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The American Bandana Guy -Documentary- Will Sidaros

Will Sidaros

Will Sidaros

Published on 4 years ago

Track is a lot like life. You'll get what you put into it. It's a huge challenge emotionally, mentally, and physically, that will push you to your limits. I was alone during most of my seasons however I found a way to keep the ones closest to me even closer. Even when you believe you're alone, there's still someone behind you! I wanted to leave my mark at my high school and I can gladly say that I did it in a weird way. I hope you enjoy my story.

I do not own the rights to this music! The rights are owned by the artists: Explosions in the Sky
"Home" and "Inside it all feels the Same" both belong to Explosions in the Sky.
"Home" - Explosions in the Sky
"Inside it all feels the same"- Explosions in the Sky

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sweisslm . 4 years ago

So Proud of YOU on So Many Levels! You have embodied the lessons learned at RYLA and given them expanded meaning. I look forward to cheering you on in all your future accomplishments!

awes0mee (:

awes0mee (: . 4 years ago

Very inspirational! I'm glad you pushed yourself in order to achieve your goals! Hope to see more vids, just subscribed! (:

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