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Foods with No Carbs and No Sugar

Ryan Taylor

Ryan Taylor

Published on 1 year ago

A list of healthy foods with no carbs or no sugar. [Subtitles]

In today's video we highlight a list of vegetables, fruits, herbs and spices which have little to no carbs and no sugar. These are practical when on a no sugar diet, or low carb diet such as the ketogenic or carnivore diet. High amounts of sugar taken regularly will cause damage to the body and chronic inflammation over time. Reducing these and eating healthier sources of vitamins and minerals will help your body to get back into sync and heal itself naturally.

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Full Article: http://potla5.blogspot.com/2019/03/foods-with-no-carbs-and-no-sugar.html

Tags: #nocarbfoods#nosugarfoods#nosugardiet
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I wish you great health wealth and happiness.

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Comments :

ecneralc nawanapp

ecneralc nawanapp . 12 hours ago

Chia seeds?
Alan George Barstow

Alan George Barstow . 3 days ago

Oh. "Green tea has chlorophyll!" ALL green leaves have chlorophyll. It's what makes them green.
Duncan LKW

Duncan LKW . 6 days ago

Quick ques, how is watermelon low carb, NANI!
Nora Jean Council

Nora Jean Council . 7 days ago

Very helpful information!
Keto's Secret

Keto's Secret . 1 week ago

Following the Custom Keto diet I have already lost 28 pounds since December 17, 2019. Keto is not just a diet, for me it is a life-saving lifestyle!!!👍😃
Luna 333

Luna 333 . 1 week ago

Watermelon has natural sugars. Still, a good Keto list
Aka smiley

Aka smiley . 1 week ago

watermelon has carbs n sugar
Susie Brown

Susie Brown . 2 weeks ago

Watermelon low in carbs!!!!!????? Now I’m done listening.
michael shoffner

michael shoffner . 2 weeks ago

chicken as high a red meat in cholerastol bad info for lots of people
Mushtari Bano

Mushtari Bano . 2 weeks ago

Please ineed pandanus leaves mean pandan leaves . Where can i get it.
James Kantor

James Kantor . 3 weeks ago

I wonder about watermelon. Because it does have a high GI, thou glycemic load is not to high.
Goddess of the oak Gods Peace

Goddess of the oak Gods Peace . 3 weeks ago

Heart attack anyone?

Katherine . 3 weeks ago

Why isn't cholesterol addressed???

I'm WORTH IT! . 3 weeks ago

Wow this is great! Lots of great info! Thanks! Cheer! Health wealth & happiness to you too! Thanks Ryan!
becca wilson

becca wilson . 3 weeks ago

xylitol is also very toxic to pets please dont even have it in your house if you love your fur babies.
Bryan Buffington

Bryan Buffington . 4 weeks ago

It heals the body!
Исрарул Хан

Исрарул Хан . 4 weeks ago

Sugar is the culprit. But people are getting afraid of all carbohydrates these days 🤔
Lara Bisserier

Lara Bisserier . 4 weeks ago

Ok kale has carbs!! Fiber is carbs. Eggs have carbs in them. Pecans have carbs, cheese also has carbs. Chicken is too lean, fatty meat is much better. How can people listen to this crap when the first several on your list have carbs!!! Ridiculous!! Green tea also has carbs, omg watermelon are you kidding me?!?!
Jukey Keey

Jukey Keey . 4 weeks ago

Don’t eat meat, Go Plant-based
mildref Daniel

mildref Daniel . 4 weeks ago

Coconut oil not good for you

kurtzcol . 4 weeks ago

i thought watermelon was loaded with sugar
Bobby Thomas

Bobby Thomas . 1 month ago

Seema Shrestha

Seema Shrestha . 1 month ago

What abt corn and sweet potato ???
Mikeman Jordan

Mikeman Jordan . 1 month ago

you forgot to wish me eternal life
Kate Gr

Kate Gr . 1 month ago

Very good presentation of healty food but very important to add, that farm raised salmon very dangerous to eat, it can be the source of developing a different cancers . Also very healthy and full of vitamins and minerals natural row organic 🍯 it also good source of healing remedy, for cold sore trouth and other inflammation in the body. Lemon is blood purifier, full of Vitamin C takin with warm water in the morning energized and help loose weight.
johnson paul

johnson paul . 1 month ago

Wait, Kale, pecans, watermelon, cauliflower, blackberries and possibly mint all have carbs. Xylitol affects some people just like sugar. This guy is going to kill people
Mac Harper

Mac Harper . 1 month ago

Eggs contain massive amounts of cholesterol. Butter is high in saturated fat. This list is a bit strange.

Marisela . 1 month ago

Uhm has anyone noticed the title is foods with no carbs or sugar then it tells you its ok to eat watermelon which has 21 grams of carbs helllllllooooooooo
Toys r Choice

Toys r Choice . 1 month ago

BEST Food with No Carbs and No Sugar IS CARDBOARD.
Svetlana Kravsova

Svetlana Kravsova . 1 month ago

You forgot to mention avocado 🥑 and broccoli 🥦
KA M1st

KA M1st . 1 month ago

For future reference, the presentation is unnecessary. We just want a list.
Joyce Chapman

Joyce Chapman . 1 month ago

hmmm....eggs contain both carbs and sugar, although not very much. 2 eggs contain 1.2 grams of both carbs and sugar. OK, you need to change your title to LOW carb and LOW sugar because most of the stuff on your list DO have carbs, but, they are low. When you say they have NO carbs or sugar this is just not accurate.
Nessie Ness

Nessie Ness . 2 months ago

What authority do you have?

Vasanthi . 2 months ago

Sweets n savouries r not in d list? 😂😟🤦🏻‍♀️🤣😱😱😱
Flower ImsBananaツ

Flower ImsBananaツ . 2 months ago

WTF? BUTTER? Impressive

birdmaaaaaaaaaan . 2 months ago

Forgive me please but kale, coconut oil, mint, green tea are not ‘food’ to me.
Cathryn McLean

Cathryn McLean . 2 months ago

You should look at articles written by PCRM physicians committee for responsible medicine...a non profit group of thousands GP's MD's Heart Consultants surgeons ..who are trying to prevent heart disease cancers dementia alzheimers diabetes and the many other diseases "proven" to be caused by eating animals fats that build up and cause plaques in your arteries veins and cells ..cancer thrives in an acidic ph body caused by eating animal products ...the World Health Organisation WHO now recommends a Plant Based Diet too...people who are not recommending this diet are typically funded by the Dairy or Meat industry somewhere ...incl Heart Charities ..very sad but we live in a very materialistic world ..and these industries dont care about your health they care about their profit margins only...so much evidence against eating meat and dairy
sonal sammi

sonal sammi . 2 months ago

TURMURIC. is always added in indian curries. Rice. Or lentils not only for taste but also. Healing inside body. Its also used if u get cut somwhr n blood flows out. U sprinkle turmuric n its stops immidiate Milk + turmic. Good on bones Hot water + turmuric or haldi powder. Good on blood pressure blood flow
XY Zebruh

XY Zebruh . 2 months ago

lies lies and more lies
In The Buff

In The Buff . 2 months ago

I don't think so. A few on that list is bad for you.
Supriya Upadhyay

Supriya Upadhyay . 2 months ago

Sean Newhouse

Sean Newhouse . 2 months ago


Kritikitti . 2 months ago

All good. Have tried kale in many forms. Kale is gross. When The LORD threw Adam & Eve out of Garden of Eden, they prob had to grow kale😭.
Steph M

Steph M . 2 months ago

1 - kale 🥬 2 - eggs 🍳 3 - pecan nuts 🥜 4 - cheese 🧀 5 - chicken 🍗 6 - butter 7 - beef 🥩 8 - salmon 🐟 9 - coconut oil 🥥 10 - green tea 🍵 11 - watermelon 🍉 12 - cauliflower 🥦 13 - berries 🍓 14 - xylitol 15 - mint 16 - turmeric
Teresa Olofson

Teresa Olofson . 2 months ago

what about onions
steven cunningham

steven cunningham . 2 months ago

Great Vidio very helpful
Lamulata#1 Azuquita

Lamulata#1 Azuquita . 2 months ago

Thank you 😊 new subie keep them coming 😀

fitnesstips2012 . 2 months ago

awesome thank you

K J . 2 months ago

Chicken also contains lots of medicines you don't want to ingest.
Dan Rowden

Dan Rowden . 2 months ago

This video may have been worth sharing if it weren't for the 'no carb', 'no sugar' bullshit.

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