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I Wish Grandpas Never Died - Riley Green (LYRICS AND REVIEWS)

Mellow Heist

Mellow Heist

Published on 4 months ago

I Wish Grandpas Never Died - Riley Green (LYRICS AND REVIEWS)
Rating: 9.2/10
Vocals: 9/10
Beat: 9/10
Message: 9.5/10
Personal Review: This song is a serious tear jerker. It really does tap into some relatable content, he hit it out of the park with this one. Riley Green is definitely up and coming, he's been playing it right lately and releasing songs that people can connect to on a personal level. I give props to the guy he really does make some great music. Make sure to like the video and subscribe for more content every day.

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Comments :

Nicole Podvin

Nicole Podvin . 1 day ago

Most beautiful song I’ve ever heard. Haven’t heard a song that quite hit the heart strings like this one did. 🥺❤️

Daniel Camplejohn

Daniel Camplejohn . 4 days ago

My grandpa passed when I was fairly young. But the one memory I remember clear as day is when he would put me on his lap in his office and we’d play with his model tractor. You’d be able to steer it using the steering wheel and all that. He pretty much taught me the steps to parallel parking, 3 point turns, back up a trailer, parallel parking a trailer. Pretty much everything to do with parking and turning around with a vehicle/trailer. I still credit him for my clean driving record and my towing capabilities. Just wish I had him here for heartbreaks and life advice. Miss you Papa Wolf.

Lance Dance pants

Lance Dance pants . 2 weeks ago

Welp can’t listen to it or I’ll cry lol I’m such a baby

Graclyn Brandon

Graclyn Brandon . 2 weeks ago

I love this song ❤💜😥😭😢


ThatObliviousTeenager . 2 weeks ago

Wish kids still learn to say "sir" and "ma'am", how to shake a hand.... That lyric is true. Kids these days just say yea and okay. I’m 17 and I still use sir and ma’am... When I talk to my mom in a normal conversation, I say yea and okay bc im understanding what she’s saying. I use my manners when I’m talking to people because that’s how I grew up. I love this song so much!

Christina Wiedmer

Christina Wiedmer . 2 weeks ago

I love this song even though it’s sad

Princess Aurora

Princess Aurora . 2 weeks ago

My grandpa just passed away on the 5th of this November.. missin him so much. These lyrics make you realize that nothing stays the same and some things just suck.

Bj Gooch

Bj Gooch . 2 weeks ago

I wish country music still got played on country radio to true

Niklas Perry

Niklas Perry . 3 weeks ago

Prayers to all of us missing our grandads ❤ stay strong y'all.. this is hard time of year 😭

King Elvis

King Elvis . 3 weeks ago

Among the Greatest Songs of Country Music Christendom.


Lorelai . 3 weeks ago

I'm 13. Raised as a country girl. I so relate to this song.


GENTRY HOLDEN . 1 month ago

Here before 1 million gang!

Its me TLC

Its me TLC . 1 month ago

Mama tried

Duck Face

Duck Face . 1 month ago

Thomas Ross Trimer died


Amber . 1 month ago

I miss my Grandpa and his bear hugs. And our family farm😢

H a y d e n nope

H a y d e n nope . 1 month ago

💔😭 i miss my grandma and Grandpa i never got to see them

todd phillips

todd phillips . 1 month ago

this is a good song,i miss my grandpa he died last year at the age of 75, i miss so much

Jennifer Doman

Jennifer Doman . 1 month ago

My friends grandpa just died two days ago so I sent her this link and she cryed

Trey Hamm

Trey Hamm . 2 months ago

I mis my grandpa

Rylee Oncale

Rylee Oncale . 2 months ago


Matt Ryan

Matt Ryan . 2 months ago

One of those songs it's not just the music it's the lyrics... really gets you in the feels.. good job !

Jennifer Meridieth

Jennifer Meridieth . 3 months ago

Some times you have to remember that grandpas never die. Sometimes it's the only way to keep my head up.

Micah Bowerman

Micah Bowerman . 3 months ago

Great song loved it.

North West

North West . 3 months ago

So much insight into how the simple things in life affect us all. Outstanding.

Stephen Gilstrap

Stephen Gilstrap . 3 months ago

Waiting for “if it wasn’t for trucks.” My short bed Chevy will be bumping it every Friday night at the local football game. Thank god for the American way.

Steve Lutzke

Steve Lutzke . 3 months ago

Play this next to Diamond Rio ‘s I believe and not a dry eye in the house....

Kaylee Sebastian

Kaylee Sebastian . 4 months ago

I wish more people would listen to the words of this song.

Jeremiah Stolberg

Jeremiah Stolberg . 4 months ago

Come to my channel and check out my cover of this AMAZING song 🙏🎸❤

kathy fox

kathy fox . 4 months ago

What a beautiful song 😢💔 thank you it takes me back I miss my granddad 💔😢

Joshua Walling

Joshua Walling . 4 months ago

This is an awesome song. First song in a while to make me cry

Nick Holland

Nick Holland . 4 months ago

sounds old school. I love it


GBCuddLe . 4 months ago

Loving this and the diversity of the music you post ! :)

Bishal Tamang

Bishal Tamang . 4 months ago


Darian Pigford

Darian Pigford . 4 months ago

First comment!!

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