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Peter Murphy - Indigo Eyes '98

Max SMoke

Max SMoke

Published on 12 years ago

(Update: Yes, I now know that Love and Rockets has NOTHING to do with this song. I can't change the image now. Deal with it. You didn't come here to look at the picture, did you?) Click on Show More for the Info....

I didn't make the graphic or the music. So I really have no business posting this. But since nobody else has, and it's a GREAT track, I figured I'll just bite the bullet and do it for the good of humanity.

No, no, don't call me a Hero. I'm just an ordinary man, trying to make the world better, one illegally posted song at a time.

Seriously, don't sue me. :p

Go find out more about this Epicly Awesome band at:


I found the CD on Amazon, here's the link:


Comments :

Morion Mandrake

Morion Mandrake . 2 years ago

Lyrics Fire burning in a hill The lines are rocky rough Red angels wait to pick remains The cindered shoulder Of confused men separate from their awe With grey desire He looks out mad His soft grey indigo eyes Indigo eyes Asking His heaven is uncovered not A black tree blocks his way His way is skating round a dome (His way is in dismay) The playmate sings Like Orphee in some thunder world Asking to be bathed in light To be exemplified With grey desire he looks out mad His soft grey indigo eyes Saw his past He had dug for trust With blind infected hands And wondered as the hurt bit hard Why the sacred weren't at hand Only when his ears were deaf To the angels light burst waves Only when his ears were deaf Did life turn from fog to fog But not evil but estranged But not evil but estranged Indigo eyes, Indigo eyes Indigo eyes, Indigo eyes With grey desire He looks out mad His soft grey Indigo eyes Indigo eyes Written by Paul Statham, Peter John Murphy • Copyright © Universal Music Publishing Group

magdiel lopez

magdiel lopez . 3 years ago

super cool


greyghost13 . 4 years ago

OH, me likey!!


g . 5 years ago

I've always favored this version and having left my copy of it back in my home country, I'm happy to have found it on youtube. Thank you!

Royal nash

Royal nash . 6 years ago

kmfdm remix version i think

Renan Antonio Bolzon

Renan Antonio Bolzon . 7 years ago

sensacionalmente excepcional


Flashkica11 . 8 years ago

I adore this version <3


sanityassassin71 . 8 years ago

I did read the description-thank you. You could actually repost the song with a proper image, couldn't you?

Max SMoke

Max SMoke . 8 years ago

@sanityassassin71 This is one of those times when you need to read the description and comments before commenting yourself. I've already gone over this.


sanityassassin71 . 8 years ago

Not sure why you are using a Love and Rockets picture. Misleading.


alantois . 8 years ago

this version kicks the ass of that found on Love Hysteria. The version on Recall hits it on the head while Love Hysteria's is a poppy reflection.


mamabear0204 . 8 years ago

@ThereRLG2006 Too many childhood memories associated with the original to enjoy this version I think. I do, however, like A Strange Kind of Love version two.

Max SMoke

Max SMoke . 8 years ago

@mamabear0204 The graphics were a mistake, my MP3 was mislabeled. I didn't even know where the song came from, just it's title. After I learned the correct name, I ordered the CD off Amazon. As for your taste, it sucks. I looked up the older version, and it was weak. This version is beyond amazing!


mamabear0204 . 8 years ago

Did he get back together with his former Bauhaus members to remix this song? Is that why the graphic is Love & Rockets? I appreciate you posting it b/c someone else online had recommended Indigo Eyes '98 to me so I was very curious but I think it's a mutilation of his original song.

Max SMoke

Max SMoke . 10 years ago

I just happen to have the CD right here, "Peter Murphy - Recall". If you read the "Info" section of the description, you'd also have found a link to the CD on Amazon.

x hippy

x hippy . 11 years ago

well peter murphy and the members of L&R were all in Bauhaus. So I guess that's were the original confusion emanates. Great song nonetheless

Howard Bianchi

Howard Bianchi . 11 years ago

Devilincarnate : Thanks for posting info that that clarifes and is not just a tempest in a teapot.


susiecat566 . 11 years ago

hahahaha it's really funny, your words were ignored. Because I almost leave the same message!

Max SMoke

Max SMoke . 11 years ago

I like ALREADY SAID in the other comments, the MP3 I have says Love and Rockets. For years I thought they were the ones who made this song. I didn't hear about Peter Murphy until I posted this video. It's too late to change it, the video is done. If you don't like it, go make your own. Or go find the original video and post it! I just wanted a friend to hear it, because of it's haunting and ethereal qualities. The picture on the screen is meaningless.

Max SMoke

Max SMoke . 11 years ago

Read the other comments before you post. Geez.

Max SMoke

Max SMoke . 12 years ago

It's the name on the MP3. I have no idea what it's called Love and Rockets.


alantois . 12 years ago

this is the coolest song! Peter Murphy's voice can cure cancer.

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