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More Salt Please

More Salt Please

Published on 1 year ago

‣‣ OPEN ME ‣‣


Dandy Blend coffee -

Brass straws -

Summer roll video -


1st song - Soul
2nd song - Coffee


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Camera → http://amzn.to/2yrFT3T
Microphone → http://amzn.to/2yqCSRf
Cast iron skillet → http://amzn.to/2i1YKw2
Spatula → http://amzn.to/2hiiWZX
Food processor → http://amzn.to/2hqBXx5
Vitamix → http://amzn.to/2zwdL30


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Welcome to More Salt Please! The vegan cooking channel where I teach you how to make some of my favorite foods. I love showing people how easy and tasty living a vegan life can be. Expect to fall head over heels in love with healthy eating when you become part of my YouTube tribe. I share recipes, kitchen tips, interviews, vlogs and collaborations with some pretty amazing people.

Comments :

Emily Jackson

Emily Jackson . 3 months ago

So cool to see you’re from NC too! I found your channel through your video about moving across the country because I’m from NC planning a move to WA and I fell in love with your food videos and personality! Thanks for making content 💕

Deanna Thomas

Deanna Thomas . 3 months ago

LMAO @ frozen block of vomit


piupiu . 5 months ago

I quite like konjac noodles and konnyaku, it's like a block that you can buy in Asian markets! And cheaper too, because in health food stores I have no desire to pay 5 bucks for no nutrition lol. But right rice, I imagine the grossness of it! I think if you want to eat rice but have to be low carb, make it a cheat meal once in a while but do not buy into products like these :)


entiretinofsweetcorn . 6 months ago

"No Evil" "It's basically seitan" The devil is real lads and he's got some high-influence followers

Shauna Carpenter

Shauna Carpenter . 6 months ago

LOL I love your videos, and your personality! More like this, please!

funmobilegames X

funmobilegames X . 8 months ago

How do you deal with too many Omega 6 fatty acids? It is a bit hard to get a good ratio o3:o6


seebark55 . 9 months ago

I LOVE YOOOOOOOUUUUUUU!!! You are who I've been looking for since I started my vegan journey a month ago. I like real people and that you are! You and that rice while you were rinsing it was epic I was cracking up. About to binge watch your channel. Keep up the great work....Love and blessings


YY P . 9 months ago

You really had me laughing when tasted the rice :)

Katie S.

Katie S. . 11 months ago

Your content is severly under-viewed

Christian Holcombe

Christian Holcombe . 11 months ago

Watching this from Asheville :) love your videos

Dacia Farho

Dacia Farho . 11 months ago

U r queen of trader joes

Stari Anderson

Stari Anderson . 1 year ago

You should try bean vermecelli noodles! You can find them at any Asian grocery store

Larry Richelli

Larry Richelli . 1 year ago



Scarecrow7 . 1 year ago

"Better than Rice"? should have called it "Just buy real rice you pussy"


HealthMade-EZ . 1 year ago

After a lot. Researching a good amount of fats and protein is really underplayed in the vegan world. I think more emphasis is needed on protein and fats.

Erin Liber

Erin Liber . 1 year ago

Awmahgawd new favourite vegan youtuber. Thanks for not being obnoxious and for being totally relatable! 😍


Maggic . 1 year ago

The thing with seitan is that you can’t cook it too long. Otherwise it gets tough and rubbery.


Natty . 1 year ago

True Crime Garage! I just started listening to them. And yes Asheville is awesome!!

Elissa Davis

Elissa Davis . 1 year ago

What up salty crew⁉️

One Orange Suitcase

One Orange Suitcase . 1 year ago

You’re a Fu#$&*@ a$s*@%& and I love it! I would have so much fun talking all kinds of sh$* with you! Btw just made your meatless balls and they were amazing! Thanks for the fennel tip. I’ve literally never used that spice in my life. Lame! So thanks for the heads up on that one!

Alexa Michelle

Alexa Michelle . 1 year ago

Thank you for being honest. Lol I will not be buying something that tastes like ass 😂

Johanna Woodbury

Johanna Woodbury . 1 year ago

I can't wait to try those kelp noodles again because I had no idea many years ago that you were supposed to treat them first. Maybe that's a new discovery.

patty 8873

patty 8873 . 1 year ago

I bought cauliflower rice in a packet like that and I just couldn’t wrap my head around how they could keep for so long without having to be refrigerated or frozen. Although it smelled I heated it in the microwave per the directions, and added it to soup and it was good. It depends what you do with it I think.

Sarah U.

Sarah U. . 1 year ago

Fun fact: In Germany, we call that dandelion coffee replacement "muckefuck" :)


keen . 1 year ago

you're a natural beauty! where are your clear glasses from. they are so cute!

Rose Mackenzie

Rose Mackenzie . 1 year ago

Nicole I am so jealous of that watermelon! Do you remember that episode of full house where Aunt Becky wants watermelon, and Jesse says it isn't in season and he would have to go all the way to Mexico. Becky says "well... You have a car!" Because mood. I'm sure you are not missing the eternal winter here in the Midwest/northeast misery. Xoxo Nicole!

Sarah & Spices

Sarah & Spices . 1 year ago

The tacos looked delish, but after you explained the "rice" i don't know😂

Michelle Zaccagnino

Michelle Zaccagnino . 1 year ago

I just discovered sea kelp noodles too! They’re so good.

Chitter Otter

Chitter Otter . 1 year ago

Also, Would love to hear your thoughts on feeding a dog vegan, and what you guys feed Tuck~


Bird . 1 year ago

Your cast iron skillet is so pretty, any tips on care? Great video 💜

Elyza Waldrop

Elyza Waldrop . 1 year ago

If prepared right, cauliflower rice can be pretty bomb especially fried up with some butter and vegetable broth powder ;). Kelp noodles are pretty gross though, I have to say, they taste and feel like you're chewing on hair elastics. Lol anyway love your videos.

Kiana Hwynn

Kiana Hwynn . 1 year ago

Please make more videos like this😍

Kelsey Rhodes

Kelsey Rhodes . 1 year ago

Love your longer videos! You make me laugh every time! Haha! 😂

Christina Smith

Christina Smith . 1 year ago

Love your vids. So down to earth. Love it :)

Chitter Otter

Chitter Otter . 1 year ago

Those glasses are great on you~ I have been wanting to try those Siete tortillas, but they're so expensive hehe Could you do a simple gf tortilla recipe?

Patti Doyle

Patti Doyle . 1 year ago

How did your tacos rate? Was the chikn good once you seasoned it more?

Michelle Greene

Michelle Greene . 1 year ago

It tastes like Ass 😂😂 love your honesty chica❤

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