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PS : Thyroid patients may opt for Almond, Sunflower Seed or Pumpkin Seed Butter instead of Peanut Butter.

PCOS patients may opt for Almond Milk instead of normal dairy.

Nursing mother's may opt for Maple Syrup instead of Honey

And Pregnant Mother's may avoid this drink.

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Comments :

Dani P

Dani P . 2 weeks ago

I usually hate bananas in desserts and smoothies ... this was jus so yummy❤️ Pls upload more simple smoothies like this

Kimloan Trinh

Kimloan Trinh . 2 weeks ago

Thank you

Sweety Sweety

Sweety Sweety . 4 weeks ago

I read..Milk with banana is not a good combination...may cause hairloss also Is it true...

Aisha Zeeshan

Aisha Zeeshan . 1 month ago

Plz ap batyngi k kiya yeh breakfast ki jagha lyna hy.

andrea jackson

andrea jackson . 1 month ago

This taste pretty!! Hmmm 🤔

beaula thamarailingam

beaula thamarailingam . 1 month ago

Mam Can I drink smoothie for lunch .how should I add chia seeds to smoothie with soaking or without soaking

Sangee Vishnu

Sangee Vishnu . 2 months ago

I want to reduced my post delivery weight If anybody lost by this flax seed milk banana breakfast smoothie Pls share frnds

asha kirana

asha kirana . 2 months ago

Pcos can take this

layana uthaman

layana uthaman . 2 months ago

I am doing this .its my third day.its so delicious nd healthy. Afternun ill have my normal fud. After 2 i dont eat coz i m on intermittent fasting and yes its working .each day m reducing 2 grams.

Anusha Srivastava

Anusha Srivastava . 2 months ago

Can the smoothies be added with ice? Will it affect in weight loss process???


CA KAT . 2 months ago

How many glass ? for weight loss

Bhagyashree Yadav

Bhagyashree Yadav . 2 months ago

Flax seeds should be roasted to make a powder

Audree Reddzs

Audree Reddzs . 3 months ago

I can’t do peanut butter becuz if sinus I do almond butter tho will be good also!

Sana Kamal

Sana Kamal . 3 months ago

Mammmm ur voicc...Soo lovlyy

Ice & Fire

Ice & Fire . 3 months ago

1 table spoon means how many milliliters?

rizwana khan

rizwana khan . 3 months ago

I love the way you present and oh my god, your smoothies are amazing

Xo Hood

Xo Hood . 3 months ago

Is milk fresh form a cow good for weight loss

Raanu Rajpoot

Raanu Rajpoot . 3 months ago

Mam can I have it..... For lunch???

Sailakshmi Maddala

Sailakshmi Maddala . 3 months ago

Excellent smoothie

Vaishnavi Jakku

Vaishnavi Jakku . 3 months ago

In which time to drink this

Government City High School BWN bahawalnagar

Government City High School BWN bahawalnagar . 3 months ago

Can i skip honey in this recipe? Cuz mujhy honey allergy hy

Nazia Zaidi

Nazia Zaidi . 3 months ago


priya pm

priya pm . 3 months ago

Morning early 3 time

Duoha S

Duoha S . 3 months ago

1-1 cup of milk 🥛low fat 2-1banana 🍌 3-1 tablespoons of 🥜 butter 4-vanilla extra if you want 5-1 teaspoon of honey 🍯 6-2 teaspoon of flaxseed powder And mixed together well and drink it to begin your breakfasts

Asha Parihar

Asha Parihar . 4 months ago

Does it worked for anyone?

niharika premnath

niharika premnath . 4 months ago

Can i use apple instead of banana since its over

Brat Brar

Brat Brar . 4 months ago

Can we have this as a dinner

Samira Kapadiya

Samira Kapadiya . 4 months ago

Hy i dont like pinat batter So opsnl

sarah abbasi

sarah abbasi . 4 months ago

Can we take frozen bananas

Rubina Pradhan

Rubina Pradhan . 4 months ago

Can we eat these in lunch ?

jyothi gollapalli

jyothi gollapalli . 4 months ago

Hi Ma'am Thank you for the wonderful receipes Can I add protein powder in place of flax seed powder as I have Oziva protein powder

Uzma Amreen

Uzma Amreen . 5 months ago

Thanks dear maam taste is gud i tried very creamy thanks love u😚😚😚

Antara Nandi

Antara Nandi . 5 months ago

Hi Vicky, had this smoothie. It was very tasty and filling too. Thank you so much dear. Please keep sharing more easy recipes like this

Grace Pearson

Grace Pearson . 5 months ago

I really hate peanut butter could I just omit the peanut butter or do you suggest adding something as an alternative?

Maira Tahseem

Maira Tahseem . 5 months ago

Mam please tell me what can I do... Bcz my weight is 70kg and I have a baby with operate and my baby is 8th months old...... I can't do exercise plzzzzz tell me what can I do write now?

Wanda Parker

Wanda Parker . 5 months ago

Very nice...I’m subscribing‼️


Latifa LARIBI . 5 months ago

I tried it it is so delicious!! I love it thank you for the recipe :)


ኢትዩጵያ . 5 months ago

This smoothie so gooood !i gain since I think is the pent and banan 😔

Rekha Rekha

Rekha Rekha . 5 months ago

Weit gain plz

Sumitra Sinha

Sumitra Sinha . 5 months ago

I make this smoothie with chia seeds daily

Nagamani Nagaraju

Nagamani Nagaraju . 5 months ago

I tried this one from 5 days .. sooooo yum ..but I'm gaining weight though I'm in healthy nd low calorie diet the rest of the day ...

Alexial Cai

Alexial Cai . 5 months ago

can replace banana with mango ?

Mary Kheiri

Mary Kheiri . 5 months ago

Hi. We have to drink only this for all days or this and another foods?

Lois Daniels

Lois Daniels . 5 months ago

Is the banana necessary, can it be substituted?

Aidytul A. Latip

Aidytul A. Latip . 5 months ago

Can we add coffee?


S P . 5 months ago

To me this seems a weight gain smoothie..I really love your diets Vicky...but this one seem really high in calories.


browneyes39 . 5 months ago

I’m I missing it. The banana diet plan is not in the description box.

My fitness Journey

My fitness Journey . 5 months ago

Banana replacement??

Sabrin Aa

Sabrin Aa . 5 months ago

The sweetest youtuber with powerful voice !

Nehasanju Sharma

Nehasanju Sharma . 5 months ago

Can we put chia seeds...

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