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Chapter 1 Introduction to Nutrition

April Litchford

April Litchford

Published on 4 years ago

Comments :

SXT Wellness Coaching

SXT Wellness Coaching . 2 days ago

Great video, nutrition can have such an impact on our lives

sadaf yasmin

sadaf yasmin . 1 month ago

Thanks to you that you guide me about nutrition


SACHIN KUMAR . 3 months ago

Hindi ma padao

Latonya Esquivel

Latonya Esquivel . 3 months ago

Health and Nutrition

Faatihah Az Zahra

Faatihah Az Zahra . 3 months ago

hi!! Im a new college student of nutrition in Indonesia and your vid is very helpful to me. thank you so much!

Farah Mohamed Yusuf Qodah

Farah Mohamed Yusuf Qodah . 4 months ago

Good lecture

Supriya Varadan

Supriya Varadan . 5 months ago

Thanks a lot

mohamed shaji

mohamed shaji . 7 months ago

really helped.love from india

Mohanad Carab

Mohanad Carab . 9 months ago

Sister I Needed lacture sending gmail All Nutrition place🙏🙏

Jaime Perez

Jaime Perez . 10 months ago

Thank you!!


katastrophiko714 . 11 months ago

Great stuff im learning. But nutrition should not be for diet but rather for health. Thanks.

J Conwy

J Conwy . 1 year ago

Awesome lectures. Finally, some even-handed, unbiased coverage of the topic, without all the hand-waving and zealotry. Thanks for sharing.

Ojja James John

Ojja James John . 1 year ago

Am very glad to meet you all for this wonderful Lecture

Sarah Sami

Sarah Sami . 1 year ago

Thanks a loooot 🌹

Cindys GardenToTable

Cindys GardenToTable . 2 years ago

Thanks for posting, I'm putting together a lesson for high school students.

harrison james

harrison james . 2 years ago

thank you so much:):):)

Sean macomber

Sean macomber . 2 years ago

I love this! it really lays it out straight. Have you ever heard of juice plus? its a great way to get your daily servings of fruits veggies! http://sm21629.juiceplus.com

Mike Midas

Mike Midas . 3 years ago

Thank you for making this

carl carrick

carl carrick . 3 years ago

I need the book name plz

Cilmi Maxamed Xuseen

Cilmi Maxamed Xuseen . 3 years ago

good lecture

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