mujer de Noel Gallagher . 2 years ago

Está Noel Gallagher en el escenario y esos muertos quedan ahí como si nada??? Encima es una canción de Oasis como para no saberla, una cosa si es del nuevo disco. Pero bue. Nada como los argentinos 😎

Boy Racer

Boy Racer . 2 years ago

The crowd are really geyyy

Ranyeri Gomes

Ranyeri Gomes . 2 years ago




Gem Archer & Chris Sharrock in NGHFB?


RAZA . 2 years ago

Suena bien, pero a su vez también muy aburrido, acá hace falta rock.

Jeremy vdr

Jeremy vdr . 2 years ago


Janet Sampson

Janet Sampson . 2 years ago

I actually prefer Noel's voice over Liams,it's warmer and it sounds more real. Bob.


TheGalwayFarmer . 2 years ago

well that was fooking pedestrian. If it wasn't for the hot chick with the tambourine i would have dozed off...


oshdust . 2 years ago

level of rock&roll here = zero

What Ever

What Ever . 2 years ago

A boring elitist sell out. He shits on his fans, brother and legacy.

Germán Serrano

Germán Serrano . 2 years ago

I'm so glad to see Gem Archer alongside Noel again!

Dextra ballymun band

Dextra ballymun band . 2 years ago

Brill stuff

David G

David G . 2 years ago

Noel is GOD

León Degrelle

León Degrelle . 2 years ago

Gem Archer hijo de puta, arrastrado de mierda, pegado como una lapa a Noel

Java Cerrado

Java Cerrado . 2 years ago

Boring. There is no power.


ChainNonSmoker . 2 years ago

Wish he'd do "Hello" he almost sound like 90s Noel again.


IlliterateIdiot . 2 years ago

4:23 Liam Gallagher shirt

Uibeltje Snuibeltje

Uibeltje Snuibeltje . 2 years ago

sorry I really liked Oasis and Noel as a single act is just simply boring... Liam as well as Noel are not single artists...

Aleff Jefferson Paiva Gê

Aleff Jefferson Paiva Gê . 2 years ago

Finally he is singing Wonderwall the way it must be sung again!!!


taliwakka27 . 2 years ago

noels neck is getting old

Liam Noel

Liam Noel . 2 years ago

4:23 Liam Gallagher tshirt on aah

Ac Lime

Ac Lime . 2 years ago

the best version of wonderwall

Marijn Sintenie

Marijn Sintenie . 2 years ago

Het nieuwe project? The Importence of being idle is een oasis song uit 2005

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