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Garlic Bread - Low Carb, Keto Diet Fast Food!

Nicko's Kitchen

Nicko's Kitchen

Published on 1 year ago

Healthy Garlic Bread recipe which is low carb, low sugar and Keto diet friendly!

Full recipe here - https://www.nickoskitchen.net/blog/low-carb-keto-friendly-garlic-bread
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Comments :

Nicko's Kitchen

Nicko's Kitchen . 4 months ago

For everyone asking here is the nutritional info, plus you'll always find the ingredients list in the description of each video, it takes you to my website (which is ad free so don't worry!) so you can easily print them off or keep them on your device. Nutrition Facts Servings: 4 Calories175 % Daily Value Total Fat 14.4g Saturated Fat 4.8g Cholesterol 65mg Sodium 145mg Total Carbohydrate 5.9g Dietary Fiber 1.8g Total Sugars 1.1g  Protein 7.9g  Vitamin D 6mcg Calcium 120mg Iron 1mg Potassium 181mg

David Squire

David Squire . 12 hours ago

I made this and to was so so...NOT anywhere near JUST like garlic bread...but I'll work on it though...It just tasted bland. Not wanting to be negative...I DO like a lot of your other recipes, bud.

A daughter of the great King of kings

A daughter of the great King of kings . 14 hours ago

I really enjoy this recipe and I make it often, Thanks

Gabriela R

Gabriela R . 1 day ago

This is very good. Thank you!

Rania Zuabi

Rania Zuabi . 2 days ago

Love your accent 😍

Krishna Pallikonda

Krishna Pallikonda . 2 days ago


alison norcross

alison norcross . 2 days ago

Very clever

Nadja Mdz

Nadja Mdz . 7 days ago

OMG I tried it today ..just wow ...thanks a lot ..so delicious


V P/JUICEE . 2 weeks ago

Lort! I have got to try this!

Vicky Marinou

Vicky Marinou . 2 weeks ago

But what are the quantities?

Tamora P

Tamora P . 2 weeks ago

Almond flour, not for me because I am allergic to it.😕😕😩😩

Pascale Dominique

Pascale Dominique . 3 weeks ago

ackground music is horrible. You voice alone is preferable

D Singh

D Singh . 3 weeks ago

You're such a sweetheart! Thank you for this wonderful bread; I love garlic bread with soups, and mussels. I'm diabetic so this would be really good for me as it won't spike my sugar. Thank you so much and God bless.

Majella Madigan

Majella Madigan . 3 weeks ago

OMG...i have nt used garlic bread in years as i love it when i eat it but i feel totally unwell afterwards ...this was absofreakingloutely fab.....big hug for posting..


Mrboy21ful . 3 weeks ago

Is this filling?

Easy on The eyes

Easy on The eyes . 3 weeks ago


Diane Veilleux

Diane Veilleux . 3 weeks ago

Could you use coconut flour?

baby mano

baby mano . 4 weeks ago

Plz write all ingredients 🙄


GaiasFleas . 4 weeks ago

People do not understand keto. This recipe has WAAAY too much protein in it to be keto, since that protein will still be turned to sugar by your liver.

Giovani M

Giovani M . 4 weeks ago

Very smart recipe do you have any keto recipes for traditional


Boatdesigner . 4 weeks ago

What about yeast for flavor.

Keepin' It Keto!

Keepin' It Keto! . 4 weeks ago

Fathead with garlic bread flavorings.


fglend73 . 4 weeks ago

Whenever ppl come on here and say it tastes “just like real garlic bread,” I get skeptical. Because it never does. Can’t ppl just be honest???

Stan Clutterbuck

Stan Clutterbuck . 4 weeks ago

Unplug nose

Square Peg

Square Peg . 4 weeks ago

I’m about to make this today 🤪😍

Nadia Aquil

Nadia Aquil . 4 weeks ago

This is the best keto garlic bread ever ! Thank you so much for this awesome recipe 👌

Wynnye Key

Wynnye Key . 1 month ago

Went to website, no print option. Too bad, looks good.

A daughter of the great King of kings

A daughter of the great King of kings . 1 month ago

Yes, it was absolutely delicious. And hopefully, this will be the only garlic bread I'll try in the future. And I'm not on a Keto diet plan: I just eat healthy.

Tonya Carter

Tonya Carter . 1 month ago

MMMHMMM!! I think this is better than traditional garlic bread!! 'Specially knowing its low carb and sugar free!!!

Julisa Moran

Julisa Moran . 1 month ago

I don’t have almond flour.. 😫 can I use almond meal? Would it be the same thing?

Pratik Hazari

Pratik Hazari . 1 month ago

Should you let the melted cheese cool a bit before adding the egg in? I'm worried that the hot cheese would start to cook the egg directly.

Francis McDonnell

Francis McDonnell . 1 month ago

Anyone else notice that oven wasn’t even on!

Pineapple Top

Pineapple Top . 1 month ago

I had this for dinner tonight and it was amazing! You did it again Nicko!! Love your recipes!!!

Will's ASMR Mukbangs Hauls & More!

Will's ASMR Mukbangs Hauls & More! . 1 month ago

I have to try this!!

Manuj Madan

Manuj Madan . 2 months ago

Can I use coconut flour instead of almond one

Pk thfc

Pk thfc . 2 months ago

You'd think being on keto you ll have enough energy to put up the ingredients on your video instead of asking us to go to you link.


Drifta11 . 2 months ago

Might be low carb but definitely not healthy

Davina Test

Davina Test . 2 months ago

He’s really good with his tips and alternatives...great!

Jared & Cari Lerch

Jared & Cari Lerch . 2 months ago

I unsubscribed today. I hate healthy food. I need carbs. Goodbye nicko ...

Takudzwa Gorondondo

Takudzwa Gorondondo . 2 months ago

No measurements?


WALSHmusic . 2 months ago

Cheese is keto? Sign me up!

Sebastian Rieck

Sebastian Rieck . 2 months ago

could you do this with an oven? if yes: how would you do that?


Silvia . 2 months ago

Omgosh Nicko, this is sooo good. Had it for bfast tho, couldn’t resist


samyukta . 2 months ago

Can it be made without the cream cheese?

Lucas Versi

Lucas Versi . 2 months ago

hahhaha garlic bread without garlic

Tahani Elgeblawi

Tahani Elgeblawi . 3 months ago

Tx .. hope it works will wd my t1 d

White Lite

White Lite . 3 months ago

Looks tasty ! I’ll definitely have to try that recipe

Bohemian Cardinal

Bohemian Cardinal . 3 months ago

Best keto bread/ mozzarella sticks .. whatever you want to call it. My boyfriend loves it and he is keeping no diet ever :)))

Carmen Pohl

Carmen Pohl . 3 months ago

I'm gluten intolerant. That's ideal. I love garlic bread 🤤

Kirill Trandin

Kirill Trandin . 3 months ago

the only question i have how ignorant and silly someone has to be to not see and feel the difference between keto (mozzarella and almond) dough and normal (wheat and water) bread dough... ?

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