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It takes 3500 calories to lose one pound of fat. Calculate the daily calorie deficit for fat loss with help from an experienced nutritionist in this free video clip.

Expert: Natalie Jill
Filmmaker: David Schaffer

Series Description: Staying fit and healthy isn't just about working out - it is also about making sure you're following the right nutritional plan. Get tips on nutrition with help from an experienced nutritionist in this free video series.

Comments :

Nico Martin

Nico Martin . 1 day ago

Well ...I eat 1200 calories a day and lost 25 pounds years ago . Now since I’m a fat fuck I’m counting again and lost 4.4 pounds in 3 days with just counting cals alone . Just get on one of those apps that tell you how much calories you should eat for expected weight loss based off of your height and biological gender. And make those calories good calories of course. Don’t waste them on junk and pop or juice. It’s real simple and easy guys

Claud Haas

Claud Haas . 2 weeks ago

What do you think of lost crazy amounts of weight with Fenoboci Diet Plan? I notice many people keep on talking about Fenoboci Diet Plan.


Mokonachan92 . 2 weeks ago

I have experimented with every single slimming tutorial and this fat loss program “Yamzoko Weebly” (Google it) is the one that works for me coupled with their own products to burn up fat. I do not feel jittery or feel a crash, I am also not as starving as I used to. I’ve reduce about 15 lbs since applying this item. .

Alex Quiroz

Alex Quiroz . 2 weeks ago

Thanks peeps! I was about to watch it but then decided to read the comments first to kinda get-in the groove of counting. Nevermind, I'll continue searching... lol Any ideas where to start? Any videos on info. that helped you? Anything helps. Thanks once again 😊

gwen smith

gwen smith . 4 weeks ago

Semen does not count girls


Exodus . 1 month ago

Great video Thank you!

C Fg

C Fg . 1 month ago

guys u dont get it! the number is carrots.

stefano nutini

stefano nutini . 1 month ago

I’ve tested out every single slimming guidebook and this weight loss program “Yamzoko Weebly” (Google it) is the one which is effective for me combined with their own products to burn fat. Even I am not consuming much as I used to be, I still don’t really feel jittery or feel a crash I have burn around 15 lbs since using this item. .

marylei tevaga

marylei tevaga . 1 month ago

so whats the veges for? lol

Rashad reigns

Rashad reigns . 2 months ago

I think unit is kcal.. andnot calorie

Floyd Vibe

Floyd Vibe . 2 months ago

Wat about men??...she is feminist...

Tyree D

Tyree D . 3 months ago

This lady look good🤷🏾‍♂️

senpai Hachiro

senpai Hachiro . 4 months ago

I'm so confused, someone help me

The Mom Life

The Mom Life . 5 months ago

That taught me nothing.


Daniel&Naz . 5 months ago

What are toxins?


CBR600RR . 5 months ago

If I cut 500 calories from my BMR, I lose 1lb a day. Why is this?

Chuck Biscuits

Chuck Biscuits . 5 months ago

Can you explain what the energy level required to raise the temperature of water,.. ie a calorie, has got to do with weight loss in humans?

Cole Swaino

Cole Swaino . 6 months ago

Someone help me pleaseeee, im so confused. So this is what im doing right now: Before, during my bulk, I ate 1,500 calories a day. 2 weeks ago I started my cut, eating 1,150 calories a day + doing cardio on an empty stomach. ( burning around 400 calories ) Am I putting myself in a caloric deficit? If not, someone please teach me how I can. Im 13 years old, 5'4, and weigh 116 pounds. I lift 6 times per week and dont play sports anymore. I do occasionally swim and like i said I have been doing cardio every morning for about 2 weeks now. I lost alot of water weight but thats about it, no fat loss in my face and barely in my chest and stomach region.


HGC 4E . 6 months ago

Lol what about men?

Eduardo Lauren

Eduardo Lauren . 7 months ago

I have reduced around 17 pounds of my body weight immediately after I implemented this “Yamzοkο Weebly” diet plan (Google it). It may nothing short of a miracle. This works truly fast and that I like it so much. There is a big difference in the way that my favorite apparel fit and also just the side by side shots of a Six day big difference! .


Alea . 7 months ago

1300 calories for women per day deficit or diet?

Reece T

Reece T . 7 months ago

Well I was starting to have abit of respect for you until you said being in too much of a defecit makes you store fat. Tell that to ww2 prisoners of war.

Himanshu Gandotra

Himanshu Gandotra . 7 months ago

Hey , I also written how calories and energy of an individual calculated with one simple formula-

Italiana 7

Italiana 7 . 7 months ago

The intro to this video is loud like THX

Kylie Weber

Kylie Weber . 9 months ago

Online it says my BMR is 1,367... you just said to not go below 1300 cals for women. I’m 5’0 and 125 pounds, wanting to be around 115. What should I do then if I cannot eat below 1300 calories?

Ethan Porter

Ethan Porter . 9 months ago

I was trusting her until she said toxins. Then she referenced the metabolic "survival mode" good bye forever

Daud Aslam

Daud Aslam . 9 months ago

My only problem is if I eat but there is no calorie label how do I find the calories in that food

Katelyn Furtney

Katelyn Furtney . 9 months ago

(Instead of 2000 a day my doctor recommended 1500 for my age weight and height) my exercise app works a 300 cal deficit into my daily calories bringing it down to 1200. So if i’m burning 1,000+ calories a day in exercise and eating about 1,000 calories a day in healthy, filling foods (i almost never feel hungry) then is it healthy to have the 1400+ calories left at the end of the day? Or will that mess my body up?

n v

n v . 10 months ago

this is so outdated and misinformed you should delete it to save yourself from embarrassment. It wasn't even well explained for 10 years ago. If you want to learn how to lose fat look into leptin resistance, watch Fat chance 2.0 with a pediatric neuroendocrinologist and also Dr Jason fung.

With Wilk

With Wilk . 10 months ago

1. Calculate your BMR - basal metabolic rate (mine is 2500cal per day) this is the calorie intake you need per day to maintain current weight and body function and is different for everyone! Google it! 2. Decide on calorie deficit, 500cal less per day = approx 1lb of fat loss a week. Good steady loss. 3. Add in some cardio and/or weight training to burn more calories or do 250cal in diet 250cal in workout for the 500cal deficit. 4. 2500cal minus 500cal in diet minus 500cal in workout = 1000cal deficit per day which = approx 2lb of fat loss per week. 5. Do this for a few weeks, check weight and measurements for results, increase or decrease calories and workout to suit you and maintain this until goal weight is reached. 6. Once goal weight is reached you can alter calorie intake/ burn off back up to your BMR (recalculate based on new weight,etc...) to maintain that weight

Simon Diamond Fitness Education

Simon Diamond Fitness Education . 10 months ago

For some slim people losing an extra 1000 calories a day could potentially put them at risk to malnutrition, hair loss, muscle loss, feeling tired, sick and other serious complications. The NHS recommends to loose 1lb to 2lb (0.5 to 1kg) per week. Difference between fat loss and weight loss.

Dawn Lynch

Dawn Lynch . 11 months ago

The trouble is you do it all in the American version sorry to sound rude but I'm not being rude we do it in pounds so I don't understand calorie counting could someone explain it to me cos I know I'm eating way too much I weigh over 12 stone and I'm 44 years of age I'm addicted to Red Bull I love my chocolate but I am trying to cut out chocolate but because I'm stressed out all the time I comfort eat all the time and my partner says I do need to lose a lot of weight because my face is so bloated and my stomach is very big I look like I'm pregnant but I'm not I'll be turning 45 this year and I seriously need to lose some weight


CarolsVideos . 11 months ago

I get confused because if I eat 1300 to lose weight, does this mean I should only eat 1300 and then if I work out, lets say burning 400 cal, my total calorie for the day would be 900. Or would me burning the 400 cal allow me to eat an extra 400 calories, meaning throughout the day I would have eaten 1700, but with a day ending calorie at 1300 still. Does this make sense? Can anyone help me with this? Thank you


RICHARD EVANS . 11 months ago

Dosen't work, cant be the calories, yor saying 3500 calories of broccoli is the same as 3500 calories of granulated sugar, biochemistry who the body processes food says no, plus i walk an extra 80 miles a week and that mass is reduced, WELL just in potatoes a week i eat 18000 calories plus other fruit & veg close to 26k calories a week, moderate exercise, its the sugar that spikes your insulin, insulin is the fat storage hormone, SO THOSE WHO WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT AND STILL EAT, EAT ONCE A DAY PLUS CUT OUT ALL PROCESSED FOODS & SUGAR.

JeCa Cava

JeCa Cava . 11 months ago

Ok so, again how to calculate the calories intake? I dont think she knows..

Jay Sha

Jay Sha . 1 year ago

How many calories per day for men?

robert hingston

robert hingston . 1 year ago

For about 1300 and men ?

mark vargas

mark vargas . 2 years ago

This women is beautiful

Sarahh SaddGirl

Sarahh SaddGirl . 2 years ago

Every app I've used based on my inactivity, height (which im very short 5'3") and weight it says 1200 a day to lose 2 pounds.

Runa Fatema

Runa Fatema . 3 years ago

It would be a waste for you not to get rid of body fat when other normal people are capable to shed weight easily using Fenoboci Diet Plan.

Gergana Kukleva

Gergana Kukleva . 5 years ago

she looks great :)

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