Easy keto snacks to make that are low carb high fat snacks ideas! Ketogenic diet snacks that are high fat snacks for keto diet. How to make low carb keto snack that are easy to make for high fat low carb snacks ! DAILY BLOG: www.countessoflowcarb.com Quick keto snack recipes for ketogenic keto snacks. CRUSH IT WITH COUNTESS WEIGHT LOSS SERIES: https://countessoflowcarb.com/index.php/2018/06/20/weight-loss-stall-series/
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Pepperoni 3 oz + mozzeralla 1 slice = 2 net carbs
8 pickle chips = 2 net carbs
1 pickle packs = 1 net carbs https://amzn.to/2N0qU7N
Pepperoni or salami chips = net carbs
Avocado rotation system = https://mp3download.xyz/watch/yugdvt1pEzE
Guac 1 cup = 2 net carbs
Bacon dipped in 1 cup of guac = 2.5 net carbs
Boiled eggs + pinch of pink salt = 1 net carb
Perfect boiled eggs = https://mp3download.xyz/watch/b-6nR7zmHQk
Boiled egg + pinch of pink salt + primal mayo 1 tablespoon= 1 net carb
Primal mayo link = https://amzn.to/2ugqlPl
Primal Ranch Dressing = https://amzn.to/2u1SgDI

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-Lugol's 2% Iodine: https://amzn.to/2MnLf6W
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-Frother: http://amzn.to/2tDw9FV

-Tazo's Starbuck's Passion Tea (Keto Pink Drink Ingredient):
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-Starbuck's Coffee: http://amzn.to/2GaI28x

1/4 cup = Pecans = 1 net carb http://amzn.to/2Fepdjy
1/4 cup = Walnuts = 1.5 net carbs http://amzn.to/2FqIgao (AND 15% OFF COUPON!)
1/4 cup = Macadamia Nuts = 2 net carbs http://amzn.to/2oH4miI
1/4 cup = Brazilian Nuts = 1.5 net carbs http://amzn.to/2oHnEVb
1/4 cup = No shell pumpkin seeds = 4 net carbs
1/2 cup = Shelled pistachios (movies or 'that time of month') http://amzn.to/2oGqsC2 = 5 net carbs
1/4 cup = Shelled pumpkin seeds = 5.5 net carbs...(NOT THE BEST CHOICE)
1/4 cup = Cashews = 15 net carbs ..(NOT GOOD KETO CHOICE)
****Don't get brands w/ vegetable oil. ****

Videos Mentioned:
Keto Ribs: https://mp3download.xyz/watch/GUoFckL6TO0
Make Your Own Nuts: https://mp3download.xyz/watch/8DhPcD1U0K4
Taco Seasoning: https://mp3download.xyz/watch/qx-ga6sKvlQ
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Beverly 11/02/1967

Beverly 11/02/1967 . 2 months ago

Aldi has parmesan crisps. 0 carbs is good with guacamole

Jordan Valerie

Jordan Valerie . 4 months ago

Snacks please

Brittnie B

Brittnie B . 5 months ago

I seen someone take a few plain pork rinds and add some cheese on top for keto nachos... Love this video so glad I found you ❤️♥️

Amanda Riker

Amanda Riker . 6 months ago

I’m going to try the salami and guacamole this week!

Kimberly Aldridge

Kimberly Aldridge . 8 months ago



TheSuperflychica2010 . 8 months ago

love these snack ideas!


83prettyblack . 8 months ago

Yum all of these ideas but my favorite is the faux " chips" and dip

Sonja Momberger

Sonja Momberger . 8 months ago

Shut the front door awesome snacks thank you. I love your eyeshadow and earrings and shirt. Your so beautiful.

Theresa Kretchman

Theresa Kretchman . 8 months ago


Kristie b

Kristie b . 9 months ago

I just found your channel. I really love it. love snack ideas too

Bambi Hamilton

Bambi Hamilton . 9 months ago

Snacks, please.

Kim Sandoval

Kim Sandoval . 9 months ago

Snacks! Awesome! I don’t know if you like hot pickles but at Safeway I just found jalapeño pickle chips deliciousness 👍🏻

Gareth Bretton

Gareth Bretton . 10 months ago

this was great!!

Elizabeth Mitchell

Elizabeth Mitchell . 11 months ago


Rhonda Smith

Rhonda Smith . 11 months ago

Keto snacks

Rhonda Smith

Rhonda Smith . 11 months ago

Love the snack ideas!!! I love making cheese crisps too!!!

Marilyn May

Marilyn May . 11 months ago

Keto Snacks

Cynthia Berry-Cyndi

Cynthia Berry-Cyndi . 1 year ago

Snacks 😍

Celina Toscano

Celina Toscano . 1 year ago


Lydia Urben Guenther

Lydia Urben Guenther . 1 year ago

Snacks please 😀

Anita Carter

Anita Carter . 1 year ago

Luv pickles 😆 great idea!!

Anita Carter

Anita Carter . 1 year ago

KETO snacks!!! Yay... was looking for ideas 👍🏻 thank you!! 😬

Jamie Cee49

Jamie Cee49 . 1 year ago

I'm a snacker. These are great ideas. Thanks. Oh, try mayo with Pork Skins. So yummy. :)

Jerzy 94

Jerzy 94 . 1 year ago

Shopping with you should be easy, Aldi, Wal-Mart, and Amazon, can't go wrong with that.....love it!

Jerzy 94

Jerzy 94 . 1 year ago

How funny is this, saw video, typed my comment, then read comments, and let me tell you girl just on this video alone a lot of people subscribed including me and here I thought I was the only one......lol.....how long have you been on this channel? I've never came across your videos until now. Can't wait to see more of your easy recipe. Don't like long version meals that takes forever. Thank you so much and glad I found you!!! Blessings!!!

Jerzy 94

Jerzy 94 . 1 year ago

This was so interesting, I subscribed!!!....love love love friendly snacks. And love that everything is written down below. You're awesome!

Janet Newbill

Janet Newbill . 1 year ago

More snacks!!


FESTUS' MOM . 1 year ago

New sub i.e.! ❤️🇺🇸💋

angel bitter

angel bitter . 1 year ago



SimplyKristy . 1 year ago


pam adcock

pam adcock . 1 year ago

Snacks on snacks on snacks!!!

John Sanchez

John Sanchez . 1 year ago

I get a pack of thick bacon. Then cut bacon slices in half cook in cast iron and make guacamole with lime juice and homemade salsa . Best thing ever bacon chips with guacamole man so easy and good. Give it a try you be surprise how good it is.


FrugalMommaNTheWoods . 1 year ago

nice, I subbed


Sophie . 1 year ago


Lisa Peterson

Lisa Peterson . 1 year ago

Snacks please

Debera Crabb

Debera Crabb . 1 year ago

I’m so glad I found you on you tube I’m a beginner Keto person thank you so much you have really helped me with snacks 😉


Mssebn11 . 1 year ago

Snacks thank you 🙏


catnkurt . 1 year ago

Yes please more snacks :)

Melanie Macks Reza

Melanie Macks Reza . 1 year ago

New subscriber and love all these snack ideas. More please💜💜💜

Tracy Bannon

Tracy Bannon . 1 year ago

If you make the salami chips how do you store them? Do they stay crisp? Make more snack videos

Jen Lee

Jen Lee . 1 year ago

My Dr. Said too much fat

The Barajas Villa Family

The Barajas Villa Family . 1 year ago

New subscriber!!


woaname . 1 year ago

shameless dog product placement

Dominique F

Dominique F . 1 year ago


Keto Redneck

Keto Redneck . 1 year ago

Great ideas. I'm brand new to keto and will definitely use some of these. Especially the salami chips and guac. Looks amazing.

Janet Slater

Janet Slater . 1 year ago

You can find "Olives to go!" Packs like the pickle packs too. They even have flavor infused ones now and they run about 1 carb per pack.

Phyllis Brake

Phyllis Brake . 1 year ago

Snacks! Yaaassss...

Lady Michelle

Lady Michelle . 1 year ago


Sissy Awakened

Sissy Awakened . 1 year ago

Sneaky carbs in deli meat

Beth Brown

Beth Brown . 1 year ago

Love the snacks ideas!! TY

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