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KOS Listed

KOS Listed . 1 month ago

LOL! Who the FUCK puts any power into a gel cap?!

Max anders

Max anders . 5 months ago

why do u swear and act so angry pls dont

Susan Aguilar

Susan Aguilar . 5 months ago

Can it be the regular Cheyenne pepper Powder you purchase at the grocery store? Or does it have to be the Cheyenne extract in capsules ? Help!!!!

Karl Dilkington

Karl Dilkington . 5 months ago

This is one of the first things I wanted to try after tasting snake juice. Glad I watched the video.

Walter E

Walter E . 7 months ago

This the only way im going to learn ,is someone giving it to me stright up. Love it


TommyKhaira . 8 months ago

do not do what he does..ull be always so angry..he has a very HBP..250/190

star G

star G . 11 months ago

is all the fuck work necessary..i can't even focus oh what you saying with all the screaming and cursing...smh you are over the top..πŸ˜’πŸ˜’


Schmuddel . 12 months ago

What is it about the capsules that causes the ulcers in the first place though?

William Williams

William Williams . 1 year ago

Will cayenne pepper help my stomachache stop hurting from laughing after i watch ur vids?


LukeS . 1 year ago

Are there any negative effects of using more than 2 capsules in snake juice per liter of water?

Caleb E.

Caleb E. . 1 year ago

Cayenne pepper is also really good for your heart.


Louise . 1 year ago

Best thing about Cole...he uses "FUCK" as a full stop. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


rakan0007 . 1 year ago

Hey Cole, is it ok to use red chili powder insted of cayenne papper caps ? I don't have access to that stuf .


Allnothing . 1 year ago

I would be very interested in what you have to say but the way you fucking say it pisses me off so much and I wanna hit you in your fucking face until your fucking teeth are all in your fucking throat und you cant only say bhhuck...


wedshooter1234 . 1 year ago

how many capsules per liter fuckhead! all this trouble to make a video with no quantity..FUCK!


windsongshf . 1 year ago

My hubby is joining me on snake diet and trying snake juice for the first time today. Put the basics in, he did fine. Then joined me with a little glass of lemon and cayenne for variety and now he's hurling his guts out the past 30 minutes! Oh and when he barfs it sounds like someone's mudering him. No control what so ever! You can hear him a mile away! BLEEEAAAGGGHHGGHHAAAA!!!! My man is a pussy! Lol!

James Ball

James Ball . 1 year ago

I just invented Snake Coffee by mixing the Juice with Coffee and it is excellent! We gonna get rich, bitch!


gideondavid30 . 1 year ago

Couldn't you just buy cayenne pepper in powder form rather than capsule form?

Tori Wolf

Tori Wolf . 1 year ago

What happened to cole lol he was going to lose 30 lbs in ten to fifteen days lol so where is he hahaha hope he managed to get it all off lol

Catherine Frondorf

Catherine Frondorf . 1 year ago


Wolf Pack Leader

Wolf Pack Leader . 1 year ago

54/504 hour fast. I'm a fatty. I started on Easter of this year and am 10 pounds from dropping 100 total body fat.

Tricia Carter

Tricia Carter . 1 year ago

Hope you're okay Cole where are you missing your videos!


Methodtraining . 1 year ago

What happened to Cole. I know he was doing a fast then he disappeared?? Anyone know?

Brenda Diaz

Brenda Diaz . 1 year ago

I started Fasting(omad) on Aug 14 went down 16 pounds(from 212 lbs to 196lbs ) .. I just added snake juice on Sept 10 and came down to 192 currently 66 hrs into my 72 hour fast . Once I hit 72 I’m going to try to push it longer and longer and see how long I end up fasting . Snake juice tasted bad the first day but now I don’t mind it . Love waking up every morning with lbs off .. fasting is awesome!


Nicolas . 1 year ago

Omg hahahahah why I found this channel now? He is a fucking legend!

trav v

trav v . 1 year ago

Hey I've got pain underneath my ribs near the upper left part of my abdominals. Can this be related to fasting? This isn't gallstones or whatever is it? I heard that might be triggered by fasting. The area is slightly swollen. Gonna start fasting tomorrow again, I'll go longer than last time. Just concerned. Can anyone respond? Yes I consumed snake juice, no this isn't electrolyte related. I did a couple of 48 hour fasts, and a couple of 24 hour fasts. I'm thinking, the 24 hour fasts they seemed like they stirred up some toxins but because the fast was so short I didn't get to release them. This might have caused this? Gonna start fasting tomorrow, gonna do a salt flush first thing. Might do some dry fasting after a day or two. Sneezing and laughing hurts my ribs at the moment. Just thought I'd comment that.

Charlie Welsh

Charlie Welsh . 1 year ago

Thank you

Uncle Hurrikane

Uncle Hurrikane . 1 year ago

This might sound like a dumb question but can I drink the snake juice cold?

Lee Ann

Lee Ann . 1 year ago

My friend with β€œHIV” is a skinny rail.. would he do OMAD? I want him to fast to heal, but not wither away!


wnc817 . 1 year ago

Hopefully regulation will stop the Joo owners of social media from censoring what is now the "public square". Come back Cole..


ROGER BANNERMAN . 1 year ago

Did he get shutdown

Jasmine Burns

Jasmine Burns . 1 year ago

Sup, Cole. I'm Jasmine your future girlfriend. Right now I'm fighting autoimmune issues that got worse when I started going to the doctor for it. I kicked all the meds and knew fasting would fix the rest. Found your channel, watched some of your videos and decided that you and I will meet some time in the future. I'm detoxing all the shit I was pumped with and will reverse the side effects the meds caused. Under normal methods it would take about a year. I'm thinking fasting will have it kicked in half the time. Anyway, I'll give you updates as I progress. They say there is no cure for my illnesses but I call bullshit and don't even think they are real diseases in the first place. Cole, we will meet. I can see the light in your eyes. I'm just not at your level yet because I have one more fucking vice to beat. One more...

Spit Fire FLip

Spit Fire FLip . 1 year ago

YoOoO CoOoLE I'm JUST LIKE YOU MANNN same temper and all when ppl are so ignorant πŸ˜‚.. its SIMPLE AS SHIT JUST STOP EATING FATTY!!.. I've been fasting for yrs now most your videos confirm what I've done research on IT ALL MAKES SENSE JUST STOP FUCKING EATING FATTIES!!..PHUCK ME!!πŸ€¦πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ͺπŸ‚πŸ™ŒβœŒπŸ˜ˆπŸ€˜

Bruce Munro

Bruce Munro . 1 year ago

This is unrelated, but my girlfriend had her spleen removed when she was in her teens because some fat bitch tried to kill her. Does not having a spleen create complications on the snake diet? And how does one contact Mr. Robinson?

Brenda W

Brenda W . 1 year ago

Where is Cole Robinson? I miss his videos! I look forward to them every Sunday!

Meru 11

Meru 11 . 1 year ago

Hey this is kinda off topic to the video but i just wanted to thank you. When i first discovered your channel you gave me enough inspiration and motivation to fast immediately one week without any troubles. While my motivation has been decreasing i found myself back to your channel. I hope i can build up the same strength like i did with my first fast (did every month a seven day fast also or tried) and better myself. I still cannot thank you enough for what you do with your videos and i hope i can in some ways (when i get a job) support you. Thank you for what you do and thanks for your inspiration. Greetings from germany :3

Andersen Boykin

Andersen Boykin . 1 year ago

Hey Cole how do you feel about a totally 100% carnivorous diet?

Deborah Baca

Deborah Baca . 1 year ago

where is Snake Wizard? miss you. Want to see your fasting process. xo

Meli Kopi

Meli Kopi . 1 year ago

Cole, I love you. You crack me the F up every single time! Thanks for all you do.

youll get no info about my twitter bj !

youll get no info about my twitter bj ! . 1 year ago

Hey Cole, check out Eric bugenhagen and the way he lifts.


ClaxtonSlitherbee . 1 year ago

Orwellian style censorship in action from YouTube and Facebook. Thanks to Cole I've casually lost 30 pounds through extended fasting over a 2 month period, almost healed up my psoriasis and feel much better mentally and physically. The man is providing simple, yet life saving information and helping people in a tremendous way, and you want to block that knowledge from reaching others? Get fucked you scumbags.


TrplC . 1 year ago

Im doing a 72 hours dry fast maybe more if i feel good and the hunger isnt the hard part its the dry mouth i hate most but Im going to stay strong. Thank you cole your a life saver


akaATK . 1 year ago

Has anyone used cayenne pepper extract to improve peripheral blood circulation?

Sal Daghstani

Sal Daghstani . 1 year ago

I love how much you swear

Robert Prechter

Robert Prechter . 1 year ago

he doesn't talk about piss anymore

Who am I?

Who am I? . 1 year ago

Hey Cole, STOP SINNING SINNER! YOUR GOING TO BURN IN HELL SINNER IF YOU KEEP SINNING AND BLASHPHIMING AND USING GOD AND THE LORD JESUS CHRIST'S NAME IN VAIN SINNER! ! ! ! Why do you think people only use God and Jesus Christ's name to swear with? Because they are the only names with any true power behind them. They don't use Allah or Muhammed or Buddha or any other name. Why? Because there is no power in those names. SO STOP SINNING SINNER ! ! ! ! O PRAISE THE LORD JESUS CHRIST! ! ! ! AMEN What's blashphiming? The only unpardonable sin. Blashphiming the Holy Spirit, which is denying the Lord Jesus Christ! ! ! ! SO STOP ! ! !You would be so much greater if you did this brother. Thanks and God bless you and everyone.

Sylas Marner

Sylas Marner . 1 year ago

i like watching this strictly for laughs!!!


d2h . 1 year ago

You're just a female hating, right wing con with a hero complex. Your physique I'd average at best. Why don't you stop ducking eating you fatty

julle huu

julle huu . 1 year ago

if this channel is blocked is there some where where to watch coles rants or videos or podcast i uking loved the hour long videos on you tube where to now?

Natalie F Alepin

Natalie F Alepin . 1 year ago

Omg I've been worried since sunday night. Thank god your still here.

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