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Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello - Señorita (Joey Doc remix)

Chill Nation

Chill Nation

Published on 5 months ago

❄️ 'Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello - Señorita (Joey Doc remix)'
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Comments :

Francesco Xx

Francesco Xx . 1 day ago

This remix is fucking dope

Official WTTZ

Official WTTZ . 2 weeks ago

Check out an Afrobeats Remix to this https://youtu.be/Rg5h1tKu4ME

Raul Perez!

Raul Perez! . 2 weeks ago

Lol :3


msck64 . 2 weeks ago

I want a remix of this remix

Fekete Dominik László

Fekete Dominik László . 2 weeks ago

Best remix ever!

Car Sprint

Car Sprint . 4 weeks ago

What about Spotify?

wander khaello

wander khaello . 1 month ago


wander khaello

wander khaello . 1 month ago


Larissa Simões

Larissa Simões . 1 month ago

Awesome! I love it!

Raquel Gomez

Raquel Gomez . 2 months ago

Señorita lalala

Yazan Ghannam

Yazan Ghannam . 2 months ago

what a bass

Bucur Ion Niculae

Bucur Ion Niculae . 2 months ago

Nice joob, i like it. 😍


Link . 2 months ago

Wee woo.


林俞政 . 2 months ago

like music


J G . 2 months ago

Is this available on Apple Music?

Ahmad Kustanto

Ahmad Kustanto . 2 months ago

Ibuki.japan brought me here 🔥🔥🔥

S Barrett

S Barrett . 2 months ago

This remix slaps 👏

Anna Malou Miñoza

Anna Malou Miñoza . 2 months ago

Miss earth 2019 brought me here and the dance in instagram.

Lol Bey Styling Style

Lol Bey Styling Style . 3 months ago

Who also listen to this Song always ?😂 my Brother hate it

John Louie Broqueza

John Louie Broqueza . 3 months ago

Trap Nation Rap Nation House Nation Bass Nation Chill Nation Indie Nation R&B Nation

like dạo ʕ•ع•ʔ

like dạo ʕ•ع•ʔ . 3 months ago

From ibuki.japan and i found this Love this version <3

Lex Espadera

Lex Espadera . 3 months ago

Miss Earth 2019 brought me here.

Eric C

Eric C . 3 months ago

I feel like this should be from trap nation and then the remix they made should this remix from chill nation actually also but eh oh well their both awesome remixes😉😊😍😎

Hanno Kiska

Hanno Kiska . 3 months ago

Please Upload on Spotify👌🏼👌🏼

Stella22 Frontera

Stella22 Frontera . 3 months ago


Tibor Takács

Tibor Takács . 3 months ago

Perfect! 👌


LILY GARCIA . 3 months ago

i HATE this song its worse then the other song

K Shaon

K Shaon . 3 months ago

You blast it

Edith Torres Munguia

Edith Torres Munguia . 3 months ago


Josh Osborn

Josh Osborn . 3 months ago

Pretty sure the Seahawks played this pregame Thurs

h u n n i

h u n n i . 4 months ago

I love. Cein. Green. Love. Keith. 3:00 Monday 30 09/ 2019 Anna marie

JustFlorian YT

JustFlorian YT . 4 months ago

'if you call me shrekorita' :D

Fantastic Karen

Fantastic Karen . 4 months ago

I like this song

Emi Emi

Emi Emi . 4 months ago


Dávid Vlog & Gaming

Dávid Vlog & Gaming . 4 months ago

Nice job bro

Anamaria Gherghinoiu

Anamaria Gherghinoiu . 4 months ago

Gazoductul nu hscekzs

Zaubaidah Binti Yusoff

Zaubaidah Binti Yusoff . 4 months ago

So good i love this..

isa e horse

isa e horse . 4 months ago

I love♥️

Gabi Ribeiro Elias

Gabi Ribeiro Elias . 4 months ago

I love senorita original anda senorita remix

Tu vungoc

Tu vungoc . 4 months ago

For me one like lade 👇👇👇

Delfina Areguati

Delfina Areguati . 4 months ago

I love you call me señorita I wish l could pretend l didn't need ya But every touch is oh... la la laaa It felt like Oh... la la laaa 🎶🎶🎶

Shaz Ali

Shaz Ali . 4 months ago

Friend me on roblox I have a Dominus and I’m wearing all gold

Shaz Ali

Shaz Ali . 4 months ago

Everyone please give me to a bunch of subscribers


RDNTs . 4 months ago

Chill Nation upload Future house music??

new bigwhungus

new bigwhungus . 4 months ago

it's good love you chill nation you upload chill/electronic music which a lot of people like.

Surt El

Surt El . 4 months ago

Great song!

Jaqueline Gobi

Jaqueline Gobi . 4 months ago

Ameizin virou minha favorita💜

Kathy Tsakonas

Kathy Tsakonas . 4 months ago

Hi love you ‘re Music

kokoya anjar

kokoya anjar . 4 months ago

this is the best! thank you 😍

Saifi Elias

Saifi Elias . 4 months ago

I Love you seniorita😘😘😘😘💖

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