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Taylor Swift - Live at the 2019 American Music Awards



Published on 2 months ago

Taylor Swift performs at the 2019 American Music Awards (November 24th, 2019)

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Comments :

Gilang Putra Dangga

Gilang Putra Dangga . 37 minutes ago

adike kesikut jal

Dudu Painter

Dudu Painter . 1 hour ago

i cant get bored of this

Diaz Muñoz

Diaz Muñoz . 2 hours ago

Cómo se llamarán esas canciones??


zovox . 3 hours ago

Artist of the decade and no one can deny it.

Utsab Tandukar

Utsab Tandukar . 4 hours ago

Taylor ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

magic jalapeño

magic jalapeño . 5 hours ago

who are the 2 ballerinas at the end?

I love my freedom

I love my freedom . 5 hours ago


Олеся Готько

Олеся Готько . 7 hours ago


Julian Rangel

Julian Rangel . 9 hours ago

Am I the only one who is excited for the re-recorded music? Bc I can tell I knew you were trouble is going to be all over the radio once again. Hopefully hits number 1.

Samiran Thakuria

Samiran Thakuria . 9 hours ago

Taylor is low key thicc

Phi Ex

Phi Ex . 9 hours ago

But now I guess I should forget z? I made a mistake but now it's not. My girl has moved on? If not I whiat ?

Jon Michael

Jon Michael . 11 hours ago

bro this i knew you were trouble is my favorite version of her performing the song

Will Mize

Will Mize . 12 hours ago

Imagine not giving artist of the decade to Kendrick Lamar

Eugene Moreno

Eugene Moreno . 12 hours ago

I know all her songs

Eugene Moreno

Eugene Moreno . 12 hours ago


Martha Holt

Martha Holt . 13 hours ago

Artist of the Decade? Not when Rihanna is still alive and kicking. No freaking way.

Cheryl Coomes

Cheryl Coomes . 14 hours ago

I just can't stop watching this. It's such a amazing performance.

carlithow pabón

carlithow pabón . 14 hours ago

La amo

Phi Ex

Phi Ex . 14 hours ago

Nice performance when you perform in Phx? or lv.

pablo herr

pablo herr . 15 hours ago

wey te amo, gracias

sil vana

sil vana . 16 hours ago

Taylor is a LEGEND 🙌 I love taymila

John V

John V . 16 hours ago

Not my genre, but she is really a dynamite talent. Sings, writes, and entertains. Pretty, too.

WCW Jukebox

WCW Jukebox . 16 hours ago


Clary Severino A.

Clary Severino A. . 17 hours ago


Nga Đức

Nga Đức . 17 hours ago


Kiara Nicole Mayia Espinel

Kiara Nicole Mayia Espinel . 17 hours ago

why you do not sing LOCK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO? it is my favorite song

kyryl klyc

kyryl klyc . 18 hours ago

Lizzo lmao

Jamie Bourke

Jamie Bourke . 18 hours ago

5:12 Man Twyla is really feeling it, I'm glad she got out of the diner for the evening

Andrew В

Andrew В . 19 hours ago

Wow wow wow!!! Hot 🔥🔥🔥

Hadassah Metatron Avigail

Hadassah Metatron Avigail . 19 hours ago

Blood of Jesus Christ

Hadassah Metatron Avigail

Hadassah Metatron Avigail . 19 hours ago

I take your piano by force in Jesus Name.

Hadassah Metatron Avigail

Hadassah Metatron Avigail . 19 hours ago

I take by force violently all your estate,Taylor now is mine cause your millions & songs are for the holy,for me.


UnwrittenChic . 20 hours ago

I love her soooo much

Zuffinah Narvaez

Zuffinah Narvaez . 20 hours ago



Xx . 20 hours ago

Only Taylor got me screaming ( shame on me nOoOwW )

Beautyby Sel

Beautyby Sel . 21 hours ago

This really warms my heart. I can sing these from memory. I was literally screaming. My whole high school years just flashed by. Bike, scooter whatever your name is try and take a music from this artist ever again! I dare you ! She is a true true artist to her core. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

ali zaid

ali zaid . 22 hours ago

Øu†is [NEMO][Nadie][Hallie]

Øu†is [NEMO][Nadie][Hallie] . 22 hours ago

Mi enhorabuena, Taylor (corazón)

Aurora Autumn

Aurora Autumn . 22 hours ago

0:59 is it Billie Eilish ???

Mrs. Matthew

Mrs. Matthew . 22 hours ago


Nam Shin 3rd

Nam Shin 3rd . 23 hours ago

I love Taylor Swift


Grakia UNICORNZ . 24 hours ago

Who's gonna see her at Hyde Park?!


May . 24 hours ago

It was so sweet when she started singing Love Story!💎🎀💖


ItzJoanna . 24 hours ago

i’ve watched this like 13 times and i’m never going to get tired of it

Shooting Star LPS

Shooting Star LPS . 1 day ago

We all see Taylor: omg I love the music and outfit. Seeing billie Ellish in the audience: I didn’t know she was a Taylor fan! They both are amazing singers

lailah capunong

lailah capunong . 1 day ago

Why am i crying? She’s a legend!!!!


Mrusso628 . 1 day ago

I love Taylor she is the best ❤️

Hailey Carolina

Hailey Carolina . 1 day ago

My fav is definitely lover💕

Homaira tamanna

Homaira tamanna . 1 day ago

Iron lady ... What an energy......my most most........... favourite love u ....l wish I could ...see the performances live

Daemi Pariat

Daemi Pariat . 1 day ago

I have watched this an unhealthy number of times

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