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Do Fat Burner Supplements Actually Work?

Thomas DeLauer

Thomas DeLauer

Published on 11 months ago

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Do Fat Burner Supplements Actually Work? - Thomas DeLauer

Catecholamines play a key role in nutrient metabolism and the generation of body heat, aka thermogenesis

They stimulate not only oxygen consumption but also consumption of fuels, such as glucose and free fatty acids, thereby generating heat

They stimulate glycogenolysis and the breakdown of triglycerides, the stored form of fat, to free fatty acids (lipolysis)

Study - Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition

Researchers looked at the effects of a fat loss supplement on resting metabolic rate and hemodynamic variables in resistance-trained males

10 resistance-trained male participants underwent two testing sessions separated by at least 24 hours

On their first visit, participants arrived to the laboratory after an overnight fast and a 24 hour avoidance of exercise, and underwent a baseline RMR, HR, and BP assessment

Next, each participant ingested a thermogenic fat loss supplement (TFLS) or a placebo (PLA) and repeated the RMR, HR, and BP assessments at 60, 120, and 180 min post-ingestion

During the second visit the alternative supplement was ingested and the assessments were repeated in the exact same manner


The thermogenic fat loss supplement (Iron Cuts) treatment and placebo were ingested in capsule form, and three capsules were ingested per dose

Capsules were identical in appearance and taste, and the ingredients in the thermogenic fat loss supplement treatment were:

L-Carnitine Tartrate, Green Tea Leaf Extract, Caffeine Anhydrous, Panax Ginseng Root Powder, N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine, Thermodiamine™ (98 % Evodiamine), Vinpocetine, Inositol.

The placebo contained only inert ingredients (650 mg of maltodextrin and 88.8 mg of hemp protein)


TFLS significantly increased RMR at 60-min, 120-min, and 180-min post ingestion as compared to baseline RMR values

No significant changes in RMR were observed for the PLA treatment

Specifically, RMR was increased by 7.8 % (from 1,906 to 2,057 kcal), 6.9 % (from 1,906 to 2,037 kcal), and 9.1 % (from 1,906 to 2,081 kcal) in the TFLS, while the PLA treatment increased RMR by 3.3 % (from 1,919 to 1,981 kcal), 3.1 % (from 1,919 to 1,978 kcal), and 2.1 % (from 1,919 to 1,959 kcal) above baseline at 60, 120, and 180-min post ingestion, respectively

Additionally, the TFLS significantly elevated RMR at the 3-hour time point as compared to the PLA treatment (2,081 vs 1,959 kcal)

A main effect for groups was observed for systolic blood pressure, and a significant interaction and main effect for time were observed for diastolic blood pressure

It should be noted that although changes in diastolic blood pressure were significant, all values stayed within normal clinical ranges (less than 80 mmHg)

Concluded that the fat burner led to significant elevations in RMR as compared to baseline, and that these elevations came with no adverse effect relative to resting heart rate, but a slight increase in blood pressure values

So taken on a daily basis, the fat burner may increase an individual’s overall energy expenditure


*A meta-analysis published in the journal Appetite 20 of which were selected for inclusion, involving 563 participants looked at capsaicin in the potential role for weight management

that consumption of capsaicinoids increases energy expenditure by approximately 50 kcal/day, and that this would produce clinically significant levels of weight loss in 1-2 years


Fat burners are designed to have a thermic effect on the body, causing your resting RMR to increase - the idea is that they’re additional calories being burned without the additional work,

However, it’s unclear whether this effect leads to significant weight loss or reductions in body fat in the long run - likely would, but chronic use would be required


1) Jeukendrup AE and Randell R. (n.d.). Fat burners: nutrition supplements that increase fat metabolism. - PubMed - NCBI. Retrieved from https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21951331
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3) Whiting S , et al. (n.d.). Capsaicinoids and capsinoids. A potential role for weight management? A systematic review of the evidence. - PubMed - NCBI. Retrieved from https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22634197
4) Thermogenesis - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics. (n.d.). Retrieved from https://www.sciencedirect.com/topics/agricultural-and-biological-sciences/thermogenesis

Comments :

lou milano

lou milano . 11 months ago

The reason I'm a devout follower of thomas delauer is because of his amazing and mind blowing content!!! I'm in the best shape and health of my life at 50 years old because of him!!! Thomas keep the content coming because I'm a human sponge brother!!!

Cathy Graham

Cathy Graham . 16 hours ago

I am just not believing any one anymore because no one is delivering the quality they promise on this topic and just want to sell. I used to think all these people on here talking giving advice on weight loss were great but now I am just disillusioned as everything I have tried I get howled down for trying by trainers or doctors. Too much Cross advice counter claims and too confusing and everyone is wrong. Most recent diet shake tasted like rubbish.

Ren Sosa

Ren Sosa . 2 days ago

What foods do you recommend that have similar effects to coffee? Unfortunately caffiene worsens my PTSD symptoms.


ipkiss . 4 days ago

Luv the content and channel, but holy shit can we get a cliff notes version lmao . Yes or no would suffice but thx for the phd

Glenn Hunt IV

Glenn Hunt IV . 1 week ago

Hey lol round is a shape. NA just kidding, that was a really good info/ video. Thanks


Fire&Ice909 . 2 weeks ago

I should have done my homework. I took Hydroxycut Hardcore and my blood pressure went to 177 over 110.

Awilda Garcia

Awilda Garcia . 2 weeks ago

Great stuff I've been contemplating researching or maybe getting a fat burner but I've seen a lot of them contain maltodextrin which I don't want to consume. I deeply love coffee so maybe continuing drinking my super strong espresso is good enough for that thermogenic effect

El Coqui Rivera

El Coqui Rivera . 2 weeks ago

@3:03 Dude are those your pedicured toes? Haha

Samantha Carrillo

Samantha Carrillo . 2 weeks ago

Can you talk about oxyshred specifically. And if it is worth taking when also working out on a daily basis focused mainly on weight training.

Phillip Tran

Phillip Tran . 2 weeks ago

This was great!

Matt Newkirk

Matt Newkirk . 2 weeks ago

What about CLA? Maybe I missed you mentioning it. Is that a good product for fat burning?

Timmy RedruM

Timmy RedruM . 3 weeks ago

All the stuff that works gets banned, it's so gay.

Neil Smith

Neil Smith . 3 weeks ago

Hey loved the information! I noticed you didn't cover the one classic fat burning ingredient: ephedrine. I would to see a video breaking down the ECA stack, how the components interact in the body, plus the benefits and drawbacks. I know most products had to remove ephedrine from their ingredient list, and it's only really sold as a herbal decongestant, but so many people are still utilizing it for its 'fat burning' properties; however there seems to be no good unbiased reviews on this out there. Thanks!

Tyler Kane

Tyler Kane . 3 weeks ago

What would u say about capsimax?

Michael Balma

Michael Balma . 4 weeks ago

I haven't researched the internet yet, just browsing youtube. I don't know if you covered this topic already, but I'm looking for a guideline to how to eat when taking thermogenesis products. I currently started taking the PX pro xanthine, and only one dose. It seems to be better for me taking the dose every other day, as some effects linger and I can measure progress the next day without the full effect of the dose. I might try half of one dose every day, respectly. I also started doing exercise in the mornings for about two hours a day. Plus I stretch afterwards. I take the dose before I exercise. Currently I'm sore so I give my body a rest to recover, usually a day or two. The exercises are chinese martial arts exercises and some running. I'm forty years old and weigh about 215lbs at 6ft tall. I'm just looking for a general guideline on how to eat while taking the thermogenics. If I eat a little something and then take the dose, it takes a little longer to kick in and I feel it kicking in at regular intervals. Without eating, it kicks in almost immediately and I'm like pumped the whole day. I take it upon waking. I might have to discount the coffee until after the workout. I just don't know how to take proper advantage of the thermogenics, without knowing how much to eat. Like should I eat more to recover stores used, or eat less at times so the body can burn more fat. I'm just looking for a general guideline I can begin with and then modify according to how my body responds. Thanks. I've already seen some of your videos, and I like you, your presentations, and the information you deliver. Thanks again

Faze Qaisbomb

Faze Qaisbomb . 4 weeks ago



bloggia7 . 4 weeks ago

Thomas can keto help with low blood pressure and acid reflux


Farid . 4 weeks ago

to lose body (belly) fat, do I need to cut or maintain? Cause I look skinny.


Eddstar123 . 1 month ago

Love the way Fitness videos make you Physically Sit for over 10 minutes to give you an answer - Time Well Spent? 🤔🤔


Light . 1 month ago

your head doesn't go with your body


JEFF WESBROOKS . 2 months ago

Thank you for this video. You saved me money!! Now I’m not wasting my money!!

K Edmodson

K Edmodson . 2 months ago

You don;t need any of this shite. Losing weight is easy, stop putting shit in your mouth and exercise more. Works for me. No way would i fill my body full of this rubbish, it isn’t needed.


DjBacto . 2 months ago

Love watching your content

Ben L

Ben L . 2 months ago

jesus f christ you talk like an actual scientist its making my adrenal glands, opioid glands, and testicular glands extremely sore ffs

Swapnil Upadhyay

Swapnil Upadhyay . 2 months ago

Can we take fat burners during intermittent fasting ? Request your views on this

Zabrina Divine

Zabrina Divine . 2 months ago

I think I'm more amazed at how smart this man sounds then the content lol very informational tho👏

E -

E - . 2 months ago

They market all kind of crazy things including making people think they aren’t using steroids. Its disheartening.

Nady singh [Bult wala munda]

Nady singh [Bult wala munda] . 2 months ago

I don't understand your English so please write here that should we take fat burner or not? One more thing MDN keto fat burner is safe or not ?


SanDiegoFreddy . 2 months ago

I guess the fat burner I just ordered is going back to Amazon. Coffee will continue to fuel my workout. Thanks for the video.

CPA marketingacademy

CPA marketingacademy . 2 months ago

Answer not worth it.... this video could easily be 1 minute. 🤔can't trust this guy. He uses a bunch of useless words to look cool and scientific, when the answer is a lot more simpler. Note: fuck you SCAMMER.


Gerardo . 2 months ago

Y'all came for 10:40 😁


WARRIORSTEAK . 2 months ago

Hey thomas!! I love your videos....thank you....but I wanna know does taking fat burners disrupt a fast? I do the 16/8.


vpngor . 2 months ago

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Adio Ash

Adio Ash . 3 months ago

Well I’ll try it because I don’t drink coffee or any caffeinated drinks. Any particular ones you would recommend?

Ano Nymous

Ano Nymous . 3 months ago

Fat burners actually works. This one works. Try it for yourself and you will see. Free shipping & 50% off for first time customer: ​https://www.alkatone.com/v10/?AFFID=1138&C1=13281&C2=&C3=10286b9ee32638850e7453d9ff2e32&click_id=5e1f22e6-844f-4b79-b721-cfb7c7b469e6&OPT=

David Evans

David Evans . 3 months ago

Lol Gazebo Group 😂

tuấn phạm anh

tuấn phạm anh . 3 months ago

Dude, u just blow my mind . find my self really interested with this examiner. Thanks for very effective vids. Keep it up .

Vinny LT

Vinny LT . 3 months ago

Thank you for doing this video with a shirt on and speaking at a normal volume unlike so many scrubs out there.

sumon mahmud

sumon mahmud . 3 months ago

oh, what a useful video it is . thanks a lot for share this with us. i know about a supplyment which is very effective.you can check it here https://amzn.to/35O14xU


D A . 3 months ago

Adrenaline IS epinephrine...

Christian Newbern

Christian Newbern . 3 months ago

The best place to lose a lot of weight in a healthy safe way is here i did it and changed my life was able to accomplish things i never thought i would ever be able to do thx to this sight really is a blessing i tell no lie this is the best http://bit.ly/WEIGHTLOSSFATBURN


Windsjorn . 3 months ago

So basically to summarize: "They do work but are not a miracle supplement and requires you to be actively exercising in order to for it to work correctly. They are not meant to be used for people who are just going to pop them in their mouth, then sit around all day.

Sword champ KNG Bhachka Sourov hlla. Gangopadhya 2

Sword champ KNG Bhachka Sourov hlla. Gangopadhya 2 . 3 months ago

Your tips are good ,some food burn supplement name do share to my facebook Instagram ,I am -Sourov KNG Ganguly (2).


HnH . 3 months ago

I have no clue what 25% of the words he said and because of that, this guy knows what he is talking about.

Tiffanie Matteson

Tiffanie Matteson . 4 months ago

Just discovering your videos in the last month and I’ve been really enjoying them !

Luke Galo

Luke Galo . 4 months ago

Fat burner capsule won't work if you don't GYM or exercise😊


alexisgc33 . 4 months ago

Thank so much for the video and all the great info. I'm a 36 male, trying lean out. I'm 5'10 and currently 160 (down from 187lbs). I want to lean out to 145-140 (I don't want to get huge, just lean). I don't drink coffee at all. Is the caffeine in the pre-workout enough to act like coffee? Or would using fat burners help ? Currently tracking my food and eating 145p 140c 50f per day.

Roger Perez

Roger Perez . 5 months ago

kinobody is a bitch fake ass

richard r

richard r . 5 months ago

Ok den what?

Domingo Reyes

Domingo Reyes . 5 months ago

I dont like coffee, so should I get a powder fat burner, like hydroxycut? Please help

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