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Chemo Diet



Published on 5 years ago

Chemo does affect taste buds. Ironically, just when patients need calories the most, food just doesn't taste the same. Some patients complain of a metal taste in their mouth. Others lose their appetite altogether.

Former chef and Dartmouth-Hitchcock Oncology Nutritionist, Elise Cushman, whips up some recipes chock full of fruits and vegetables and packed with flavor and antioxidants that taste good, look good are good for everyone.

Comments :


cookingfororalcancer . 3 weeks ago

Publishing the recipes would have been useful.

Mlgfrog 627

Mlgfrog 627 . 1 month ago



Selena . 2 months ago

why show this if not going to give the recipes

Alexander Arnold

Alexander Arnold . 3 months ago

Chemotherapy can kill humans and isn't an effective Cancer "treatment". All "treatments" are inferior life-saving and life-longing actions possibly theoretically "conditioning" and are invalid conclusions.

Jobs immune

Jobs immune . 4 months ago

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exeterweathermodification watch

exeterweathermodification watch . 4 months ago

@-EJE Shame there isn't a free World for Cancer Cures. This person imprisoned for curing cancers.


xflyingtiger . 4 months ago

No olive oil please. No oils at all.

Azhar Saigh

Azhar Saigh . 6 months ago

I found her on Instagram. If anyone interested you may search her by name.

Azhar Saigh

Azhar Saigh . 6 months ago

We would like to have recipes too. Do you have a program or a channel we can subscripe in?

Surya Kumari

Surya Kumari . 7 months ago

This looks so good but I have been told in Singapore that I can’t eat raw vegetables during chemo . So I am avoiding eating any uncooked verges even as a salad or smoothie. !!!

donna Burnett

donna Burnett . 9 months ago

Wondering the veg and fruit you’re using are they organic ? They should be totally organic the reason fruit & veg not organic will be full of pesticide and chemicals

focusjob work

focusjob work . 10 months ago

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Raluca Dudescu

Raluca Dudescu . 1 year ago

Amazing! We.want the recipes, too.

Kit & Caboodles

Kit & Caboodles . 1 year ago

Where can we get the recipes? They look wonderful.

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