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HEAL YOUR GUT | 5 steps for digestive healing (+ what I did)

Meghan Livingstone

Meghan Livingstone

Published on 8 months ago

→ What Is It? In this 4-week program I'll be guiding you through the steps to take to reset your gut by eliminating food triggers, eating nourishing foods, learning specific strategies for improving digestion, and gaining all the necessary tools to live a gut-friendly lifestyle.

Today I'm diving into the topic of how to heal your gut! These are the 5 steps I took to improve my chronic IBS symptoms and promote digestive healing, collectively known as the "5 R's" for gut healing.

→ Food Sensitivities: What You Need to Know: https://bit.ly/2HMbrbz
→ 5 Steps to Heal Your Gut: https://bit.ly/2QF1SOz
→ Leaky Gut 101: https://bit.ly/2MjovK1

→ My Gut Health Story: https://bit.ly/2JP0IzF
→ 5 keys to improving digestion: https://bit.ly/2MwksKC
→ Intermittent Fasting 101: https://bit.ly/2WDoC75
→ Beginner's Guide to Healthy Eating: https://bit.ly/2W6GQuh
→ What I Eat In A Day (playlist): https://bit.ly/2WyJU5H

→ Website: http://www.meghanlivingstone.com
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→ Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/mlivingstone1

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Disclaimer: This video is for informational purposes only and DOES NOT substitute or replace medical advice. Please contact your doctor if you have questions or concerns. All opinions expressed are my own. This description contains affiliate links, which means that if purchases are made when clicked, I’ll receive a small commission. Thank you!

Meghan Livingstone, CNP
Certified Holistic Nutritionist

Comments :

Liz Heston

Liz Heston . 16 hours ago

Be careful introducing bacteria and eating fermented foods if you have histamine intolerance. I didn’t know I had that and it can make your symptoms 10x worse. But all the “healing foods” are high histamine


SuperCandyjunkie . 1 week ago

What liquid were you adding to your water and what probiotics were you using? I am going through the stages right now of removing and then adding. Very informative video

reymundo santiago

reymundo santiago . 2 weeks ago

here's several things for relieving leaky gut at home Have a whole food, nutrient-rich diet that avoids foods that irritate the gut Make sure your digestion is working: You can eat an idea diet, but if you aren’t digesting food appropriately, it is not going to help. Find and remove underlying food sensitivities - eliminate a suspected food for a period of time Find ways to reduce and eliminate stress:eg Prayer, meditation, moderate exercise, adequate sleep, and acupuncture Eat gut healing foods and nutrients Balance the gut flora by including appropriate amounts of fermented foods in your diet each day. Find and remove gastrointestinal infections Try the use of gut-irritating medications: Lessen exposure to environmental toxins Make sure you have enough sleep and avoid overtraining which are a form of stress to the body. (I learned these and why they work from Richala remedy system site )

Francisco Rivas

Francisco Rivas . 2 weeks ago

here's several things for curing leaky gut Have a whole food, nutrient-rich diet that excludes foods which irritate the gut Make sure your digestion is working: You can eat a perfect diet, but if you aren’t digesting food appropriately, it is not going to help. Discover and eliminate underlying food sensitivities - eliminate a suspected food for a period of time Discover ways to reduce and eliminate stress:eg Prayer, meditation, moderate exercise, adequate sleep, and regular massage Consume gut healing foods and nutrients Balance the gut flora by including appropriate amounts of fermented foods in your diet each day. Find and eliminate gastrointestinal infections Consider the use of gut-irritating medications: Reduce exposure to environmental toxins Get enough sleep and avoid overtraining which are a form of stress to the body. (I learned these and the reasons they work from Richala Remedy System website )

What is

What is . 2 weeks ago

I have spent months studying treating leaky gut at home and found a fantastic resource at Richala Remedy System (google it if you are interested)

apple juice

apple juice . 2 weeks ago

I do dry or waterfast every week for 1 or 2 days to heal and its helping me alot

Pro Bratto

Pro Bratto . 2 weeks ago

This is just what I needed to hear. Love your channel and you are super nice till listen to💕

David Briceño

David Briceño . 3 weeks ago

hi everyone ,if anyone else wants to uncover test leaky gut try Dalz Secret Gut Discovery ( search on google ) ? Ive heard some super things about it and my work buddy got great success with it.

Caleb Taylor

Caleb Taylor . 3 weeks ago

Consult your doctor? Take antibiotics? Honey, if either of those worked I doubt 112,000 people would have watched this video!


jetclntn . 3 weeks ago

Beautiful girl


Z Z . 3 weeks ago

I was on your blog and saw the course you offer. I should be able to do it as a breastfeeding mom, right? I just have to eat actual food everyday and some plans I’ve seen only allow bone broth and fermented veggie juice for a time.


Pizzangels . 3 weeks ago

Nice to know im not only one dealing with this. Been dealing with this issues for 6 years. It wasn't til the 5th year they found out it was h.pylori but still having intense stomach pain. Going to massage therapy taking alot of pills. Still taken alot of tests. It an ongoing all day pain. I hope one day i can be successful like u was

Isabell Tindale

Isabell Tindale . 3 weeks ago

A whole food plant based diet helped me a lot.


bbetros . 3 weeks ago

What if i can't tolerate most things.. all i am able to eat is sweet potatoes and vegetables. Everytime i eat any type of fats or sugars/fruits, or rice.. i immediately get really oily skin, foggy thinking, my hair and hairline sheds/ recedes, and i get fowl body oder. This happens all within 2 or 3 mins. Im wondering how do i implement the first step of "remove" and then followed by the rest ?

Sasha Lars

Sasha Lars . 4 weeks ago

I\'m not sure but ,if anyone else wants to learn about leaky bowel syndrome treatment try Dalz Secret Gut Discovery (just google it ) ? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my friend got amazing results with it.

Adrienne Glesinger

Adrienne Glesinger . 1 month ago

Thank you❤

Natalia Shine

Natalia Shine . 1 month ago

I struggled with terrible IBS when my Aunt ,who I was very close to, got brain cancer and passed away. It was triggered by stress and grieving.

ral ioa

ral ioa . 1 month ago

Too general. Almost no information

Tazkiyah Toummache

Tazkiyah Toummache . 1 month ago

Megan as you have mentioned Candida what can i use to prevent it or cure it


DennisDragon78 . 1 month ago

OMG get to the point

scott webb

scott webb . 1 month ago

Why wasn't l-glutamine mentioned that is the most important thing to heal the gut

marsha k

marsha k . 1 month ago

Who the hell can tolerate garlic and rash liquuds when u have ibs

patrick paton

patrick paton . 2 months ago


Jane wanjiku

Jane wanjiku . 2 months ago

I see as if you can help me out. I can not digest anything even fruits there is alot of poop retention and to add on the injury I hv developed heammoroids! I'm a mess. In fact I'm even afraid of eating anything now!


Србомбоница . 2 months ago

Parasite cleanse is something I wanted to do

Peter Endyke

Peter Endyke . 2 months ago

This is an ad

chris w

chris w . 2 months ago

What brand of digestive bitters you recommend?

Thomas Silver

Thomas Silver . 2 months ago

Does anyone get the cloudy vision from ibs?

Ken Windrum

Ken Windrum . 2 months ago

She a young tit and would not know much on this...

Kick-n- it With ShnG

Kick-n- it With ShnG . 2 months ago

H pylori caused so many problems to health! I have ro stop this inflammation asap! 2yrs and some and I still haven't been relieved!

Bernadette Nadine Almeda

Bernadette Nadine Almeda . 2 months ago

i had given up alot and I struggle with giving up things I love to eat . I pretty much would have to live a vegan diet but it's not going happen. i know what i cannot eat gave up alot but i still eat garlic., onions, chocolate can't rule that out grrrrr...

Donald Mcneal

Donald Mcneal . 2 months ago

Most doctors are liars and thieves

Theresa Geiger

Theresa Geiger . 2 months ago



Neno17 . 2 months ago

What a beautiful female

Simply Dragon

Simply Dragon . 2 months ago

I just found out that I have a fatty liver found during an ultrasound for left side pain. My liver doesn't hurt. Wish I could see you to see what is going on. My doctor is worthless.

Rebe M

Rebe M . 2 months ago

You took an antibiotic, can i kill the bad bacteria or parasites with natural remedies instead, i dont want to take antibiotics😔


Claire . 2 months ago

Do you have any advice for those suffering with gastroparesis?

Leonis Bacher

Leonis Bacher . 2 months ago

I wish I could marry someone like you. Thanks for the vid and sorry for the creepiness. I am watching this regarding Psoriasis btw.


chriss4365 . 2 months ago

What do you recommend for Gerd?

Hollywood MK

Hollywood MK . 3 months ago

Meghan - please tell me that abrupt food sensitivities can be reversed - I had them come on about six months ago after taking a Quinolone antibiotic. I took a lot of antibiotics last year, as well as PPIs and H2 blockers. I also had a ton of stress.

Humood Alshaiji

Humood Alshaiji . 3 months ago

Greeting, Dear Meghan i hope you are doing well, i just wanted to say that it is really true. For my personal experience i can highlight a very important things with nutrition or let me call it a Food criteria you should have: - Quantity . - Quality . - Timings (making fixed time table for meals) . Also to drink water is very important, it depends on your weight to know the perfect size for drinking water is to follow this simple calculation: (Your weight X 1000)÷30 = water you should have during your day Regards

Silo 8924

Silo 8924 . 3 months ago

I find this woman's manner of speech offensive

J z

J z . 3 months ago

Thank you!

Thales Schuster

Thales Schuster . 3 months ago

At the end of a sentence, it is useful to low down your voice, because people know then you just finished that sentence. Otherwise you make it very hard to listen.

Thales Schuster

Thales Schuster . 3 months ago

Dairy is the best!!

Thales Schuster

Thales Schuster . 3 months ago

5 minutes could be enough

Shelly S.

Shelly S. . 3 months ago

You talked about abt therapy. Aren’t abts one of the causes of leaky gut?

Dan 123

Dan 123 . 3 months ago

I think I'm curing myself from it using diet, kefir, homemade yogurt, oregano tea, bone broth and glutamine, I'm starting to be able to eat more foods that I couldn't.

Claudia Valderrama

Claudia Valderrama . 3 months ago

Can you please please recommend some acid bitters and food enzimes? I feel there’s many bad quality out there. 🙏🏻

Trino Ponce

Trino Ponce . 3 months ago

There's the old saying: "You are what you eat". This is an incorrect statement. Truth is, you are what ever your gut can digest. There's a thing called, a leaky gut. I had that. If you have a leaky gut, depending on how bad you have it; it will effect your body in many ways. But what ever your medical conditions are, change your diet. I would say, Figure out what your health conditions are, and look up videos here on YouTube, or you can go see a doctor as well.

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