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How to Pick a Great Airline Seat



Published on 11 years ago

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Don't get stuck in a middle seat near a bathroom on your next flight. With a little time and effort, you can be sitting pretty.

Step 1: Figure out your priorities
There is no single "best seat" on an airplane — all have their pros and cons — so decide what's important to you. Legroom? Peace and quiet? A quick exit? A smooth ride?

Step 2: Check out seats
Don't assume anything about a seat without checking it out. Some bulkhead seats don't offer extra legroom, some "window" seats are between windows and therefore offer little view, and many exit seats, while providing more legroom, are narrower than other seats.

Find out what kind of plane you'll be on and then visit "seatexpert.com":http:// or "seatguru.com":http://. Click on any seat to see its pros and cons.

Step 3: Buy a better seat
Pay a small fee to ensure you get a seat with the most legroom. Many airlines now identify their best seats on their websites and charge for them accordingly.

Step 4: Don't forget about reclining
Take reclining into account. If you like to sit back, avoid the last rows in any section. If you hate people leaning into your lap, try to snare an exit seat; the seats in front of those rows usually don't recline.

Exit row seats are often not assigned until check-in. To snag one, get to the airport early.

Step 5: Consider the pitch
Consider the pitch of the seat, which is the distance between your seat and the one in front of you. You'll find this information on airline seat websites.

Step 6: Take turbulence into account
Take turbulence into account. If you're a white-knuckle flyer, sit over the front of the wing; that's where you're least likely to feel turbulence. Avoid the back, where you'll feel every bump.

Step 7: Consider the noise
If you need peace and quiet, avoid sitting in the back, where the engines are the loudest. And steer clear of the bulkhead, where families with babies are usually seated.

Step 8: Book early
When you buy your ticket, be sure to book your specific seat, either online or by calling the airline directly.

Increase your odds of sitting beside an empty middle seat by requesting a back row where either the aisle or window seat is already booked. The middle seats in back rows fill up last.

Step 9: Check back the day before
Check back 24 hours before your flight; this is when prime seating often is released. Plus, airlines occasionally switch planes, possibly turning your chosen seat into an undesirable one!

Step 10: Join a good-seat program
If you're a frequent flyer, consider joining an airline program that guarantees a good seat for an annual fee.

Did You Know?
The average airline seat in coach is just 17.2 inches wide.

Comments :

Dave Jody

Dave Jody . 3 weeks ago

Me and my siblings are too you for the emergency row and my parents are too old

DeltaAC001 & Qatar001

DeltaAC001 & Qatar001 . 3 months ago

My worst seat I had was 31A, it was in the last row of the A320 and this happened in December 2017.

Women's Corner

Women's Corner . 5 months ago

I think most important things is seat belt extender from all of them. it give you security for any kind of body size. Plus size man can travel comfortably than plus size women. In the airplane 24 size women follow some extra rules to make their journey more comfortable. Of course you need to choose size friendly Arline like delta or American Airline . Now a days most of the company reduce their seat size only for business purpose.

Its Chynell

Its Chynell . 5 months ago

We all already know that the toilet is the best seat duh!

DeltaAC001 & Qatar001

DeltaAC001 & Qatar001 . 5 months ago

Are the engines louder at the front or back or next to the wing?

Corrado Orazi

Corrado Orazi . 6 months ago

The safest place is the one on the right side of Tess on the couch at home !!! ... WoW !!! ...


lovdusk . 10 months ago

i want a seat where i can hear no airplane noises

Itzz Yo Gurl Mary K

Itzz Yo Gurl Mary K . 10 months ago

The toilet flush SCARES me!

Kru Ploppy

Kru Ploppy . 10 months ago

Sitting in the Emergency exit seats means you are more likely to be limited on the amount of wine they will serve you on long haul....

Kyle McLuckie

Kyle McLuckie . 11 months ago

i wanna sit in front of the wing but i can't even find the right time for it to book it

ava lively

ava lively . 11 months ago

Book Norwegian air flight tickets by this toll free number 1-888-324-1990, they provide great discount on air ticket. Norwegian air has the best seats with much extra leg room, one can assign seat in advance.

Xenomorph Biologist - XX121

Xenomorph Biologist - XX121 . 11 months ago

Why does it seem that every time I get a window seat it’s between windows

Mohd. Nishikata Sitohang

Mohd. Nishikata Sitohang . 1 year ago

Not worked if you was on flight 610

Alpha Fedrick

Alpha Fedrick . 1 year ago

You can discuss about any kind of Issues related to Frontier Airlines by dial 1-844-888-6255

Zazkon Animations

Zazkon Animations . 1 year ago


Zuli And Fjolla Jounzi

Zuli And Fjolla Jounzi . 1 year ago

When I Drank I Need To Pee And Come Back Me And My Dad Was In The Wizz Air


Daredevil . 2 years ago

Where is the seat where I feel the least dizziness excluding the front?

Robert Rustebakke

Robert Rustebakke . 2 years ago

First Class all the time.

Angelo Perez

Angelo Perez . 2 years ago

Thank you it worked

King Mario 64

King Mario 64 . 2 years ago

Step 1: Pick the front solo seat

Masøn Vløgs

Masøn Vløgs . 2 years ago

Am I the only one who hates legroom on a aircraft

fred scuttle

fred scuttle . 2 years ago

Consider the pitch? They are all at or below 32 inches and the seats are narrower. The only way to "consider" it is to pay thousands of dollars more for a business class seat or hundreds of dollars more for the original coach/economy 34 inch pitch. IF YOU'RE A FREQUENT FLYER??? FF programs are a profit augmentation scheme by airline investors. You have to spend thousands and thousands of dollars before you can get a round trip somewhere and you often have to pay for part of the fair. Howcast is living in wonderland


marinasylla . 2 years ago


Music Hub

Music Hub . 2 years ago

What I do on a plane: *freaks out, thinks the plane will fall*


Sealand . 2 years ago

1st get first class


johnnymcleanvlogs . 2 years ago

Youtube help not other agent

j cayrol

j cayrol . 2 years ago

I’ve tried to get to the airport early to get an exit seat but it didn’t work😡

Andrea Fregoso

Andrea Fregoso . 2 years ago

Oh no


APPLE Job . 2 years ago

Step one : Pick a united airline Step two : I will be seeing you on the News .

Mariam Habebt Mama

Mariam Habebt Mama . 2 years ago

Guess real thing in the boarding card let's you were you siting there is a b c so say that because I am come from Arabic corunty is from Saudi Arabia

Slime Smarties

Slime Smarties . 2 years ago

The engines are over the wing not the back


Nilsfried . 2 years ago

They fill up the front of the plane first because otherwise this could happen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JLWxD0gY__A


GLITZED . 2 years ago

I’m about to go on emirates first 💰 class💎💎💎💎💎💎🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

chamuel medino

chamuel medino . 2 years ago


Kellie Chasity

Kellie Chasity . 2 years ago

So hope I get a window seat

Dr Peter jones

Dr Peter jones . 2 years ago

please note that seats reserved on the internet or you pay a extra fee to have do not by law guarantee that seat. Dont be surprised if you are asked to move as the seat is required for disabled persons by primary legislation within the EU and UK. Take a seat reservation as a preference not a guarentee as airlines not complying with primary legislation upon disability could find themselves fined and held at the gate until they comply with such legislation. A reservation of a suitable seat for disabled such as extra legroom is a non enforcable contract in law and is subject to disability access law. Be warey about paying for something the airline cannot sell you by law!

b6l 3a9

b6l 3a9 . 2 years ago

When i was in an airplane bathroom im so scared to push the flush button coz u know


katka1406 . 2 years ago

£100 for 3 inches of legroom and £100 more to recline. EJNOY

Amogh Parker

Amogh Parker . 2 years ago

Very informative 👍👍👍

Tristan Forgeron

Tristan Forgeron . 2 years ago

I'd love to sit in the back

Alessandro Lafranconi

Alessandro Lafranconi . 2 years ago


Isra Shiraz

Isra Shiraz . 2 years ago

Lol this was published on 2008 but I born on 2009


Slicky . 2 years ago

I'm watching this because I have a 2 hours flight on Tuesday the plane will arrive on 12 AM

Medy Dominguez

Medy Dominguez . 2 years ago

I try in the airport I ride but its weird 🤢🤢🤢 I try but Im so so sad 🤢🤢

Betty Boop

Betty Boop . 2 years ago

um i don't know whatta say,but quit helpful....ish

GamingCraftedMC And More

GamingCraftedMC And More . 2 years ago

Sitting at the back is good because there is a toilet behind you

the ty show

the ty show . 2 years ago

when your going to crach,sit in the last seat in the plane

Nguyen Thanh

Nguyen Thanh . 2 years ago


Miguelina Tavarez

Miguelina Tavarez . 2 years ago


Savage Vlogs

Savage Vlogs . 2 years ago

shah rukh khan

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