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Joe Rogan - Atkins Diet Creator Died From A Heart Attack?

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JRE Clips

Published on 2 years ago

Joe Rogan on the Atkins diet, and the theory that the creator died from a heart attack.

Comments :

kovich Ira

kovich Ira . 4 months ago

He did not die of a heart attack.

John Snow

John Snow . 7 months ago

The Atkins diet is probably one of the most toxic and detrimental diets on the planet. That fat Atkins devil gave a shit about our health. Its maybe for a reason he is not around any more. I dont miss him...

Soni Braun

Soni Braun . 7 months ago

Atkins had a cardiomyopathy caused by a virus. He fell in the ice. When he entered the hospital he was only 195 pounds. He put on 75 pounds of fluid retention while in the hospital. This is why he was overweight at death. His heart problems started with a virus. The vegan propaganda is not accurate on him. There was a doctor that illegally obtained his hospital records and released them. They did not tell the whole story.

Larah Porter

Larah Porter . 8 months ago

Mayo clinic uses Atkins diet, it is a modified customized diet so it can't be bad

Goof Ball

Goof Ball . 8 months ago

Thank you joe for the update on Atkins I didn’t know that


LowFrequency . 8 months ago

Keto people are idiots, they lose weight but also their life, which one is more important?

Kim Chi

Kim Chi . 9 months ago

Atkins has been debunked over and over again. People are too busy looking for a magic bullet. Bottom line is, portion control and moderation will always keep you in healthy shape.


Spondoolie . 10 months ago

Look ..... this should be obvious to even the biggest idiots in the room: if you eat a high-fat diet and think it's healthy, you're completely fucking wrong. done. Eat veggies, don't bacon. If you can't figure that shit out then good luck tying your shoes or not drooling on yourself because you are retarded.

Michael Duran

Michael Duran . 12 months ago

He didn’t died from a heart attack.

Brian Denes

Brian Denes . 12 months ago

Now I honestly know why the majority of the population eats like shit.. Twinkies, Doritos, Pasta, candy .. they are depressed with all the confusion of what the hell to eat... Saturated fats are bad, saturated fats are bad, vegan is good, vegan is bad.... I will tell you one thing though... I much rather die of a heart attack from saturated fat then lose limbs and eye sight as a type 2 diabetic.

Steve Miller

Steve Miller . 1 year ago

Bonehead, next time do research first, then make the video.

pappa 52

pappa 52 . 1 year ago

What doctor Atkins could not follow a low carb diet?????

DeepwaterPierat .gmail.com

DeepwaterPierat .gmail.com . 1 year ago

Dr Atkins developed his diet for his heart patients. It uses Low Car 2 week induction diet to get you into #Ketosis #KetosisTestStrips, after 2 weeks, low carbs greens are added, to keep your body burning fat for fuel. After 2 more weeks, you can add a potato! It's only that the induction diet, after just 2 or 3 days, breaks the car addiction everyone is used to.

Nicky creary-mullings

Nicky creary-mullings . 1 year ago

He was killed

SolidBanjo Banjo

SolidBanjo Banjo . 1 year ago

Damn everyone is so misinformed not only how, but a lot of people in the comment section, seems like vegans and the who have done a great job spreading misinformation about dr Atkins, so I guess I’ll try and clear things up, 1. Dr Atkins did not have a heart attack or die from a heart attack, he did however have an heart infection, in which he caught while in Turkey, that had nothing to do with his diet, this is the only known heart problem he suffered from yet the vegans like to constantly bring it up... 2. When he died he was over weight yet there is many pictures of him just before he died looking completely fine, the reason his weight was so his when the autopsy was done he was containing many litres of water, this was because he was on life support and was being pumped with it.

Stephen Doran

Stephen Doran . 2 years ago

Fucking vegans

Stephen Doran

Stephen Doran . 2 years ago

Joe he did weigh 252. But he weighed 195 on admission. After the brain injury his body retained all of the fluids they were putting into him. His heart attacks were said to be the result of a virus, his arteries were not obstructed at all, and apparently his cardio vascular system was very strong.


Res0lut1on . 2 years ago

Random life experience involving the doctor: When I was a kid I went swimming in Dr. Atkin's pool, and played hide and seek in his house on Long Island. Beautiful home and pool. The doctor and his wife were super kind too!

Anne Archist

Anne Archist . 2 years ago


José Maurício Gonzales Praxedes

José Maurício Gonzales Praxedes . 2 years ago

Atkins is no longer controversial . and he didn´t die from a heart attack , he slipped on the ice on NY and died because of that .

New Cheese

New Cheese . 2 years ago

He had heart disease and his empire was covering it up

Mike Tucker

Mike Tucker . 2 years ago

Look up the facts on Wikipedia. Cause of death was due to a brain clot sustained after a fall. He died two days after an operation to remove the clot. He did have a history of heart problems which is why he studied cutting out carbs and came up with his diet plan. All the other diets emanate from his and certainly the Atkins Diet saved my life and allowed me to drop weight and leave off a number of meds. I am grateful for his research.

Adam Craig

Adam Craig . 2 years ago

you can still get obese and unhealthy with a carb free diet. Even the best diet can fail if you overeat.

Eddie Costa

Eddie Costa . 2 years ago

Joe no Keto? Very low carbs (30g to 50g for the day)mid protein (75g to 100g) more health fats (120g to 140g)....


StoriesFromEarth . 2 years ago

It was fluid overload and edema and ascites after traumatic head injury and organ failure you idiots. Lying fucking vegans.

James Smith

James Smith . 2 years ago

Snopes says records show he was admitted to the hospital at a weight of 195 but 258 upon his death. He seems to have had a heart condition but he also hit his head in a fall.


slados1 . 2 years ago

"Vegan conspiracy"... lol. Well, if "the lead singer of Cro Mags, a guy that might be touring on his own now" said it on social media I guess there MUST be something to it :-D

Mehrdad Hazrati

Mehrdad Hazrati . 2 years ago

I lost more weight on a very low carb diet than on vegan diet. Did both for 8 months. What's worst than hearth disease is be fat af and have hearth disease.

Telly Vin-a

Telly Vin-a . 2 years ago

it's just like jim fixx


M . 2 years ago

Atkins you can eat cheese?

Rakan Omari

Rakan Omari . 2 years ago

Joe Rogan really needs to do his research before talking about things. The Atkins diet is probably the lowest carb version of the keto diet that I have ever seen. The only difference and what people complain about is how dr Atkins advocated for way too high of protein or didn’t put a limit on protein. Which I think joe rogan would agree with from what I have seen from his diet.

James Murphy

James Murphy . 2 years ago

Jon Joseph is the Real Deal!!!

James Murphy

James Murphy . 2 years ago

He should have been vegan!

Unapologetic Elitist

Unapologetic Elitist . 2 years ago

https://theskepticalcardiologist.com/2016/12/18/what-does-the-death-of-robert-atkins-tell-us-about-the-atkins-diet/ He was very tall and weighed around 200 lb his entire adult life. When he was admitted to the hospital he weighed 195 then over a period of 9 days gained 63 pounds of water weight as a result of his injury.


iare19 . 2 years ago

I thought they are talking about Boyka lol.

Mark Pikas

Mark Pikas . 2 years ago

Wow. I love how people manipulate facts to further their own agenda. He was admitted to the hospital after a slip and fall causing him to hit his head resulting in a blood clot at 195# and 6' tall and gained water weight as a complication of his treatment/condition while in the hospital. His heart condition was cardiomyopathy, damage to the heart muscle caused by a virus and in cardiac examinations, it was found that his arteries were surprisingly clear of plaques. In other words, his heart problems had nothing to do with his diet. This comes from: https://www.verywellfit.com/how-did-atkins-die-2241657 but you can find similar articles in the NY Times and other publications based on the medical reports from when he was in the hospital.


G H . 2 years ago

You can eat anything you want, so long as you don't eat to many calories. Demonizing certain foods is bullshit. Yes, eating real foods in balanced proportion is always best, but saying shit like "no bread, no white potatoes, no pasta" is nonsense. Saying shit like "If you eat fats you have to cut carbs is bullshit." Fats, carbs, proteins, your macro nutrients, need to be accounted for in your total daily intake. It's not a mystery. The mystery to me is why all this fad diet horse shit persists? People want a magic formula when it's not magic. Eat right, know what you're eating, move on with your fucking life.

Squatchers McFly

Squatchers McFly . 2 years ago

I was interested in this clip until Joe said, "it was written by a vegan". After watching 5 minutes of that "What the Food?" propaganda film on Netflix, I don't trust anything that is said or written by those nutters.

Andrew Christie

Andrew Christie . 2 years ago

Joe should have Dr Michael Gregor on the show.

John Dohr

John Dohr . 2 years ago

cro mags nice joe

Giles McNeill

Giles McNeill . 2 years ago

Unfortunately Mayor Bloomberg  took advantage of his weight gain in the hospital and tried to promote the idea that Dr Atkins was obese. I had seen him several times on the street prior to this and  he appeared very fit. Re his history of a heart attack I know that he was eating lunch with one of his employees when he turned blue and lost consciousness. It was unclear if he suffered a cardiac arrest due to choking or had a primary arrhythmia.

Giles McNeill

Giles McNeill . 2 years ago

It is well documented that he fell on the ice and suffered a bleed in his brain.. These facts are clearly documented in medical records. Because he was in the intensive care unit for an extended period time he received a large amount of intravenous fluids which is standard protocol. Because of the fluids he received he gained a large amount of weight. Unfortunately Bloomberg, who hated Atkins used this to slander him.

mike force

mike force . 2 years ago

joe, you aren't very bright. first you state a lie: that atkins died from a heart attack. He fell on an icy street and hit his head. That's what killed him. Without an autopsy, the ME said Atkins "had a history of heart attack and CHF", but I don't see where it states when this happened. He clearly was not taking his own advice, if weighing 258. The atkin's diet has been PROVEN, over and over, to work, and to be more easily followed over a period of time than other diets. The man was SMEARED by the msm constantly, including the lie you perpetuate here. Having said all that, a diet must work for a given individual. Someone with unstable blood sugar likely would have problems even starting atkins. For someone else, it is easy. There are blood tests to show how your health is doing. Simple: get a blood test, use a diet for a few months, get another blood test. Did you lose weight? what do all the markers say? how do you feel? can you keep doing it? VIOLA. There is no rocket science involved.


Thorbjørn . 2 years ago

i guess we all die when the heart fails :D


XLM ARMY . 2 years ago

He fell through the ice, "yeah a choc ice" - Karl Pilkington

Richard Dixon

Richard Dixon . 2 years ago

Joe will be next

Richard Dixon

Richard Dixon . 2 years ago

Joe is dumb as shit


Javiancr . 2 years ago

No surprise

Kory James

Kory James . 2 years ago

Everything I have read says that he had a family history of severe heart problems. Vegans try to make it controversial to push their own agenda.

Alec Jackson

Alec Jackson . 2 years ago

Yes meat causes heart disease you don’t have to be vegan to know and understand that.

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