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alpha m.

Published on 2 years ago

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Have you ever wondered what Alpha eats on a weekly basis? Yes? Then you'll love this video. The key is planning and preparation as he 'sucks' winging it! In this video men's style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro is first taking you shopping at Costco and the grocery store.

Chicken and fish (salmon, tilapia) are staples. He also picks up some quinoa which has a low hypoglycemic index. He gets apples, avocados, sweet potatoes, bagged salads, oatmeal, and egg whites at the grocery store. Once he gets home, he preps. Sunday is also the day he makes his Blue Apron which hes' been using since 2015.

First thing in the morning, he performs fasted cardio and then eats breakfast around 10am - 11am (egg whites, avocado, fruit -or- chocolate oatmeal, fruit). Lunch is around 3pm, consisting of a chicken or salmon salad (his 'power salad'). Then around 6pm, before the gym, he has protein bar or shake. Dinner is Blue Apron -or- chicken breast or fish, sweet potato or quinoa, and vegetable. At night, he always has low calorie ice cream.

He doesn't measure anything, and this diet works for him. He refrains from red meat, and he uses S&P, fresh herbs, hot sauce, ketchup, sriracha, and red wine vinegar. Commit to yourself by preparing your meals.

Blue Apron
Alpha loves this meal service because you get three super sexy meals. You also get locally grown and sourced ingredients. You get 'just enough' so there's no waste! There's nothing sexier than a guy who knows his way around the kitchen, and Blue Apron definitely helps you with that. You can make these awesome meals super quick and easy. No commitment and free shipping too!

Comments :

alpha m.

alpha m. . 2 years ago

UPDATE: If you haven't noticed, I am increasing my upload frequency to 5 days per week: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur & Sat. I just felt like I needed to push my limits and comfort zone. I'll do my best to make the content not suck (some will suck). Thank you all for being a part of this and for watching my videos. You're Awesome!

The Bear

The Bear . 4 days ago

Some of the stuff you bought outside of the meat had way to many carbs for me. The fruit, sweet potatoes, quinoa etc. The only fruit I will touch is the berries which are more low carb. The quinoa raises my blood sugar because I am diabetic so I quit eating it. Also, no oatmeal.

Noah De Pool

Noah De Pool . 5 days ago

question dho. you grill meat for a 1 week do you refrigerate the meat or do you freeze it again ???

Yegor Sherbina

Yegor Sherbina . 1 week ago

0:23 thats what she said

David Henriquez

David Henriquez . 2 weeks ago

question doesn't chicken lose the touch and feel after being cooked and stored in the fridge?

David Henriquez

David Henriquez . 2 weeks ago

i weight 169 and height 5'7 skinny with a belly. so now it's time to put In work.

Fran M C

Fran M C . 2 weeks ago

You should add a bit of extra virgin olive oil to your salad. It will improve dramatically, and there’s nothing healthier than that.

Temis Soppi

Temis Soppi . 3 weeks ago

Apple cider vinegar reduces my appetite because it makes me want to vomit

The one Who watches

The one Who watches . 4 weeks ago

I love the way you say because. thanks for all your tips <3

Tom Renegade

Tom Renegade . 4 weeks ago

I really shouldn't watch these videos when I'm hungry...

David Henriquez

David Henriquez . 1 month ago

you see me thing is not the working out, but making the meals that will help me get lean and build muscle. but this helped tremendously.

Father Funk

Father Funk . 1 month ago

Soooo much plastic waste in those pre packaged meals tho 😭

Carolina Silva

Carolina Silva . 1 month ago

but when do eat sweets?

Frankie Duran 2

Frankie Duran 2 . 1 month ago

Love the Chanel Alpha, easily one oh the top Chanel’s on YouTube.


robinmccready . 1 month ago

How is this enough calories to build muscle?

Tim St.denis

Tim St.denis . 1 month ago

Look up how bad talpia is for you

Thị Cẩm Ly Mai

Thị Cẩm Ly Mai . 2 months ago

Ăn I think i can help you

Christian Perez

Christian Perez . 2 months ago

Alpha Please check out Game Changers on Netflix Would like to hear your opinion on it,thanks.

Maze gaming

Maze gaming . 2 months ago

Wow thanks for the great info

Neil Knox

Neil Knox . 2 months ago

Alpha you are a role model

Neil Knox

Neil Knox . 2 months ago

Alpha , no offence but I disagree with u on the flax seed


QuentashMe . 3 months ago

Dude that quinoa looks dry as hewww


SocioComm . 3 months ago

My man shops at Kroger. Fist bump!

Sam Halilaj

Sam Halilaj . 3 months ago

Absolutely delicious food but where is the money to buy all of this delicious food 🤣🤣🤣

Sam Halilaj

Sam Halilaj . 3 months ago

Yes man but you have to explain something a bit cheaper, not everyone has money like you to buy all of this stuff, everyone knows that if we eat all.of this stuff definitely will be big muscle, came try to show something else not that much difficult...!

Harris Amar

Harris Amar . 3 months ago

Don't you have cheat days?


Radu2506 . 3 months ago

Ad ends at 4:43

War rig

War rig . 3 months ago

Buy teige Hanley Drink it twice a day Results: *MAD MUSCLES AND LEAN BODY IN 1 MONTH*

sonny johnson

sonny johnson . 4 months ago

I have a family and they dont eat like i do How can i can healthy and feed my family At the same time cook my healthy food. Thanks love your vids.


DazTheLangtounGamer . 4 months ago

When u said hi to a guy in Costco all I could think of is if that was me and you said ‘hey, what’s up HAHAHAHA!!!!!’..... you would creep me out

Craig Harris

Craig Harris . 4 months ago

How do you store meats and grains/carbs like that for the week when it comes to prepping like that? I am terrible when it comes to workweek lunches and want to try something like this but I don’t know how to safely store all of the food I’d prep

David Bay

David Bay . 4 months ago

Would you please make a video with no meat and more plant based proteins? I try to cut down my meat consumption for obvious reasons but I am often "clueless" how I get my proteins with just plant based products. Thanks, Alpha!


burntvirtue . 4 months ago

Chicken Breasts?! Gross. ALWAYS go with thighs. They are surperior in every way including nutrients, moisture, and flavor! I can also 100% promise that those breasts he grilled are overcooked. No thanks. Also Frank's Red Hot is gross, and weak. Upgrade to El Yucateco for hot sauce. Especially the green Habanero variety. Great if you're happy with the stuff in the video, but life will be better with what I suggest. Good Luck.

Mike Faz

Mike Faz . 4 months ago

Thank you for this great vid !


LonelyStoner . 4 months ago

How do you make the stuff last isn't fish and chicken only good for 4 days in the fridge?

yasiru jayasuriya

yasiru jayasuriya . 4 months ago

The best time to workout is in the morning before breakfast.


TraceguyRune . 4 months ago

How many calories in that oatmeal?


TraceguyRune . 4 months ago

Boneless chicken breast sucks. I like the whole chicken breasts. They contain a little fat, and the bone helps it cook better.

Jayant jacob george

Jayant jacob george . 5 months ago

Where is your wife

Turbo X

Turbo X . 5 months ago

Salmon with a side of Tiege Hanley?

Patty Cake

Patty Cake . 5 months ago

You needs grou d up flax seeds or your body will just pass them on threw.


OBOMBA . 5 months ago

That oatmeal looks dry as hell


S GS . 5 months ago

Can’t believe is 1 year already since I watched this video first time 😬

Justin Escobar

Justin Escobar . 5 months ago


The Sluger

The Sluger . 6 months ago

6:40 Or broccoli which is ... Alright :P


barsenovic . 6 months ago

2:26 Is that lint on your black t-shirt! tsk tsk tsk :)

christian ruvalcaba

christian ruvalcaba . 6 months ago

That salmon salad looks so damn good.

Jxsxs LXRD

Jxsxs LXRD . 6 months ago

Everything is just a very bright white with different pigment so that means black people are a very dark white


SPARKED SATURN . 6 months ago

Ouuuuu Aaron not clickbaiting his glasses are in the right place


U J . 6 months ago

1 year later. Eating pork twice a day. Because they sponsor him. Lol

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