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Acai - Brazil’s super berry | DW English

DW News

DW News

Published on 2 years ago

Açaí is the most popular fruit found in the Amazon region. The berries have also gained an international reputation as a superfood. Employing sustainable methods to raise and harvest them helps protect the rainforest, and also makes business sense.
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Comments :

Cristina Silva

Cristina Silva . 5 months ago

kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk' é muito engraçado ver brasileiro dublado

Beatrice Nkundwa

Beatrice Nkundwa . 5 months ago

I like blue berries.

bryan mendoza

bryan mendoza . 9 months ago

acai berry here in Philippines is so expensive , in just 473ml is cost 1500 or $30 usd

Maher Zain

Maher Zain . 1 year ago


Sérgio Luz

Sérgio Luz . 1 year ago

DW presents good quality programs and reports, but is very lazy about Brazilian Portuguese language, so I'll repeat Felipe Alberto. IT IS NOT ACAÍ; IT'S AÇAI, WITH "Ç".

Sir Marcus 'Ninguém' Santana

Sir Marcus 'Ninguém' Santana . 2 years ago

Parabéns pelo trabalho da DW!

Felipe Alberto

Felipe Alberto . 2 years ago

it´s not acai, it's aÇaÍ. Btw nice video, greetings from Belém

Bee be Cee

Bee be Cee . 2 years ago

Don't let Monsanto into your country.

Jo-h-nali-Sanjarbek Sarkaev

Jo-h-nali-Sanjarbek Sarkaev . 2 years ago

Acai, Guarana, Catuaba all Native American stuff. Also Maca.

Patomaluco Bebado

Patomaluco Bebado . 2 years ago

Açaí é mto bom !

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