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Rock Climber's Awesome Pop Top Stealth Camper Van Tour - Van Life

Exploring Alternatives

Exploring Alternatives

Published on 2 years ago

Julian bought this super stealthy 1999 Ford E-150 camper van to use for rock climbing trips and as a mobile home and office when he's doing freelance photography contracts.

Julian's Instagram & Website:

The van has a pop top which is fairly rare on Ford E-150 vans, but it allows him to stand up in the van when he's parked which is nice for cooking, making the bed, and other chores. Or just to stretch after a long day of editing photos.

The van has a furnace, ice box, water tank, kitchenette and a bed. The front passenger seat swivels to provide extra seating space in the "living room."

There's an emergency toilet in the van but no shower. Julian usually showers at climbing gyms and uses public washrooms.

A special thank you to Vancouver's Hive Climbing Gym for letting us film in your gym on short notice :)

Thanks for watching!

Mat & Danielle

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Music & Song Credits:
All music in this video was composed, performed, and recorded by Mat of Exploring Alternatives.

Editing Credits:
Mat and Danielle of Exploring Alternatives

Filming Credits:
Mat of Exploring Alternatives

Photo Credits:
Julian Fok and Jeanette Lam

Comments :

Brandon Calvilo

Brandon Calvilo . 3 weeks ago

Wtf the robber just stole the climbing gear and a beer Hmm..... Climbing gear is expensive, that makes sense

Leila L

Leila L . 3 weeks ago

Nicely thought out. 👍

Leah Helen

Leah Helen . 1 month ago

But is he single?!

Duggy Dugg

Duggy Dugg . 2 months ago

the faggy asymmetrical pop is because there is a patent on symmetrical rectangular pops... the same one that prevented v w from doing rectangular s .. i had a Toyota pu years ago with a camper back and rect pop.. foolishly got rid... wish i had that sucker still...

John Moore

John Moore . 2 months ago

Did he install the pop up top? If so where did he buy it? How much did it cost? How did he do the installation?

Becky Spindler

Becky Spindler . 3 months ago

You did an awesome job I'm sure you will have many admirers. Safe travels to you my friend

Yanco Sepulveda

Yanco Sepulveda . 3 months ago

where did you get that pop top? nice set up btw!!

Katelyn Baer

Katelyn Baer . 3 months ago

thanks to the BEER LOL

Kristan Hannah

Kristan Hannah . 3 months ago

Where did you get your roof top installed for your van.

Anna Pascht

Anna Pascht . 3 months ago

That pop top on a ford is magic


04dram04 . 4 months ago

lol I like how he doesnt use a ladder to climb on the top


04dram04 . 4 months ago

You should move the water ports to the bottom


SeeNANIIgo . 5 months ago

He is so handsome wow!


RoryZ23 . 5 months ago

You can show your port a pot. Everyone shits.

Paweł Skupiński

Paweł Skupiński . 5 months ago

Not so very stealth with that huge pop-top...

elijah lash

elijah lash . 5 months ago

haha the cops took your beer.


MMABeijing . 6 months ago

good vibes from this fellow, I like it

Tyler Smith

Tyler Smith . 7 months ago

“I got stolen”👍🏾

be the change you wish to see

be the change you wish to see . 7 months ago

He didn't forget his 12pk that's for sure lol

mo budagen

mo budagen . 8 months ago

Does anyone have infor where or who did the pop up part?

John Nyu

John Nyu . 8 months ago

He just needs a bf and it's a complete package.

Coco Nut

Coco Nut . 8 months ago

Did the thief end up in jail.

Jennifer Hill

Jennifer Hill . 8 months ago

Contagious smile!!!

Nancy Walton

Nancy Walton . 8 months ago

Would love to know where he got the pop top done ... or, if he purchased the van as is, if he knows the company who installed it. Great video!

G. Flanary

G. Flanary . 8 months ago

Who made and installed your low profile pop-top?

Hug The Road

Hug The Road . 9 months ago

Great build.Not fancy but very practical.

Zack Vance

Zack Vance . 9 months ago



tarasded . 9 months ago

Pop-top, shore power hook-ups, etc = not stealth. Top-heavy camp stove seems like a bad idea.


Matt . 9 months ago

Hey sweet van. What kind of pop top is that?? I need to order one

Obed Luna

Obed Luna . 9 months ago

Is always nice went you don't have to worry about bills when you have you Mama 😘


Junkerbunker . 10 months ago

Pop top is epic, super slim and stealth!

Bravo Golf

Bravo Golf . 11 months ago

Except it's not a stealth camper.

Lilac Milkshake

Lilac Milkshake . 11 months ago

Just a few seconds on jis oce box? I need a whole video on it!


MrMoon_ . 11 months ago

Even the Canadian carjackers are polite. I should run to Canada for political Asylum from Trump.

Astro Mann

Astro Mann . 12 months ago

He mentions this was bought used, Im guessing with the cabinets and pop top installed? It looks professionally done, any name of the conversion company that did this?

Connor Brinkman

Connor Brinkman . 1 year ago

You motovated me to get into the van life and now I really want one I am 12 and I can’t wait tell I do my van

Roc Diver

Roc Diver . 1 year ago

I hear you bro! I say if a person cannot be happy with having minimal property, they may never be happy. That awesome that you found a person to inspire you. You are one of my many who are inspiring me to take the step. Still in the planning stage. RoC On Bro!

Dorothy Lamb

Dorothy Lamb . 1 year ago

My concern is where do you park?

Drill Sergeant

Drill Sergeant . 1 year ago

Does anyone know where I can get the hinges that raise the camper pop  top? In the video, they are black in color at the rear of the top lid that raises? Please advise.Nice rig Dude, really!

Dave Barry

Dave Barry . 1 year ago

Great van. Not sure if I missed it but who did you get your pop top from? I really like that flat look. Thanks

Jim Guyett

Jim Guyett . 1 year ago

Great video, seems like everything is working out. I was wondering where did you buy and get the top installed? Thanks, Jim from Canada.

Paul Fletcher

Paul Fletcher . 1 year ago

How is the propane stove for making meals? I am going to be trying one on an upcoming camping trip. Thanks

ruston peterson

ruston peterson . 1 year ago

Do you know who made the pop top on your van

Joe Rivera

Joe Rivera . 1 year ago

"You get to meet up on the beach and have breakfast." That sounds so amazing!

Brian Winston

Brian Winston . 1 year ago

Thanks for the video, great job on van. It is so cool to see someone living and loving life, not just existing. I truly hope all works out for you, you have an excellent attitude and a great start on the rest of your life. Btw, that smile will get you even farther! Good luck and best wishes!


yazzmock . 1 year ago

Random question but what kind of sneakers i there wearing? lol


1fltjponr . 1 year ago

Who make that pop top? Looked into sports mobile, but it kind of pricey.

RJ Gronewold

RJ Gronewold . 2 years ago


Andrew Post

Andrew Post . 2 years ago

this guy has it figured out.


ruinsane100 . 2 years ago

This is probably a stupid question but how do get reliable internet service on the road so you can work? Thanks! :)

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