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Published on 2 years ago

OMMMMG, hey yal I really completed this cleanse God is really good! Thank you for all the love , and support throughout this journey. I'm so excited for this new lifestyle I'm about to live! Love you all!

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TooBlessedMaya . 7 months ago

1 cup of lemon juice 1 cup of maple syrup A pinch of cayenne pepper or as much as you like all mixed in a GALLON of water. I used whatever water I had at the time.

Suheir As

Suheir As . 2 weeks ago

Follow me on Instagram : mastercleanse_101


QUEEN KATHERINE . 3 weeks ago

Can we use organic honey instead?

Jared Pagano

Jared Pagano . 3 weeks ago

Kanye pepper

GTM Recordz

GTM Recordz . 4 weeks ago

How to loose 10 pounds in 13 days off a egg and apple cider vinegar diet https://youtu.be/eTfXM-4Dn_s

Destiny Deserae

Destiny Deserae . 2 months ago

You look so good! I’m doing a master cleanse and keeping my channel updated on my progress❤️ y’all can check it out❤️

Carolina Mendoza

Carolina Mendoza . 2 months ago

did you keep the weight off?

Stella Lol

Stella Lol . 2 months ago

Hey, Can anyone please Help Me out, I Would like to do the Master Cleanse but im Going to School so is there like Any Kind of Snack i can eat during the Hours?? & generally During the Master Cleanse Please reply

manii dabratt

manii dabratt . 2 months ago

i started today : update : i ate a salad with olive oil and balsamic dressing (in one bottle) im at work (fast food) im drinking the lemonade + drinking plain water *ill update y’all on the weight * .org. weight is 177 *i didn’t exercise today


terpgirl06 . 2 months ago

I keep coming back to this video for inspiration - thank you! For anyone that wants to save time, getting the bottled lemon juice works just as well. But it has to be 100% pure lemon juice that you can get from Whole Foods (like the Lakewood brand) - not the concentrated stuff. It’s $8 for a large 32 ounce bottle. That will last you a few days.


Jenna . 3 months ago

I want to try this for firing up my body and getting a health kick... I cant do the smooth move though oh no that stomach ache I cant be doing with... I will drink hot water am and hope that does the job 1🙄

Star Karan

Star Karan . 3 months ago

look for woo&pep diet website service to learn how to do diet rightly.

Marta Girma

Marta Girma . 3 months ago

Can i use honey instead of maple syrup?? Pls REPLY

Vanda Gardner

Vanda Gardner . 4 months ago

Can I use honey instead of maple syrup

Ashlee Lamb

Ashlee Lamb . 4 months ago

Can we subsitute honey for maple syrup

Ms. Jones

Ms. Jones . 4 months ago

Is it cayenne pepper or Kanye pepper? I need to know 🤔🤣


BeatsByCappa . 4 months ago

So does raw honey work well the same ?

Gracelyn Chatt

Gracelyn Chatt . 5 months ago

Do we need to drink a gallon a day? Because that’s going to get really expensive for me😂

Dekets 890

Dekets 890 . 5 months ago

I can have watermelon?

Yolanda Makalima

Yolanda Makalima . 5 months ago

Starting my 5 day cleanse tomorrow morning I’m in South Africa 🇿🇦

Vedant Chaudhari

Vedant Chaudhari . 5 months ago

She's right.Workout boosts up weight loss.Telling from experience.From 117 to 90 kg

Love Lok

Love Lok . 5 months ago

is this real or fake .... ohh greatttttt


Kasey . 5 months ago

I’m starting mine today! Pray for me🙏🏼

Pink Rose

Pink Rose . 6 months ago

How much did everything cost??

Miche Miche

Miche Miche . 6 months ago

I tried this and failed before, but I didn't know I was supposed to be drinking a gallon a day! I was doing like 3 small bottles. I guess a gallon would take away hunger pangs. Got my ingredients and I'm ready for take two! A gallon = 4.5 litres for anyone who didn't know like me lol Thanks sis!

Tishiany Ostiana

Tishiany Ostiana . 6 months ago

Did you workout during this diet?

Chrissy Galore

Chrissy Galore . 6 months ago

Do we drank a gallon a day or?

NovasOn Jupiter

NovasOn Jupiter . 6 months ago

You look AMAZING

Sincerely Paula Denise

Sincerely Paula Denise . 6 months ago

I’m doing the cleanse currently on day 5. I’m filming my progress too, and why did I say Kanye pepper in my video too 😂


Dee . 6 months ago

Kanye pepper?

Stephen Hawkins

Stephen Hawkins . 7 months ago

Kanye pepper.


DICK STORM . 7 months ago

What kind of oil

Korie in Wanderland

Korie in Wanderland . 7 months ago

“KANYE pepper lol”


Kk LL . 7 months ago

Plz don't say kanye pepper anymore lol 😂😂😂


DrCooks . 7 months ago

I didn't know Kanye made pepper! Gonna get me some Kanye pepper tomorrow 🤗

Veronica Inese

Veronica Inese . 7 months ago

“You’re basically starving yourself” okay this is called water fasting (in this case “lemonade” fasting many people have done it with results it aides in losing water weight as well, just research into it

Katrina Brown

Katrina Brown . 7 months ago

You shouldn't put the cayenne in until you pour your cup. When it sits in the gallon the spiciness intensifies.

Alexis Viané

Alexis Viané . 7 months ago

This tastes so good

lexi xo

lexi xo . 7 months ago

I’m finally trying this today 💖

Kay Bae

Kay Bae . 7 months ago


MyChevyTruck 1998Z1

MyChevyTruck 1998Z1 . 7 months ago

50lbs in 4days lol sign me up

DD Chavez

DD Chavez . 7 months ago

Question: Did you do a salt water cleanse every day?

Cynthia Alba

Cynthia Alba . 7 months ago

For people saying your starving yourself theres a whole book on how to do this cleanse correctly.

Chickie Chic

Chickie Chic . 7 months ago

She said Kanye🤣 It’s cayenne pepper 😉

D Carolina

D Carolina . 7 months ago

Can you please comment the measurements for each thing please


ComeAtMeBro . 8 months ago

Nothing wrong with fasting


ComeAtMeBro . 8 months ago



Queenyolanda . 8 months ago

Word up ? I got to try this !!!!

lovelyn zarah

lovelyn zarah . 8 months ago

everyone wants to loose weight hmm can't complain tho is nice but let it b on the right way. One thing for sure is wen u eat healthy avoid lots of soda or better stil learn how to eat little portions of food u won't add weight. Rather Dan starving.

quela love

quela love . 8 months ago

love your video very detailed and straight to the point! You gave me the perfect description of the lemonade cleanse I start tomorrow and I’m excited! You motivated me girl appreciate your time and patience! ADDRESSING THE HATERS! What is so funny? She mispronounce a word, give her a break I’m sure we all have made that mistake before. People are ridiculous we live in a world now people have to be so perfect. Instead of saying something positive you have to address the negative first and elaborate on how she said something wrong; when you clearly saw that it has already been pointed out several times.Some of you guys can hardly write.Put yourself in her shoes ,is it that serious? she delivered her message well and deserve respect ... people on the internet could be so brutal.

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