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Workouts for Women : How to Lose Belly Fat with Exercises



Published on 9 years ago

Exercises such as crunches with one leg extended can really help you lose belly fat when you add them to your resistance training program. Learn the safe, correct, healthy way to lose belly fat in this free video on workouts for women.

Expert: Sylvia Ferrero
Contact: www.SylviaFerrero.com
Bio: Sylvia Ferrero, a professional personal trainer at the Billy Beck III Training Center in Sunrise, Florida, has coached and mentored dozens of athletes and fitness enthusiasts from around the world.
Filmmaker: Paul Muller

Series Description: Whether you strive to get into better general condition, trim your buttocks, drop flab from a recent pregnancy or lose the love handles safely and effectively, these workouts for women will help you achieve your goals. Get step-by-step instruction from a professional fitness trainer in this free video series.

Comments :

Lily Butt

Lily Butt . 3 days ago

This reminded me of a week when my boyfriend woke me up and whispered in my ear”guess what?” I was excited and asked what, then he injected me with something that made me sleep, then i woke up, dont know how long after, strapped to his chair, then he got a thunnel pipe and started forcing food down me!! At first, it hurt. Then i got used to it and to be honest liked it. All my tops dont fit me, i have grown so big the last month, and its only in my belly, thighs and breats! I cant seem to lose it! Every top i wear is either a little too small and only shows 25% of my belly, then theres my other tops where you can see my bra!! I seem to look a month more pregnant everyday!(no im not pregnant)

Ansari Sadaf

Ansari Sadaf . 3 days ago

Guys help me out,oooolalalaaah

Claudette Nahjela

Claudette Nahjela . 6 days ago

She's right tho, no need to do a long video on loosing belly fat becoz doing just that alone do not burn belly fat. It has to be a complete workout including cardio especially to build muscle which uses fat in the process.

oregano is trying

oregano is trying . 1 week ago

11/29/19: 104 lbs. 12/06/19: 12/13/19: 12/20/19: 12/27/19:

Maya Barron

Maya Barron . 1 week ago

Ok only here after thanksgiving

Smol baguette child

Smol baguette child . 1 week ago

What subliminal girls don't do:

Abshir Ali

Abshir Ali . 1 week ago

his is what help me @t

Abshir Ali

Abshir Ali . 1 week ago

This is what help me @t

Leah Mclennan

Leah Mclennan . 2 weeks ago

1 like = 1 minute of me working out

The Mwakazis

The Mwakazis . 2 weeks ago

Any small YouTubers here????

The Mwakazis

The Mwakazis . 2 weeks ago

I love your content and energies......

Ethan Lobo

Ethan Lobo . 3 weeks ago

How many reps or sets should I be doing?

cassie court

cassie court . 3 weeks ago

20 reps each 3 sets


UDAYA BHANU . 1 month ago

Is this really helps us

August Star

August Star . 1 month ago

Who else is a 5th grader trying to lose belly fat


rhiyuki . 1 month ago

me:*watches "How to loose belly fat with exercises"* mom: " You wanna finish this pie"? me: okay!

Dk Nurul

Dk Nurul . 1 month ago

The problem is I'm not flexible.


JJ . 1 month ago

2 words: Caloric deficit

Sumit phelwan

Sumit phelwan . 1 month ago

Try this

Carmen Williams

Carmen Williams . 1 month ago

Is there a working out follow along video for that exercise? I watch some exercise videos, it helps me to focus on working out.

Mussarat Golandaj

Mussarat Golandaj . 1 month ago

Hai. Hi kahan belly fat

Karen Nicolas

Karen Nicolas . 2 months ago

# of likes =days of exercise thank u plz 💞


SamithaWorks . 2 months ago

Reduce Your Belly Fat Fast and no side effects.. I can recommend a product for you..... http://eunsetee.com/TKBu

Liluzi Vert

Liluzi Vert . 2 months ago

Every like this gets I have to do 5 pushups 5 squats 5 sit ups

Felix Bernabe

Felix Bernabe . 2 months ago

I have similar videos on this, please take a visit to my channel. https://youtu.be/BaPqFxwuhwk

Saleh Aboutaama

Saleh Aboutaama . 2 months ago

Does this exercise apply for men or only women?!

Willow Mail

Willow Mail . 2 months ago

I’m a 1 queer old girl with a belly it gets me sad for every like I will do I minute sorry I can’t do and hour like the other person I’m not the most energetic orrson

Daniel Timo

Daniel Timo . 2 months ago

Thanks so much for the tips, your really an inspiration to us all. i also found a way to reduce belly fat, i tried this and it works 100% click the link below http://eunsetee.com/PjLQ

Donna Cabrera

Donna Cabrera . 2 months ago

Great video 👍 losing belly fat can be hard sometimes.easier putting it on than taking it off..you just have to really be determined that's number one I feel ...I have a ebook I will send anyone who wants it on a flat belly.It really helps..theirs no cost for it if you'd like one just message me at yourebook684@gmail.com and I'll send it too you...I know it will help and you'll enjoy it.Best of luck to all, Donna Cabrera

Big Dog

Big Dog . 2 months ago

Great exercise for lower back injuries

Amit Singh Hinauti

Amit Singh Hinauti . 2 months ago

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Shape Shifter

Shape Shifter . 2 months ago

Come see us for more weight loss tips and tricks

Weight Loss Fan

Weight Loss Fan . 2 months ago

Not that good when it comes to exercise. ;-) Drinking more water and eating all the right things ;-)

Ishak Rayhan

Ishak Rayhan . 2 months ago

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Huma Rizvi

Huma Rizvi . 2 months ago


محمد جيمر

محمد جيمر . 2 months ago


All Products Quality Review

All Products Quality Review . 2 months ago

That is really attention-grabbing, You're an excessively skilled youtuber.

All Products Quality Review

All Products Quality Review . 3 months ago

An impressive share!

Dashynae Day

Dashynae Day . 3 months ago

I thought that you mix cardo with it and add weights

im cherry gold

im cherry gold . 3 months ago

Is this can cs mom?

Dijon Sharpe Network

Dijon Sharpe Network . 3 months ago

When u you looked at the camera she cheated reps

Dream Gaming

Dream Gaming . 3 months ago

I need to lose my bellY fat

All Products Quality Review

All Products Quality Review . 3 months ago

I really like your video!

Exercises For women

Exercises For women . 3 months ago


All Products Quality Review

All Products Quality Review . 3 months ago

This video provides clear idea.

هديل العقوري

هديل العقوري . 3 months ago

Bliz language Arabic

Will Quarm

Will Quarm . 4 months ago

I am starting August 23. I will keep you guys updated by uploading updates on my channel. Please wish me luck.

Crowned Remnant

Crowned Remnant . 4 months ago

I like you already....I could feel my abbs😀

A.C. Blondii

A.C. Blondii . 4 months ago

Me: Searching for ways to reduce fat Ads: about burger, pizza sell. Hmm..I don't think I'll get slimmer.

Min K

Min K . 4 months ago

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