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The healthiest smoothies for your renal diet, #kidney #health and kidney #detox

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Today’s top 5 is all about the best smoothies to lower your #creatinine levels and detox your kidneys!
The ingredients in the smoothies I have here with me are carefully chosen to flood your body with nutrients! And I won’t be using any expensive supplements or exotic powders. Just a few vegetables and fruits you may already have in your fridge!
And today we are going to see the top three best kidney friendly smoothie
All of them are full of vitamins and healthy plant compounds, so useful to improve kidney function and to bring balance to your body!
So today I’m going to show you the top 3 healthiest smoothie for people with kidney disease
Our number 3 is suitable for a keto diet or a low carb diet, can help lowering blood sugar levels and alkalizing the body!
In these smoothies there are many ingredients that are specifically beneficial for kidney function without the need for expensive powders or hard to find supplements!
An healthy renal diet is best way to lower creatinine levels naturally and, if you can do it in a tasty way, even better!
These smoothies will be the best way to maintain an healthy #renaldiet and maybe to start a kidney #detox, so you can improve your kidney function and lower your creatinine levels!
Also I’m gonna show you if there’s potassium or protein so you can make the best of them for your kidney diet!
You won’t need to add unhealthy sugars or dangerous sweeteners in these smoothies because they are already tasty! And that’s important for people with #kidneydisease and #chronickidneydisease
So there’s not a second to waste, let’s see what our first kidney friendly smoothie ingredients are and let’s make it!
Our number 5 is great for an healthy breakfast, with vitamins and enzymes that will improve your digestion better than many #homeremedies and help you with blood pressure and heart health!
It’s rich in fiber and full of essential vitamins and minerals, including vitamins C and E, iron, selenium, and magnesium.
It is also very low in potassium and sodium so it’s suitable for any kidney disease patient,
Yes, it’s a real kidney health booster!

Disclaimer: seek appropriate professional advice before taking any action based on the info provided on this channel.

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Katherine . 3 months ago

Free guide "How I GOT OFF KIDNEY DIALYSIS", watch the story of my friend, Mike: http://nhfkp.com/hope

Formula Fast

Formula Fast . 2 months ago

Katherine, 1 more question can I drink the tea with dandelion root organic, organic rosemary n chamomile tea in the evening. In morning drink ginger detox also or would that be to much of a cleansing. Thank you

Formula Fast

Formula Fast . 2 months ago

Katherine, when should u drink the smoothies. The smoothie I’m going to make is the 1 with a pear, cocoa powder, almond, Now I need to say I’m on 3 medication n 1 patch for blood pressure n insulin pen n 1 pill medication, 1 pill for cholesterol, 1 water pill. Thank you

Jay Cee Max

Jay Cee Max . 2 months ago

I like your shirt. You are a boss!


rgr11music . 2 months ago

Hi pretty catherine, tnx for sharing..., ang sarap po niyan, god bless u always.

xXSpidermaxX Gabriel

xXSpidermaxX Gabriel . 3 months ago

Ottimi da fare

Pasquale Zanzarella

Pasquale Zanzarella . 3 months ago

Nuovo iscritto

Niah Niah

Niah Niah . 3 months ago

Hi Katherine I luv your work : quick question is watermelon fasting beneficial for CKD patients ?

John Pirie

John Pirie . 3 months ago

Wow I didn’t think it took that long sunshine

Chidi Henry

Chidi Henry . 3 months ago

What is the name of the small black seed

Black Tiger

Black Tiger . 3 months ago

Useful and excellent info !

Ginu Rejani

Ginu Rejani . 3 months ago

Very nice tips dear kathrine👍💖💖💖

John Pirie

John Pirie . 3 months ago

Peek -a-boo I see your belly button 😄

Zenaida De Leon

Zenaida De Leon . 3 months ago

Pls try to practice to speak & act naturally. Can u? But I like your vlogs though bec it’s about healthy eating. Thank u.

mike wilson

mike wilson . 3 months ago

thank you for sharing GOD BLESS YOU love your humor.

Matt Blackstock

Matt Blackstock . 3 months ago

Thank you Katherine. Good info mi Amore!


mastermozi . 3 months ago

I'm into smoothies, especially breakfast ones.. thanks kath


Katherine . 3 months ago

Are you gonna try my smoothie recipes? Let me know here in comment section!

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