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Published on 6 years ago

One common question we receive is from customers who notice two charges on their bill. A supply and a delivery change.

They'll think..."Hey, I'm being double billed!"

Don't worry you aren't alone in this confusion. Between the tariffs, the fees, the different charges, and the way the bill is broken down you would think these bills were designed to be confusing.

Hopefully we can clear up some of this confusion.

Your energy bill is always the sum of two main components: supply and delivery charges.

The first portion is delivery. These charges come from your utility company. Utility companies like BGE, PEPCO, PPL, ComEd, PECO, Duquesne Light, West Penn Power, PSEG, Con Edison, and National Grid, and that's just to name a few. These utility companies own and maintain the wires, the poles, the pipes, they read your meters, provide emergency service and generate your bill. This portion is regulated. It is still a monopoly, so, you can't choose the utility company that services your address, it's predetermined by where you live.
Your utility company charges you to deliver your electricity or gas to your home using their wires or pipes.

The second portion is supply. This charge is strictly for the consumption of electricity or natural gas used during a certain period of time. It costs money to generate electricity and gas. You pay for what you use. For electricity it's per kWh. For gas it's per Therm. You use more..........you pay more. These charges come from your supplier, like us, Oasis Energy. Only this portion of your bill is deregulated. Meaning you have the option to choose which company you want to receive supply services from. It's a commodity, so, no one has better electricity or gas...it's all coming from the EXACT same place regardless of the supplier you choose.
If your bill suddenly went up...the first thing you want to do is check your consumption. Did you use a lot of electricity in the last month? Was it hot or cool and required a lot of energy to maintain a comfortable room temperature.
Next check your rate. Is your rate competitive? Are you on a fixed or variable rate? A variable rate may offer savings, but due to market factors or during times of high demand such as summer or winter the rates might go up. You may be better suited with a fixed rate.

If you have a question about your bill or about your service give us a call. Our customer service staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have and make sure you are on the right plan for you.

People often misunderstand their bill and think they are a victim of a scam. No matter what you always pay the supply and delivery charges.

Comments :

Ed Grasmann

Ed Grasmann . 11 months ago

I hate cable companies like spectrum, verizon etc more than the utility companies

Rocket Man

Rocket Man . 11 months ago

Ironically, separating two distinct charges for clarity leads to the confusion of consumers thinking they’re being double charged. The delivery system physical infrastructure has to be maintained so that we all have reliable service rather than outages. That’s one charge. The other charge is for the actual electricity that runs through the system to our homes. That’s the second charge. The first charge is regulated by a state commission but, if the state has electric competition, the second charge is based on the price that your electricity service provider charges and you can pick the cheapest provider. If we use a car as a loose analogy, there’s a cost to keep the car in good running condition (entirely mechanical) and then there’s a separate cost for the fuel you put in it. With regard to fuel, you’re free to buy the cheapest fuel you can find.

Thee Parris Hill

Thee Parris Hill . 1 year ago

Delivery charge bullshit

El Swift

El Swift . 1 year ago

In NYS the delivery fee can be twice to triple the use. We pay for a monopoly's enormous profits, huge top brass salaries, and employees big retirement packages. MONOPOLY ABUSE, that's all it is. Hey we're not suckers out here.


maisero . 1 year ago

It doesn't explain anything.. only says the same crap that every electricity company says


Kirill . 1 year ago

Very simple and concise explanation.Exactly what I was looking for.

Ed Evans

Ed Evans . 1 year ago

very soon I'll be running my Honda Genset. My neighbors are going to be very pissed

Cryian Sky

Cryian Sky . 2 years ago

change your electricity gas supplier to BULB by following this link bulb.co.uk/refer/gediminas1684 and you will save up to £30 per month and will receive £50 one off payment for joining! Make sure you use the link, other way you will not get £50 bonus. Thanks

Robert Foster

Robert Foster . 3 years ago

I hate the monopoly these electric and gas companies are doing. Charging massive amounts of money, basically double dipping and sometimes triple dipping into people's pockets. I am doing what someone else also mentioned, such as turning all the breaker switches to off. and use candles as well like many thousands if not millions of other people are doing. Which also means other companies such as verizon lose out on customers because people such as myself cancel the service because we have all the breaker box switches switched to off. I am also looking into living off grid. I also like many other millions of people cant take the crap of the electric and gas companies ripping us off. So they force people like myself to make drastic changes and force us to live off grid. Im already hunting for a school bus to modify into a home with solar panels on the roof. If I use 40 therms of electricity, I should only be charged for the 40 therms, not two different delivery charges that cost 3 times more than my actual monthly usage. My usage of gas is 24$ but then the two delivery charges is 78$ just for delivery im like WTF..... No way, ive had enough abuse and im done. I officially hate every electric and gas company now. And cant wait until i am able to free myself from the shackles and imprisonment of these money grubbing companies that rips us off. Can wait until im off grid.

Oasis Energy

Oasis Energy . 6 years ago

This addresses a common customer service question we often get asked. Utility bills can be confusing, hopefully this helps explain the two main charges: Supply & Delivery.

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