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What Are Carbs

Emeroy Bernardo

Emeroy Bernardo

Published on 6 years ago

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Carbs have seemed to be the "bad guy" of a million fad diets. But more and more research is showing that it's not about leaving out any nutrient or food group, is about how well you actually stick to your nutrition plan. Carbs, if you believe it or not, are actually one of the main nutrients your body needs! In today's video I share with you the difference between good carbs and bad carbs and where you can go to eat them.

They're also found in foods that are processed.

Simple carbs include sugars naturally found in foods such as fruits and milk.

They're also found in foods that are processed.

Generally, the food that's been processed have less nutrients than the ones that weren't.

Simple carbohydrates are typically digested and absorbed faster in the body. Which means you get a quick rise and crash in energy.

Complex carbs include starch and fibers and can generally be found in brown rice, beans, sweet potato, and whole wheat bread.

These types of carbs are digested much slower than simple carbs meaning that you have much more sustained source of energy.

In my personal preference, I like to focus a lot of my meals on eating complex carbs with my meals.

1/3 of all my meals have some sore of complex carbs on there.

The only time I really go all out with the simple carbs is only cheat day.

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Gabrielle . 4 years ago

Carbs are the sttuuufff

Craig Dunn

Craig Dunn . 5 years ago

Do you have any advice for carburettors?Ā 

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