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Obesity Help 2015 Here I Come (#1)

Finding Elizabeth

Finding Elizabeth

Published on 4 years ago

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Sheehan VSG

Sheehan VSG . 4 years ago

Hi Elizabeth! I went back to your first video and watched it again. I so wanted to tell her that I know how it turns out and that she is going to be all right. That I've seen her after she has lost. 200+ lbs and that she looks amazing. I really am so happy for you and I hope I get the chance to meet you at next years OH.

Skotti RNY

Skotti RNY . 4 years ago

You look great!!! Have fun!

Watch PattiMelt

Watch PattiMelt . 4 years ago

You are a completely different woman from last year with the same heart! I want you to have so much fun... And I know you will. Kiss all of the crew for me... for I so love and will miss you all!

Marika on the Move

Marika on the Move . 4 years ago

What fun! Have a great time Liz!

Gretchen Dietze-Johnson

Gretchen Dietze-Johnson . 4 years ago

Sleeve McQueen, too 😕 lots of pictures and videos, please!! So it's like we're there, lol thanks for keeping us in the loop.


ShannonCoral . 4 years ago

Try to have fun without your friend! :)


Ranga_VSG . 4 years ago

So excited for you all! We have nothing like OH or WLSFA over here in Aus. Will you post a vid of you all at the conference?

Rhea Reloaded

Rhea Reloaded . 4 years ago

I will enjoy OH vicariously through your videos and photos. Thanks!

Amy Getsa360

Amy Getsa360 . 4 years ago


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