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5 Best Unsecured Credit Cards For Bad Credit And No Credit 2020
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1. The Official NASCAR® Credit Card from Credit One Bank® is an unsecured rewards credit card for people with bad credit or limited credit. It offers a starting credit limit of $300 in return for an annual fee that could be $0 to $95 the first year and $0 to $99 after that, depending on creditworthiness.
However, any balance that you carry from month to month with the NASCAR Visa will accrue interest at a very high rate: 19.74% - 25.74% (V), again depending on creditworthiness.
2. The Total Visa Card is an expensive unsecured credit card for people with bad credit. Total Visa does not require applicants to place a refundable security deposit, but it does charge high fees, starting with an $89 “program fee” that’s assessed before account opening. There’s also a $75 annual fee the first year,
which is replaced by a total of $123 in monthly and annual fees each year after.
3.The Milestone Credit Card is an unsecured credit card for people with poor credit who want to rebuild their credit standing and borrow a bit for emergency expenses. The Milestone Card does not require a security deposit and offers a $300+ credit limit. After an annual fee of $35 to $75 the first year, Milestone Mastercard users get $225 to $265 in unsecured spending power to start with. That could make some emergency expenses a bit easier to handle, though a very high APR will apply to any balance that you carry from month to month. The Milestone Card’s annual fee can also be as high as $99 from the second year on,
so you don’t want to need this card for too long.
4. Indigo Card Review: People with damaged credit who want a credit card with no security deposit should consider the Indigo Mastercard. Interested applicants who aren’t quite ready to commit can also check for Indigo credit card pre-approval with no credit-score impact. Unless you need to borrow money for an emergency expense, however,
there are cheaper credit cards to build credit with – even some that have rewards.
5. The First Access Visa Card was obviously designed for people with “bad” credit. The First Access Credit Card has a $300 starting credit limit, which is reduced to $225 by the first-year annual fee. That’s not much of an emergency loan, if that’s what you’re after, especially considering the rate at which you’ll pay interest on balances carried from month to month. The First Access Card’s dwarfs the 20.94% charged by the average credit card,
according to WalletHub’s latest Credit Card Landscape Report.

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Comments :

Emily Kingsleigh

Emily Kingsleigh . 3 days ago

Self Lender has a Secured Credit card now!

Anthony Thomas

Anthony Thomas . 4 weeks ago

I am rebuilding after a BK and because I don't have a car (long story) I had to stop doing Postmates because rental cost were killing me. It's only temporary though and my actual income has slipped. I will get another car in a few weeks, but I got First Premier, Total and First Access. Milestone rejected me, no worries. I will take $150 off each card and get a BofA secured card and then later a Discover It secured card since they graduate to unsecured in less than a year.

Khalil Dessaline

Khalil Dessaline . 4 weeks ago

I didn’t get approved for milestone

Marcus Smith

Marcus Smith . 4 weeks ago

do you still offer the do it yourself program

Credit Plug

Credit Plug . 4 weeks ago

Creditone is on the up and up....they even have an Amex cobranded Card now 🤷🏾‍♂️.

sherry gorman

sherry gorman . 4 weeks ago

THANK YOU HOUSTON!!!! Love how you are straight forward, right to the point with excellent content!! You give hope to all of us who have struggled with credit! I appreciate you!!

Manuel Magallanez

Manuel Magallanez . 1 month ago

This is helpful information and I know I needs to get my credit game up. Thank you for your useful information. You a gentleman and a scholar.

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