Only Human

Only Human

Published on 10 months ago

A group of obese teenagers tackle their weight issues at a summer camp. Katie's happy and confident on the outside, but admits that her sense of humour is a form of self-defence.Two-part series following a group of obese teenagers spending five weeks at a camp together in an effort to tackle their weight issues.

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Comments :

Cosette Lau

Cosette Lau . 10 hours ago

Why are they feeding them junk food still at the camp?


Léa . 1 day ago

There should be one for putting on weight camps for all skinny legends out there like me 👀

Cedric Football

Cedric Football . 2 days ago

I always say that losing weight is a mental game more than a physical one

Hanalise Yarbrough

Hanalise Yarbrough . 2 days ago

ok but why does aaron remind me of the "I don't care that you broke your elbow" kid lmao

I have to wait 90 days to change my name

I have to wait 90 days to change my name . 2 days ago

8:25 I used to have a dog named Pippa...

Jabbers Art

Jabbers Art . 3 days ago

Adam's mom is such a pushover. I'm not even a parent and I know that if my kid came back from fat camp I'd force him back in and tell him if he comes back home one more time he's grounded for god knows how long. Remove the video games, I dont care if you need to sell it because the kid will refind the games of course, they're desperate. And gee I dont know, maybe dont stock your house full of cheap junk food and coke? Make a pact together with your child because you're both obese and both need to work your asses off to get healthy. God some parents are just idiots.

Assassinzdog101 Yt

Assassinzdog101 Yt . 3 days ago

Yo I would go here even tho I'm average wieght I'm just tryna lose belly fat but I'm gonna eat the strictly vegetarian diet for my health

molly howell

molly howell . 3 days ago

Hey some of them are just thicc

molly howell

molly howell . 3 days ago

Lots of the parents are over weight to so they can’t say anything they should think about themselves if you make your kids do this go to the gym you have time because of not taking care of kids think about them


AGamingUniverse . 4 days ago

6 LITRES OF COKE A DAY OMG. I dont even drink that much in half a year!!


Cyde . 5 days ago

I would do that to myself


G M . 5 days ago

For those of you who doesn't know the people in the orange shirt or staff's or volunteer

Mia Rojas

Mia Rojas . 5 days ago

Girl i hope i can tryout for x factor- Me:😳😅

kimber ong

kimber ong . 6 days ago

What is the name of the camp?

It's phoebe

It's phoebe . 6 days ago

Some one send me there

Your Local Memer

Your Local Memer . 7 days ago

When you realise that this is an hour long

ashley wolf

ashley wolf . 7 days ago

Lol I’m 3 pounds over I need to go here

Nil Wee

Nil Wee . 7 days ago

Eating french fries with a fork? I gotta try that.

unknown - temptation

unknown - temptation . 7 days ago

I swear Lana is a cutie💜 wish her and her family the best✨

Bella villarreal

Bella villarreal . 1 week ago

im rly sitting here watching this while i eat cheez its and chocolate chip granola bars...


:::::: . 1 week ago

Poor Lana. Kids are so fucking brutal. No matter what you think about someone, saying such cruel things to someone’s face is terrible.

The Evil Android

The Evil Android . 1 week ago

My Coke Addicted Friend: **Drinks a gallon of Coke a day** Becomes a walking skeleton Me: **Cracks open 1 can** DIES OF OBESITY, HEART DISEASE, TYPE 2 DIABETES!!!!!

skye reid

skye reid . 1 week ago

12:46 plz tell me they didnt feed their dog or cat chips smh

skye reid

skye reid . 1 week ago

"run it for your boyfriend" ummmmmmmmm noo honey nooooooo


zoiuduu . 1 week ago

i wish i was a fay brit... i mean they got the UK citiizenship

Bailey Rose

Bailey Rose . 1 week ago

Oml Lana is so cute🥺

Shannon Gasparatto

Shannon Gasparatto . 1 week ago

The parents are fatties.. raised their kids on shit diets.. should lose their kids for a abuse! Listening to a mother say her 2 year old beat her up for food?... what a disgusting mother... hugely overweight herself... parents YOU are the problem.

Aka Cookie

Aka Cookie . 1 week ago

Damn two mile run? I’m skinny asf and can’t even run a half mile.


Seabastion . 1 week ago

Am I the only one who thinks sending teenagers to boot camp (US) would help greatly.

Xander Mek

Xander Mek . 1 week ago

Destiny was beautiful

Rachel Zu

Rachel Zu . 2 weeks ago

I feel like asking them to lose more than a pound a week is too extreme... Isn't losing weight about developing a healthy lifestyle and then weight loss would naturally come with it? The methods that give fast results typically reverses really fast too...


sospookychickensauce . 2 weeks ago

i weigh 102 pounds why am i watching this

Mammimeow Mew

Mammimeow Mew . 2 weeks ago

Why is it a loosing weight camp when they feed them fast food shouldn’t it be healthy

weaslxytwin †

weaslxytwin † . 2 weeks ago

I used to be fat as heck, puberty came along with my period and I became skinny

frxnchie MSP

frxnchie MSP . 2 weeks ago

*RuN FOR thE NanDOs* honestly same

Ahmed Al Faheem

Ahmed Al Faheem . 2 weeks ago

when the woman said she will die young in the intro did she look in the mirror ?

Julieta Díaz

Julieta Díaz . 2 weeks ago

Lana is not the only one being bully bc i have friends and there are skinny and i am fat if I was there I would be your friend 😔😔


CyanideFilledCandy . 2 weeks ago

I think the only issue with this program is that they don't seem to have any real psychological help for the campers because sometimes it's just a mental hurdle they need to overcome, and sometimes it's much deeper as seems to be the case with Lana. She very obviously suffers from deep depression, possibly because of her homelife in addition to the bullying. If they just add that to the program, I think it could be even better. (Adam clearly needs behavioral therapy, though, and not just for his eating habits.)

Lily Hayes

Lily Hayes . 2 weeks ago

Damn this camp seems like hell

linea .p

linea .p . 2 weeks ago

So much of this is totally the parents fault. They feed there kids junk their whole lives and then get confused when their overweight like what? I can’t believe that woman’s solution was just not to feed her kid!

Alexa Nikolaeva

Alexa Nikolaeva . 2 weeks ago

10:50 is that a fucking bong lmaooo

Scarlets World

Scarlets World . 2 weeks ago

This is fucking disgusting

Dmitri Trofimchik

Dmitri Trofimchik . 2 weeks ago

Im so happy that I’m walking because it’s easier.... Losing weight isn’t a easy thing 😂


SiIverhawk . 2 weeks ago

this title just reminds me of 'i know what you did last summer'

Russell Link

Russell Link . 2 weeks ago

Called dont be fat

Zakarie Abdi

Zakarie Abdi . 2 weeks ago


*enter a good name here *

*enter a good name here * . 2 weeks ago


the yellow gaming girl

the yellow gaming girl . 2 weeks ago

Us brits are the fastest in the world Says people who say Americans are very fat and disgusting


Ane . 2 weeks ago

Im 12 and i weight 58 kilos and after this im GONNA start losing weight until im 50 kilos

Casey O.J

Casey O.J . 2 weeks ago

What parents need to do is only buy healthy stuff so they have to eat it . And even if they refuse at first to eat it they will when they get really hungry.

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