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AC/DC - Rock N Roll Train (from Live at River Plate)



Published on 7 years ago

Strap yourself in for the most thundering AC/DC tracks! Listen to the playlist now: https://ACDC.lnk.to/AreYouReadyYA!rnrt

Black Ice
Buy/Listen - https://LegacyRecordings.lnk.to/acdc_bi!rnrt

About the album:
Black Ice is the 15th studio album by Australian rock band AC/DC. It was the band's fourteenth internationally-released studio album and the fifteenth in Australia. It marked the band's first original recordings since 2000's Stiff Upper Lip, with the eight-year gap being the longest between AC/DC's successive studio albums. Black Ice has the longest running time of any AC/DC studio album.

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Comments :

Viviana Perez pop star

Viviana Perez pop star . 2 hours ago


просто так

просто так . 6 hours ago

Наши есть?

Trevor Leon

Trevor Leon . 8 hours ago

Phill just locking in that beat....

Quincy Jones

Quincy Jones . 23 hours ago

Well done Argentina. Best crowd ive seen a long time. Love from Canada

Marcel Cohn

Marcel Cohn . 1 day ago

No se compara con otra hinchada! Argentina y rock n roll hoy y siempre!

Pero Lazov

Pero Lazov . 1 day ago

Crowd speak and understand rock n roll better than Spanish, Brian. Always wonder why they are still touring in their 50+, but then you see this crowd and it is clear. This crowd is best recognition of their music and talent, better than Grammy or any reward musician can get. Great show, best band and best crowd meet each other.

Mr Tazo

Mr Tazo . 3 days ago

esos 12 mil no saben nada


LuisCba . 3 days ago

Hoy son 10 años de uno de los mejores recitales en mi vida!!!!

Fede Carreño

Fede Carreño . 3 days ago

Diez años...la concha de la lora. Inolvidable noche.

Augusto Pinochet

Augusto Pinochet . 3 days ago

¡I aprove this!


niubstah . 4 days ago

Hace exactamente 10 años uno de los mejores dias de mi vida :)

NCR fait des vidéos

NCR fait des vidéos . 4 days ago

J'ai 15ans et je kiffe de ouf

Pablo Rodriguez

Pablo Rodriguez . 4 days ago

Lo mejor de todos los grupos Ojala sigan superbanda

daniel ortellado

daniel ortellado . 4 days ago

Diciembre 2019? 🙋‍♂️

Consteple Lautermachen

Consteple Lautermachen . 4 days ago

What! A! Crowd! 👍

FullMetalGamer Ludopata

FullMetalGamer Ludopata . 5 days ago

Rip malcom

walter delgado

walter delgado . 5 days ago

02/12/2009 - 02/12/2019

cristofer fuentes

cristofer fuentes . 5 days ago

Si pudiera pararme y cantar higway to hell en la punta de la plataforma les juro que me muero feliz

Jacira Sanches Sanches

Jacira Sanches Sanches . 5 days ago

The best❤🤘

Unnikrishnan nair

Unnikrishnan nair . 5 days ago

Brian Johnson fans hit like

Jose Barcovich

Jose Barcovich . 5 days ago

Hace 10 años de este conciertazo! Fue increíble estar ahi. We salute you AC/DC

Dusan Babic

Dusan Babic . 5 days ago

I olweyz bach u you gledli🤟👈👍🥂Wac af muw,ewribari YES


mattslev . 7 days ago

Best audience ever

Meira Games

Meira Games . 7 days ago

Krl me arrepio nessa intro

Purple Daze

Purple Daze . 7 days ago

Run away egg...KOOKOOKACHOO

Zeno Sama

Zeno Sama . 7 days ago

3:21 Todos por las ventanas del avión mirando :V

Walter Ramos

Walter Ramos . 7 days ago

23 de julio de 2020, como te espero!!!

ΑΛΕΟ 1926

ΑΛΕΟ 1926 . 1 week ago

The best crowd...keep it real keep it old school argentina,from greece with love 🇬🇷🇦🇷

Pedro A Lagos

Pedro A Lagos . 1 week ago

Angus se quitó el ''sombrero'' .....

Marcus Quarti Cruz

Marcus Quarti Cruz . 1 week ago


Claudia Oliveira

Claudia Oliveira . 1 week ago

show demais esses caras são os melhores

Kaan Aksuoğlu

Kaan Aksuoğlu . 1 week ago


Bluesy Kid

Bluesy Kid . 1 week ago

There are thousands Angus young in that arena, great public maybe the best I have ever seen.

Big Boy 4014

Big Boy 4014 . 1 week ago


Chris Bunke

Chris Bunke . 1 week ago

God the energy is contagious! I've seen them in concert, but this takes the cake. Wish I was here to celebrate with these people. Complete bliss

Carl Bennett

Carl Bennett . 1 week ago

AC/DC should try and get Udo Dirkschneider on vocals instead of Axle Rose

Rodrigo Cid

Rodrigo Cid . 1 week ago

que sera de la vida de los que han dado dislike a este vídeo???

Salvador Perez

Salvador Perez . 1 week ago

Qe bien suenan las guitarras inalámbricas

Prema Lair

Prema Lair . 1 week ago

Think rock n roll was made for me That sorry country makes people depressed

florence b

florence b . 1 week ago

Incredible crowd

Samim Hossen

Samim Hossen . 1 week ago

One hot angel One cool devil Your mind on the fantasy Living on the ecstasy Give it all, give it Give it what you got Come on give it all a lot Pick it up move it Give it to the spot Your mind on fantasy Living on ecstasy Runaway train (Running right off the track) Runaway train (Running right off the track) Runaway train (Running right off the track) Yeah the runaway train (Running right off the track) One hard reng a ale Old school rebel A ten for the revelry Diamond of the agency Shake it, Shake it Take it to the spot You know she make it really hot Get it on, get it up Come on give it all you got Your mind on fantasy Living on the ecstasy Runaway train (Running right off the track) Yeah the runaway train yeah (Running right off the track) On the runaway train (Running…

William Feltner

William Feltner . 1 week ago

This shit is fucking gold...hands down

Alberto D

Alberto D . 1 week ago

Este publico Argentino no vino a ver el show, si no hacer parte del show!!!! FANTASTICO!!!!

Ozzy Viana

Ozzy Viana . 1 week ago

wow wow! umas das melhores banda do planeta Forever.

Robert Vysther

Robert Vysther . 2 weeks ago

What an amazing crowd.  Fantastic!  Best regards to Argentina.

Even Izzer

Even Izzer . 2 weeks ago

0:26 décadas de enfrentarse a multitudes y aún así coloca esta mirada como quién ve el atardecer más hermoso. Descansa Malcom.


Julian . 2 weeks ago

This moment when you are in the right generation

Leon Pennington

Leon Pennington . 2 weeks ago

Dont think I've ever seen a crowd so into it!!!! :p

Kaung San

Kaung San . 2 weeks ago

Rock 'n' Roll never die

gabriel molina

gabriel molina . 2 weeks ago

en mexico son bien mamones mas cuando la banda lleva a su morra bo puedes derrochar esa energia!!!!!

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