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Whoa, I Remember: Schoolhouse Rock! Math Rock: Part 4

Whoa, I Remember That Game!

Whoa, I Remember That Game!

Published on 5 years ago

(Creative Wonders) (1996)

Welcome to Math Rock, a rock and roll math journey full of fun and exciting math challenges. Your goal in Math Rock is to help Lucky Seven Sampson gather members of the Funky Numberland Band. Members are scattered about the landscape playing different math games. Beat them at their games three times and they'll join the Band in the Garage. There are seven players to collect, and when you've got them all they'll hit the road seeking fame and fortune in the "Road to Fame Game". As you play the different math activities, you'll earn coins to help you you in the final game, It's a good idea to play the activities multiple times so you'll have plenty of coins as you travel down the Road to Fame. Good luck, and on with the Show!

Comments :

Tina Aoro

Tina Aoro . 2 months ago

5:41 I hope he can win with 82 coins...


Dolphignition . 4 months ago

3:17 - Rufus Xavier Sarsparilla 3:43 - Conjunction Junction (What's Your Function) 4:22 - Elbow Room

Andrea Patane

Andrea Patane . 9 months ago

I remember using Elroy as a cursor for the 🎱 game quite well, I’m sure. Sometimes, I got answers right. When that occurred, he squeaked joyfully and did back flips at the same time. When I got answers wrong, the pockets would flash and I had to move Elroy from left to right to rearrange the 🎱 balls where the equations appeared. I also moved him to the center of the 🎱 table when the equation also appeared in that area of the game. Did you know that I also got to see the 🎱 stick move from left to right in that 😈 🐈’s 🐾? Creepiest thing I’ve ever seen. 👍🏻 if you remember playing this game based on the factors of 9️⃣.

Gabrielle conner

Gabrielle conner . 1 year ago


Disney Guardian

Disney Guardian . 1 year ago

8:15 i always hated landing on the speeding ticket space. here's a tip. if you're about to land on one of those spaces. press the "Go Back" button and start the game all over again.


animedisneyfan . 2 years ago

4:41 it's very obvious how little twelve toes should be the keyboardist of the band and the magician should play with the triangle.

MC Dexpo

MC Dexpo . 2 years ago

I remember hating this game because of the fail screen. it scared the crap out of me, and gave me nightmares... I was a strange kid...


crazycolbster . 5 years ago

That band van game was the bane of my existence as a kid. The stupid RNG made me lose every time.

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