Low Carb Down Under

Low Carb Down Under

Published on 5 years ago

Dr Caryn Zinn is a senior lecturer at Auckland University of Technology. She is a New Zealand Registered Dietitian and teaches/researches in the area of nutrition, both from a public health and a sports performance perspective.

Her current research (and that of her students) includes applying the Low Carbohydrate, Healthy Fat (LCHF) nutrition paradigm as a tool for losing weight, improving health and optimising sports performance in a variety of different population groups. She is also a co-author of the recently released book ‘What The Fat?’ (http://www.whatthefatbook.com/)

Comments :

Emery Cole

Emery Cole . 1 week ago

Meat, more meat & fat!


juntao11 . 1 month ago

HI and she shows a picture of cheese and salami lol.. NEXT! ⏭😃😂

Gal Anonim

Gal Anonim . 2 months ago

Skimmed milk, margarine and low fat yogurt and everything is clear...


Kinky . 2 months ago

I gain weight if I exceed 1200 cals/day. I'm on a 600-800 cal LCHF diet (<10 g.carbs/day) and losing about 1 to 1.5 lbs/wk. How can I possibly meet the RDI requirements without using vitamin supplements? And if vitamins and minerals are so essential, why, after 4 months on keto with some 72 hr. fasts, am I not dead now?


Jefferdaughter . 1 year ago

On nuts and seeds - It seems that nuts and seeds can be a useful part of a keto or low carb diet. Yet overconsumption of nuts and seeds can be a problem. They contain anit-nutrients and other substances that we should consider before eating them in quantity. From the Ancestral Health channel on YouTube: 'The Risks and Benefits of Eating Plants' by Dr. Georgia Ede https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YdRBFiBWQZQ Nuts and seeds should probably not be gobbled down like boxed cereals, or a bag of Doritos. That said, it seems that the habit of mindlessly ingesting large amounts of food does gradually diminish as one becomes adapted to a low carb or keto diet. Many people have found that the switch to higher quality, low carb, less processed, and more nutrient dense foods does naturally , effortlessly lead to eating less. Eating less but higher quality food can offset the higher cost of the better quality foods that are low in carbs and ketogenic. Some have even seen their food costs drop as they become adapted to burning fat instead of sugar and starch.


Jefferdaughter . 1 year ago

It's amazing how quickly advertising switched people from the more traditional eggs and bacon, or eggs and ham, or steak & eggs breakfast - to sugar and starch for breakfast. At least in some areas, it was not uncommon to have some greens with that breakfast, usually cooked with fat, maybe even sauteed in a tasty fat. Sure, bread, too. It was used to clean the fat the eggs were fried in and any remaining egg yolk from the plate, but bread used to be a minor part of the meal, and was served with lots of butter. Or boiled eggs. There was even a thing called and egg cup, to hold the egg and make it easier to eat a soft-boiled egg in the shell. Why not recommend a return to that way of eating? If one must have breakfast at all? Time can be an issue, I guess, but it literally takes minutes to boil an egg, or fry one.


billytheweasel . 1 year ago

hmm I think endurance runners are doing damage. She says we KNOW they are getting a health benefit. And I also think resistance training is beneficial to health. Confused...


Stopthegreed . 1 year ago

I just watched this woman on breakfast. She actually has No idea what she is talking about when it comes to meat. Im amazed shes still in business.

Linda Guerra

Linda Guerra . 2 years ago

My goodness. You are brilliant.

Muhammad Zeeshan

Muhammad Zeeshan . 2 years ago

She is so cute. I like her.

John Gardner

John Gardner . 2 years ago

This is not a good video - it's a great video. I embrace everything about Dr. Zinn's approach and philosophy. I just bought the book. Practical, reasonable, and sustainable. Even if you don't buy the biochemistry, an LCHF diet is a great platform with which to break a carb addict like myself off of the nasty habit of popping carbs WHEN I'M NOT REALLY HUNGRY. With a relatively (calories still matter....) free pass on fat and protein, my mindset isn't not denial, its on form. Ultimately, the key to long term life style change is only eating when hungry. Therefore, focusing on the highest satiation/calorie, is the opening we need for long term adaptation to a healthy lifestyle.

Annie Today

Annie Today . 2 years ago

Minimum daily requirements are set up for standard American diet....of course processing is entirely different when a body is in ketosis....sodium intake comes to mind.....

Manny Radzky

Manny Radzky . 2 years ago

Very good vid. Thanks

Kathleen Padilla

Kathleen Padilla . 2 years ago



chuckMvideos . 3 years ago

23:10 where and how do we get 600% of our vit. C on a low to no fruit diet? vitamin C isn't usually found in high fat foods..?

henrik schandorff

henrik schandorff . 3 years ago

Time: 08:00- I was actually told (approx 40 years ago) that one should boil (blanch) the cutted vegetables for 15-30 secounds, before freezing, to maintain as much nutrions as possible. Thank you Henrik


TheRosa63 . 3 years ago

insulin is not our enemy, glucose intolerance is, insulin doesnt cause hyperinsulinemia but the glucose resistance does, hence why we get fat, fat is a defensive mechnism against the damage from high glucose. it is not just that you eat to much or get to many caloires but that your fat cells are there to not only store energy but also recycle cholesterol which gets oxidized and damaged to by glycation, the cells dont want the sugar not necessarily due to be overfull (otherwise the overeating is being caused by some other factor) but rather they lack some nutrient or enzyme or some other thing that the cell cannot handle gasoline (sugar). when the fat cells get damaged they increase in number (more hands make the load lighter) not because lyour eating to many caloires per say. another defensive mechnism against the damage of this gasoline. but as time goes by and more damage is done (from dieting, low fat diets, junk carbs etc)the more fat cells you need to survive. when do you stop getting fat from allthis? when you die. so as we age and eat junk or low fat or crappy fats, the more damage we are doing and the more fat cells we need and the more stressed the fat cells are.with me so far? the problem araises for those who cannot get fat. those diabetics or insulin resistance who do not have the thrifty gene to get fat when your body is being destroyed by our crappy diets. this is my thinking anyway. also something about fats, ever see those people who show the body work of someone to show how much fat is sitting i the blood? well fats are benign. they dont harmthe body (except crap oils) so they sit inthe blood to be used as energy and doesnt affect insulin levels. so they dont do any damage, so they are allowed to be in the blood all the time for energy and fats are also used to repair cells and to clean the body out of toxins too. this is my theory anyway. what do you think does this  make sense? I am on lower carb but not aiming for ketosis, but rather to lower the glucose load and allow my body to heal itself so it can be glucose tolerant again (but only healthy carbs not junk).

John Geist

John Geist . 3 years ago

please unlearn these mistakes thankypu i only want you to become a better person and help heal people the right way praise yahweh

John Geist

John Geist . 3 years ago

also all oats barley rice bread high carbohydrates will always keep you out of ketosis raising insullin levels 3times higher stupid advice see butter bob briggs dr joel wallach on you tube to find out what foods to eat to lower insullin and all blood lab tests god wants you to unlearn theese mistakes before you injure prople

John Geist

John Geist . 3 years ago

she is using margirine wrong oil also you need the fat from chicken for high fat to reduce insullin levels she needs to go to dr joel wallach videos on you tube and learn some of the mistakes that will kill her clients and you, also dr glidden ,butter bob briggs videos

David Johnston

David Johnston . 3 years ago

TheRealMealRevolution and Acheiving and Maintaining Nutritional Ketosis Fasting and the Fifty Percent Insulin Problem


Jefferdaughter . 3 years ago

A good talk, but I found Dr. Stephen Phinney's 'Acheiving and Maintaining Nutritional Ketosis' more informative. Also talks by Dr. Tim Noakes, among others.


Jefferdaughter . 3 years ago

Yogurt is so simple to make. Why does no one suggest doing that? Simply draining it through cheese cloth or a clean dish towel will give you 'Greek' yogurt. (Note: This name is a marketing label. When you go to Greece, you will be disappointed. They have a drained yogurt aka 'yogurt cheese', but it has another name.) We also need to beware of the fruit! It is so easy to eat a bunch of carbs in a hurry with fruit, especially the modern varieties that have been heavily selected to be very sweet.

Kenneth Hammond

Kenneth Hammond . 4 years ago

I am 70 yrs in about 1 month have recently been introduced to the LCHF concept by my doctor, I am doing as much research as I can find, I have RA, recently have had a total knee replacement and have a goal of loosing perhaps 15-20 kgs.

Chris Fonda

Chris Fonda . 4 years ago

I don't think any credible sports dietitian would recommend the "standard" diet as Caryn has pointed out. Especially for a female boxer. Cherry picking at its best


Emileny96 . 4 years ago


Lord Metroid

Lord Metroid . 4 years ago

A standard diet that actual real people eat doesn't look anything like that presented. What I perceive as a standard diet in practice is for example: * Breakfast: 2-3 slices of white bread, butter, ham/cheese. A bowl of cornflakes cereals with milk. * Lunch: A mountain of macaroni, 12 meatballs, Ketchup. * Dinner: A mountain of rice, half a plate of chili con carne. * Snacks: Cinamon bun, Donut, Fizzy drinks. This is hardly anything but carbohydrates and very nutrient poor.

Drake Santiago

Drake Santiago . 4 years ago

This was a great lecture in that it shows a person how to implement the low carb diet in practice. Thank you Dr. Zinn.

Healthy Recipe Channel

Healthy Recipe Channel . 4 years ago

Every one should educate themselves by watching these videos.


Nobbi . 5 years ago

Did I miss something? Nothing about sport.

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