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Fortnite Montage - "ROXANNE" (Arizona Zervas)

SoaR Lewy

SoaR Lewy

Published on 1 month ago

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These clips are a little old but still good, so i thought I'd put together a sick fortnite montage for you guys!

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Comments :

SoaR Lewy

SoaR Lewy . 1 month ago

wow very cool video man :) im gonna use your code!

Rafael Perezgomez

Rafael Perezgomez . 2 hours ago

If you know somebody named roxanne like

Blue Blast

Blue Blast . 10 hours ago

Soar lewy can i join your clan becose in a controller tryhard and i support everybody in the soar clan maybe i can do a 1v1 versus one of you Guys i would really love to and yeah


CC 4E . 1 day ago

CC 4 Ever

Francisco Fernandez

Francisco Fernandez . 2 days ago

Can I be in your clan

Guardian girl

Guardian girl . 3 days ago

https://youtu.be/ZuWg9P69WcA check it out it's by TOJO he is better no offence

Stay Lay

Stay Lay . 3 days ago

def goated

Ta'Nia Harrington

Ta'Nia Harrington . 3 days ago

Go crazy lewy

Ta'Nia Harrington

Ta'Nia Harrington . 3 days ago

Can I play with you my bro

Ta'Nia Harrington

Ta'Nia Harrington . 3 days ago

Love this song I listen to it 247

Ted Pineault

Ted Pineault . 3 days ago

I love the Soars

Rick Rolled

Rick Rolled . 4 days ago

Roxanne, Roxanne...all she wanna do is date a middle age man

Julie Smith

Julie Smith . 4 days ago

0:44 Apex you are the new kill leader fornites better than apex

LAG Abstruse

LAG Abstruse . 5 days ago

I was your 10th thousandth subscriber

ikonik Z

ikonik Z . 5 days ago

Thats My g friends name

Denzel Torres

Denzel Torres . 5 days ago


Jeffrey Diosdado Duron

Jeffrey Diosdado Duron . 5 days ago

so good

Double Hisoka

Double Hisoka . 5 days ago


Army Rose

Army Rose . 6 days ago


Adfbbjgd Fhilll

Adfbbjgd Fhilll . 7 days ago


Lilmega YT

Lilmega YT . 1 week ago

Why Name change

Lilmega YT

Lilmega YT . 1 week ago

1:02 why he dont Take that Blue pump

Aiden Rodgers

Aiden Rodgers . 1 week ago


Lil Redz

Lil Redz . 1 week ago

Great skin and I love the montage 🔥🔥🔥 I'm gonna use your code!


Doub1eAgent22 . 1 week ago

We used the same thumbnail but I made mine as well so I didn’t copy

intrit rrasa

intrit rrasa . 1 week ago

0:44 when the pump used to be good

Tactic Tricks

Tactic Tricks . 1 week ago

I’ve liked and sub mind doing the same

Jude Carolan

Jude Carolan . 1 week ago

Who watching in December 2019

VibeZz- SaLTY

VibeZz- SaLTY . 1 week ago

Go to vibbez salty


Nickthestick . 1 week ago

How many people will subscribe to my channel right now for 10 years of good luck (I will sub back 2 you) 👇🏻

Azyon XD

Azyon XD . 2 weeks ago

So how do you use these songs without being copyrighted? I'm new to making montages so I'm unsure of...

naim Fikri

naim Fikri . 2 weeks ago

His Keybinds are the same as Ninja’s!

Wilson [bot]

Wilson [bot] . 2 weeks ago

The map of the first Clip plzzzz 🙏


CookieFN . 2 weeks ago



Wubzii . 2 weeks ago

I just killed you im No sound Corey

Devin Preston

Devin Preston . 2 weeks ago

You just killed my squad gg bro

Galacticxandi X

Galacticxandi X . 2 weeks ago

You know godbrandon or Brandon123sil

Galacticxandi X

Galacticxandi X . 2 weeks ago


ya boy weirdo

ya boy weirdo . 2 weeks ago

You're goated

Alex Stanley

Alex Stanley . 2 weeks ago

Chapter 1 days. Memories!


OptiGel . 2 weeks ago

I made a video, go see it

BMR Legend

BMR Legend . 2 weeks ago

Underrated af


Chester . 2 weeks ago

I you see this Your not blind


Saber . 2 weeks ago

Glac you can ts my games are to sweaty


NS_RaZe . 2 weeks ago

Nice Montage your vids and trickshotting is 🔥


qtmetro . 2 weeks ago

Just kill you GGs

Harry Offical

Harry Offical . 2 weeks ago


Harry Offical

Harry Offical . 2 weeks ago


Harry Offical

Harry Offical . 2 weeks ago


Harry Offical

Harry Offical . 2 weeks ago


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