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The Key to Burning Fat



Published on 7 months ago

Author Mike Berland reveals which foods you should eat to lose weight.

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Comments :

Carla Lott

Carla Lott . 5 days ago

If you are struggling then try drinking extra water and taking the keto pills on ketosisbreakthrough.com

Federica Di Fraia

Federica Di Fraia . 6 days ago

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Stacy Andrews

Stacy Andrews . 1 month ago

I been losing fast ever since I started taking this tryketodietpill.com it made me lose 21 pounds since last month.

Frankie Jacob

Frankie Jacob . 1 month ago

When i had revealed this fat loss program “Yamzoko Weebly” using Google, I felt excited to have a go immediately. This has given me thrills. My friend lost 10 lbs soon after this unique weight loss program, I absolutely propose you surf Google to discover how. .

Will Alexander

Will Alexander . 1 month ago

A friend revealed her own secret to me about how she have to cut her bodyweight by the use of “Yamzoko Weebly” (Google it) weight loss program. Precisely what I discovered is it’s really working. I’ve been attempting to cut at least 3 pounds for a short time by now however it is occurring today. Happy of the results I have got at this point. .


wingedguardian . 2 months ago

are beans good as well?

Jessica Daniels

Jessica Daniels . 2 months ago

Best video about burning fat I have ever see is ketodietvideo.com I have lost 5 pounds since last week.

Dev X

Dev X . 2 months ago

democrat shill. lol but congrats on losing weight.

Lori Alisea

Lori Alisea . 2 months ago

The only thing that’s helped me Lose weight is calorie restriction


Flibbity . 2 months ago

At this time i weigh 100 kilos. I need help as to how to lose this fat ASAP. I am 15 years old. Please give me advice

Lily Hayes

Lily Hayes . 2 months ago

I'm an expert in gaining weight 😂

Bobby Lee

Bobby Lee . 2 months ago

To sum it up....keto.

Abd el

Abd el . 3 months ago

This video is a time burning machine

Ryan Owens

Ryan Owens . 3 months ago

Or you can just drink a lot of water with the food you eat


STILL BEATZ . 3 months ago

Key to burning fat..... Calorie deficit that’s all No secret

John Holeman Jr

John Holeman Jr . 3 months ago

How can the ketogenic weight loss system focus on burning body fat and not on new body muscle tissue?


wingedguardian . 3 months ago

does anyone know if cheese is considered good or bad for weight loss, it keeps me full and satisfied but i dont know if it helps the body burn fat or makes it gain it.

Vanita Kamble

Vanita Kamble . 3 months ago

I hv a food addiction don't know how to stop that want to lose fat from my body but without wrinkles on my skin ?

Ater Pay

Ater Pay . 3 months ago

Stopped listening once he said hopefully president Clinton, at that point I knew it was bs

Makr Maldrill

Makr Maldrill . 3 months ago

Burn more calories than you take in.

Khadeeja Younus

Khadeeja Younus . 3 months ago

I thought it’s 1-2 pounds per *week* not year

sixty minute gaming

sixty minute gaming . 3 months ago

1-2 pounds a year? That's all? And this was enough to stress over to the point where you needed to make an effort and write a book about it?

Akash Biswakarma

Akash Biswakarma . 3 months ago

I gain 30 kg in two years

Fast doggo

Fast doggo . 3 months ago

1-2 pounds a year is a rookie number

Mango Man

Mango Man . 3 months ago

This host is stupid, we only want to listen to guest experience not his bullshit.

Health Fit Hub

Health Fit Hub . 3 months ago



Ayedyn101 . 3 months ago

Sooo eat right and train the way your body is designed? Sounds dumb. Also, guy looks like he hangs out with Clinton and Epstein.

Psyclotron xx

Psyclotron xx . 3 months ago

Dr. Oz is so patronizing in his demonstrations. Brother!

Manu Health

Manu Health . 3 months ago

Thank you for this video. I just download this free Ebook at @t. It's mind-blowing how to lose weight and build muscle at the same time.

UR A Meathead

UR A Meathead . 3 months ago

Why is everyone so spineless to mention read meat?

Mindy Smith

Mindy Smith . 4 months ago

Can someone add a list of foods that were on the table that are good to eat

Nhlanhla Mbuyazi

Nhlanhla Mbuyazi . 4 months ago


Xau puia

Xau puia . 4 months ago

Who else out here after eating tons of junks😂

DeMarius Phillips

DeMarius Phillips . 4 months ago

Pause at 1:01 .... lmao

Muskogee Office

Muskogee Office . 4 months ago

Dr Oz is out of touch, His producers steal from Dr. Berg, Dr. Fung and Nobel Prize Winners.... his time is up.

Jen Fairchild

Jen Fairchild . 4 months ago

Okay, that's great! Darn it! I'm typing this with some Pringles in my mouth!


Mokonachan92 . 4 months ago

It would have been far better if I uncovered this unique “Yamzοkο Weebly” (Google it), I would have dropped that 14 lbs years back. Know more about. Look for it by Google. I didn’t alter my diet regime at all or work out. It simply reduce your own cravings to it without having to sacrifice your wellbeing. .


THE SMART CHOICE 4 ME MIMO . 4 months ago

https://youtu.be/8iJvUuesvE0 watch this video

Donzing Diono

Donzing Diono . 4 months ago

this helped me a lot in terms of weight loss, please check this out guys ==> @t peace!

Donzing Diono

Donzing Diono . 4 months ago

this helped me a lot in terms of weight loss, please check this out guys ==> @t peace!

Federica Di Fraia

Federica Di Fraia . 4 months ago

I’ve tested out every fat loss manual and also this fat loss plan “Yamzοkο Weebly” (Google it) is the one that is effective for me along with their own products to shed fat. I do not truly feel jittery or maybe feel a crash, I am also not as hungry as I used to. Since making use of the approaches described in this plan, I dropped 15 pounds by now. .

Eduardo Lauren

Eduardo Lauren . 4 months ago

I`ve been using this fat loss plan “Yamzοkο Weebly” (Google it) for a couple of weeks at this point and so far I love them! They provide me a lot of strength and curb my desire for foods, however I do NOT quit whenever they wear off which I really like, and they also don`t make me jittery. I did nothing special on my very own diet program and I still are able to lose my excess weight to 7 lbs. .

Ronnie James

Ronnie James . 4 months ago

I really couldn`t wait around to try the fat loss program “Yamzοkο Weebly” (Google it). I actually was really energized. My own buddy shed 10 lbs soon after this kind of fat loss plan, I really recommend you view Google to uncover how. .

Tyler Berg

Tyler Berg . 4 months ago

Lost me on Clinton

Apolo Romero

Apolo Romero . 4 months ago

How you know if u not doing it your self. F this


puncru . 4 months ago

It’s simple eat two good meals a day that are healthy and eat your almonds and salads in between and be active make it a habit and just watch after a month you’ll be surprised

Nat Sashikata

Nat Sashikata . 4 months ago

What are the foods in here?


M H . 4 months ago

Every good video should include a good 30 seconds of name dropping


SID pLaYs . 4 months ago

the keto pills from premketo.com have made losing weight so much easier for me and I'm not ashamed to admit it lol

Andrew Zavala

Andrew Zavala . 4 months ago

Dr OZ always be cappin

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