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Wooly Bully Bandana Band.mpg

Luigi Martinello

Luigi Martinello

Published on 10 years ago

Wooly Bully Bandana Band clip Studio

Comments :

Julian Monroy

Julian Monroy . 3 days ago

Mamacita's s shula' s is a plus!!! Lol

Julian Monroy

Julian Monroy . 3 days ago

Oy no mas gringo' s getting down!!! Mi gusta!!

Teija Alanko

Teija Alanko . 3 weeks ago

Very good..Bule'Buleeeeh'. 😄🤣💚💛💜💕📻🎼🎤🐰😄🇫🇮

YAH The Band

YAH The Band . 1 month ago

the song is melon melon.......

Jake Blues

Jake Blues . 2 months ago

Classic Sam the sham & the pharaohs, ,,,,,,,,, good cover No need for the b,nits

heiko van klinken

heiko van klinken . 2 months ago


Teija Alanko

Teija Alanko . 2 months ago

Very goooood music, bulee pule.☄☄☄🌹💗.

Michael Tarasenkoop

Michael Tarasenkoop . 2 months ago

I.went to school with jerace was a real ladies !

Carlos Mariano Tosza

Carlos Mariano Tosza . 2 months ago

putas baratas.

Bob Davis

Bob Davis . 2 months ago

Lead vocals.. Awesomnically epic

El Ángel del silencio

El Ángel del silencio . 2 months ago

Solo vine aquí para admirar esas pinches tetotas

The Road King

The Road King . 2 months ago

I just love me some healthy big breasted woman.

John Thunder

John Thunder . 3 months ago

That's rock an roll the best


ДІД . 3 months ago

женщины отлично показали свою сущность - 0.50

Doctor Skull

Doctor Skull . 3 months ago

Vocals suck

Jose O

Jose O . 3 months ago

Wully bully nalgas de ule..

Свобода и Право.

Свобода и Право. . 4 months ago

Very Good!!!!!!!!!!

Alex Smole

Alex Smole . 4 months ago

Нееееее нето!

Margaret Graham

Margaret Graham . 4 months ago


tommy walker

tommy walker . 5 months ago

OMG i like this

Michael Tarasenkoop

Michael Tarasenkoop . 5 months ago

I went to school with one of the band members and lead singer can’t believe it

Michael Tarasenkoop

Michael Tarasenkoop . 5 months ago

We used to listen and dance to this type of music in the 60 s it was great especially when a bit over under the weather


scottsoul64 . 5 months ago

Very Cruise ship

Jeffrey McFerson

Jeffrey McFerson . 5 months ago

These girls are their daughters or granddaughters?


peter58peter . 6 months ago

Day when things turn into garbage.

Gabriel Chin

Gabriel Chin . 6 months ago

The ladies have very nice Woolly Bullys.

kazuyoshi sakamoto

kazuyoshi sakamoto . 6 months ago

Booty Boobty

Richard Hughes

Richard Hughes . 7 months ago

Beautiful Girls x


ClassicExampleBand . 7 months ago

They should do Wild Thing by Sam Kinison since the singer looks exactly like him...

Tomás Vila

Tomás Vila . 7 months ago

La primera vez que lo escucho ... Me he enamorado de su voz y su música fabulosos.

Gustavo Reyes

Gustavo Reyes . 7 months ago

What a bad cover, nothing to do with the original ... sorry but it is better to tell the truth than to tell them lies ... very bad cover

pilar troncoso

pilar troncoso . 7 months ago

Yeah sexy girl's that's about it question puzzle where's original band get Real on this history is fascinated!!.

Guido Dedeus

Guido Dedeus . 7 months ago

Hauptsche diese Geldgeilen "Pussy's" sind mit dabei ):

Teija Alanko

Teija Alanko . 7 months ago

Ompa mahitsu ääni jäbällä.todellakin. ja hyvä biisi.⚘👈💓😎

Stephen Sutherland

Stephen Sutherland . 7 months ago

Takes a long long time to get in to it, so long I kicked my self for waiting

Steven Mann

Steven Mann . 8 months ago

Good quality vid , great song well played with a great trio of beautiful gals.... loved it , please do more of these........

ronny reiberg

ronny reiberg . 8 months ago

fat asses

Marco Huevo

Marco Huevo . 8 months ago

Nigga, please.


crazypainter56 . 8 months ago


Kevin Hudson

Kevin Hudson . 8 months ago

I think i saw this band sailing the seven sea's . On the love boat. 🐊🐢

Francesco Alcozer

Francesco Alcozer . 8 months ago

This amazing video has been added to my "FAVORITES" playlist. Greetings from Italy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bl4uqkgCcTw GUMSHOE BLUES (Duane Eddy - Guitar)

Francesco Alcozer

Francesco Alcozer . 8 months ago

Let's say it's a collection of beautiful girls, along with some great music. Congratulations and greetings from Italy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2vqlVMZt720 RAUNCHY (Guitar & Sax)

Uwe Merz

Uwe Merz . 8 months ago

Tolle Gruppe, der Sänger ist der Hammer........

Richard Humphreys

Richard Humphreys . 8 months ago

men liking women with great tit's and ass, is that allowed anymore. Ain't everyone supposed to be liking the same sex. a man being in the same room as a female is classed a predator.

al reason

al reason . 8 months ago


unknown comic

unknown comic . 9 months ago

Pretty girls the boys gain a couple of pounds

al reason

al reason . 9 months ago

more cowbell haha

al reason

al reason . 9 months ago

i love hot chicks and oh yea the song was good aswell but wow the girl with the silver top was the best

Sharon Macdonald

Sharon Macdonald . 9 months ago

Very old oldie

red headed stepchild

red headed stepchild . 9 months ago

The best there is ! Feeling peppy?? Speed this up to 1.5 !! Let er rip. MAINE USA

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