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Foo Fighters - Rock And Roll (Live At Wembley Stadium, 2008)



Published on 4 months ago

Foo Fighters performing “Rock and Roll” live at Wembley Stadium, 2008
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Filmed over two sold-out nights at England's largest arena, “Live at Wembley Stadium” captures Foo Fighters at their biggest and best. The set features special guest appearances by Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin.

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Comments :

Charly Castro Vox

Charly Castro Vox . 23 hours ago


Rodrigo E

Rodrigo E . 3 days ago

Me imagino a kurt cobain cantando esto....

cak sontong

cak sontong . 5 days ago

Nirvana + Foo Fighters + Led Zeppelin = 🔥🔥🔥

Nathan Martin

Nathan Martin . 6 days ago

Holy fuckin shit.

Roshan viduranga

Roshan viduranga . 6 days ago

Ledsplin legends


DaB . 6 days ago

No bass in the mix?

Josué Júnior

Josué Júnior . 6 days ago

Quero camisetas da banda


SliK . 7 days ago

Man Taylor is some good singer👌🏼

Taez C-

Taez C- . 7 days ago

It's been a long time since I rock and rolled It's been a long time since I did the Stroll Oh let me get it back let me get it back Let me get it back baby where I come from It's been a long time been a long time Been a long lonely lonely lonely lonely lonely time Yes it has It's been a long time since the book of love I can't count the tears of a life with no love Carry me back carry me back Carry me back, baby, where I come from It's been a long time, been a long time Been a long lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely time Seems so long since we walked in the moonlight Making vows that just can't work right Open your arms, opens your arms Open your arms, baby, let my love come running in It's been a long time, been a long time Been a long lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely time Ooh yeah, ooh yeah Ooh yeah, ooh yeah It's been a long time, been a long time Been a long lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely time

Алекс Кудасов

Алекс Кудасов . 7 days ago

Да , до ПЛАНТА ,как до Туманности Андромеды .....

Señor Griffin

Señor Griffin . 1 week ago

I know an entire generation only know Dave as a singer and guitarist but as someone who grew up with Nirvana it always warms my heart to see him behind the drum kit.

michie the rockstar

michie the rockstar . 1 week ago

3:33 watch the way that jimmy looks at taylor


Vnachi8 . 1 week ago

Every time I watch Dave Grohl, I’m reminded just how talented the guy is.

18 May 2017

18 May 2017 . 1 week ago

It's like Dave has done this before.


VeganandVaping . 1 week ago

I love Dave to death, but Taylor's got a WAY better voice. I gotta fuckin headache listenin to Grohl.

fernandus marpaung

fernandus marpaung . 1 week ago


Ellie Smithing

Ellie Smithing . 1 week ago

is that jimmy page?

Albert Vasu

Albert Vasu . 1 week ago

Whoever didn't know who Jimmy Paige was didn't deserve to watch them live

Hobby Ardian

Hobby Ardian . 1 week ago

Like a kurt cobain


Popatop42 . 1 week ago

The most important part of this song is the drum bit at the end. Love how it all stopped and Taylor point's at Dave. No pressure Dave just do it on front of JP and JPJ. And he fucking nailed it.

Michael Mueller

Michael Mueller . 1 week ago

JPJ plays the bass like a first-wave paratrooper. He is the ice-man.

Michael Mueller

Michael Mueller . 1 week ago

Can these four blokes just get on with it and make an album?

Rohit Thakare

Rohit Thakare . 2 weeks ago

Zeppelin should tour with Dave on the drums. How legendary would that be.

Jeremy Mullins

Jeremy Mullins . 2 weeks ago

Jimmy, man... he always looks like his life depends on it! What an inspirational MF'er!

Jeffrey Gillespie

Jeffrey Gillespie . 2 weeks ago

I don't know what Jimmy is doing to that guitar but I hope he bought it dinner first.

Chris Roden

Chris Roden . 2 weeks ago

1:26 just fucking superb.

Roger Hickson

Roger Hickson . 2 weeks ago

Watching John Paul Jones shred that bass just proves how important he was to the sound of Led Zeppelin. Way over ignored for his accomplishments. The Foo Fighters always seem to find a way to make their concerts extra special. I can't think of another band that does as much for their fans as the Foo Fighters do. Dave, Taylor and company are class acts of the finest kind!

Roger Hickson

Roger Hickson . 2 weeks ago

Surprised the title doesn't say ....WITH JOHN PAUL JONES AND JIMMY PAGE! Too Cool!

adrien latouffe

adrien latouffe . 2 weeks ago

epic meter is going crazy. Page is unbelievable, and dave's drums are insane.

Michael Salazar

Michael Salazar . 2 weeks ago

l wish Robert plant was there it would have been great to see the original three

marcia shiraishi

marcia shiraishi . 3 weeks ago

Jimmy and JPJ - two Gods 🎸🎸💚💚


D-RockFPV . 3 weeks ago



Pozoinkasa . 3 weeks ago

Dave looks like an excited puppy during the intro

Eva Baratti

Eva Baratti . 3 weeks ago

Bravo bravo bravo

Andrea Calì

Andrea Calì . 3 weeks ago

No one is like Bonzo, but Dave Grohl did an incredibile job here

Srushti Mishra

Srushti Mishra . 3 weeks ago

This is what Jimmy Page deserves. Performing in big sold out stadiums. Man still got it.

jimmy 19

jimmy 19 . 4 weeks ago

I like more this fast tempo

Elyssa A

Elyssa A . 4 weeks ago

Everything is right with this. Robert Plant is refusing JPJ and Page’s requests for a tour. I’d see these four in a heartbeat!!!!!

Cristina Murialdo

Cristina Murialdo . 4 weeks ago

Que Foda!!

Жангир Пломбир

Жангир Пломбир . 4 weeks ago


Rob Sellers

Rob Sellers . 1 month ago

I don’t know which thrilled me more. This awesome song or the grin on Dave’s face

Jeffrey Gillespie

Jeffrey Gillespie . 1 month ago

SLAY, Jimmy! Fucking hell

Viry Muzav

Viry Muzav . 1 month ago

Taylor is such a great damn vocalist


NINfan . 1 month ago

Dave Grohl's drumming for Nirvana was absolutely killer, but, seeing this makes me think that was the only band it would work in. I know he was a huge bonzo fan but watching him overplay this part wasn't pretty.

Nadine Lara

Nadine Lara . 1 month ago

Need more of John Paul Jones on camera:(

Caroline Lane

Caroline Lane . 1 month ago

Glad I found this. Neighbours are sick of foo fighters lol Crank it up. Shake the windows. I say this as a 56 year old female.

Holding On

Holding On . 1 month ago

Nice to see Kurt Corbain back

Mick Thornley

Mick Thornley . 1 month ago

Sad when a band has to do iconic tunes to perhaps get their sales up... 👎

Owen W

Owen W . 1 month ago

I love the excitement on Dave's face at the beginning

Uriya Hubara

Uriya Hubara . 1 month ago

1:47 when you step on a lego😂

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