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D.Va on Oasis (2-0)

Mättias May

Mättias May

Published on 2 years ago

The curse has been lifted.

Players are:
Mätti- http://mattiasmay.com

Full Playlist- https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUdCmuWdZW-AXVjgAZzZff9JGcXixcu9y

Fun fact about this account, my "Cursed Account" : This account has busted MMR, so no matter how well or badly I perform on it I tend to gain around 18SR and lose around 26SR, not only that but the game flip flops me relentlessly between wildly different skill gaps. Multiple accounts across PS4 and PC have very different gains/losses to this one and that tells me something is amiss. While I don't agree with removing performance based SR it did spark the question in my head about how high I could climb on my Cursed Account once it had gone- so I decided once they implemented the change I'd tryhard on this account one final time and see if I could finally break the curse. I've recorded a few matches I felt were somewhat interesting on my climb so I'll be posting them here.

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