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Green Breakfast Smoothie from Ayesha Curry- Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente Thrive

Kaiser Permanente Thrive

Published on 5 years ago

Ayesha Curry, celebrity food blogger and star of Cookin' With the Currys, joined an audience of parents and families at the Kaiser Permanente Oakland Medical Center for a special back to school event, where she shared a great healthy breakfast recipe: green breakfast smoothie. We promise, you can't even taste the spinach!

For more information, visit http://www.kp.org

Comments :

Sohail Sakhi

Sohail Sakhi . 3 days ago


Jackey Alvarado

Jackey Alvarado . 1 week ago

She’s so cute idk why people like to hate on her so much

Luke Bowers

Luke Bowers . 2 weeks ago

Don’t use Apple juice instead of coconut water. Use water. Juice is way too much unnecessary sugar.


Scorpio87Psychic_Powers . 3 weeks ago

Just made this and it is soooooo good!! I’m new to smoothie making and the last YT recipe was just.... yuck 🤢.

Oscar Jung

Oscar Jung . 3 weeks ago

so much sugar..... and breakfast is not important !!!

Lois Johnson

Lois Johnson . 3 weeks ago

I just admire this lady so much because rather than chilling while hubby is out there winning just on the strength of being a solid, stand-up kind of a guy and a phenomenal baller or being the comedic relief for a lot of people as a Basketball wife on a messy reality TV show she- is living her best life doing HER, following her own passion while simultaneously supporting superstar, Steph Curry, holding down her family and then being smart as a whip and as cute as a button while she does it. Where they do that at? Keep on winning doll!

Logan Mendoza

Logan Mendoza . 4 weeks ago

Me when I catch baby yoda

New Naturel

New Naturel . 4 weeks ago

Steph Curry is so lucky to have a wife like Ayesha. I like that she seems so relatable and normal not like Kanye's wife

Apple Slices Unite

Apple Slices Unite . 1 month ago

I like that there were children in the audience.

El Adams

El Adams . 1 month ago

Such a lucky man to have a wife like that!

Lacky McFarland

Lacky McFarland . 1 month ago

She’s hot, feel better now Mrs. Curry?


AKIMA TERU . 1 month ago

She got beautiful eyes.

Aditya King

Aditya King . 1 month ago

I don't have money for blender.

Thomas Sessoms

Thomas Sessoms . 2 months ago

ayesha is steph currys wife mind blown very cool and very good smoothie

Duja Jawad

Duja Jawad . 2 months ago

Is it okay to use frozen spinach .. if fresh spinach is not available?

Ceejay Singh

Ceejay Singh . 2 months ago

Did u wash your hands

jay ???

jay ??? . 2 months ago

Just looked up smoothie and she pops up , very well spoken and beautiful, love how the green apron goes with your skin an eye color nice .keep up the great work !!

Melinda Tudgey

Melinda Tudgey . 2 months ago

how long will this keep you full for? if for a long time say up to lunch i'm in.

Arvind kumar

Arvind kumar . 2 months ago

I thought she is Indian by her face

Our Life

Our Life . 2 months ago

this girl is so adorable <3

Jack Banker

Jack Banker . 2 months ago

Such a sweetheart. Thank you


Gerry . 3 months ago

very charming.


FrogKing . 3 months ago

Almond milk Banana Spinach Kale Celery Oats Avocado Seed/nuts (any) Honey (for extra sweetness) Is what I drink every morning


itsyoboy . 3 months ago

I just use regular water since i dont like coconut water and a little ice to cool it off and its amazing💯%recommend

no one

no one . 3 months ago

What's a medium banana, are they not all the same size unless u buy the baby mini ones 😂

Geneva Greene

Geneva Greene . 4 months ago

I have everything but the apple and coconut water, I have coconut oil and all my stuff is organic but I'm worried the coconut oil will mess up my new blender, what u think


C RD . 4 months ago

If she makes this for her family, why is she reading from a paper🤔

That Kro Kro Bird

That Kro Kro Bird . 4 months ago

Yikes, talk about diabetes in a cup. That smoothie is def unhealthy. Its nothing but sugar..

Nite Snake

Nite Snake . 5 months ago

Ok but like why can’t I use frozen chopped or cut spinach that’s in the freezer at Walmart bc fresh spinach is like 2 dollars a bunch and that’s crazy

Kickbackand Relax

Kickbackand Relax . 5 months ago

Why apologize for Spinach? It tastes wonderful !!!


Darthlos . 6 months ago

She’s right. You don’t taste the spinach when mixed with fruit. My recipe is Apple juice, Bananas, oranges, raspberries, Kale and Spinach. You don’t taste the greens. And I feel a lot better after a few days, if that. Before I used to feel like a choo choo. Now,.... I feel like an unstoppable locomotive of power and precision.

Lee Bond

Lee Bond . 6 months ago

What would the calorie count be per serving?

Lee Bond

Lee Bond . 6 months ago

How many servings does one recipe make?

Jerri Mills

Jerri Mills . 6 months ago

Love your family so sweet, but I’m diabetic will you post something with no sugar in it..Thanks❤️❤️❤️




raquelle valdez

raquelle valdez . 6 months ago

Who went here just because she looks like kylie jenner's ex bestfriend???

jon Doe

jon Doe . 6 months ago

Question.... was the spinach cooked or raw?

jon Doe

jon Doe . 6 months ago

Life is better if you can have a woman to make you healthy food.... I need to get rid of this pork eating gambling sack I got

Jedsan G

Jedsan G . 7 months ago



carpetrug01 . 7 months ago

she seems boring


Wu2King . 7 months ago

I hate veggies but I find blending them and drinking with my meals a big plus to my motivation to eat healthy lol

omar jarju

omar jarju . 7 months ago


humi zuub

humi zuub . 7 months ago

Blending chia wasted their benefit

Lesstalking M0remakiing

Lesstalking M0remakiing . 7 months ago

I never tried coconut water but this combinaison banana coco sounds amazing omg 🤪let me try it 👏👏

Jesus Aguilar

Jesus Aguilar . 7 months ago

Dk was day one time tc. Crib is sleeping alone right next in the t cvtj

Jesus Aguilar

Jesus Aguilar . 7 months ago

She’ll still drive me down Jen Jedi good is Zeros for kids night and slm mommy day She still the krq Quick quick kosher


Nesius79 . 8 months ago

Breakfast is the worst thing you can do to your body..Why Break your fast?


LIBqueen . 8 months ago

Raw spinach = bad for you. Otherwise, awesome recipe- Thanks Ayesha!


YOUNG MILLZ . 8 months ago

Ingredients Banana Coco nut water Apple Pineapple Spinach

Jessica Cunningham

Jessica Cunningham . 8 months ago

Love a good green smoothie! my perfect green smoothie is one with pineapple, avo and mint! I jsut made one on my channel too!

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