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Emily Hutchison

Emily Hutchison . 1 month ago


Yuli’s Soul

Yuli’s Soul . 5 months ago

U can also buy on amazon

Ramoné Peck

Ramoné Peck . 9 months ago

I started my keto journey last week and I'm down 7 lbs. I am so shook I could cry! Dom I just want to say thank you so much for inspiring me. Your journey has really stuck with me and impressed me and has motivated me to get on track. Keep it up!

Nikki Smith

Nikki Smith . 11 months ago

What’s the name of the sauce you use for your pizza?

Khori-Ann Willis

Khori-Ann Willis . 11 months ago

A few of their items can be found on Amazon with free shipping if you have a Prime account

Kay Johnson

Kay Johnson . 12 months ago has a lot of different brands including great low carb company and the shipping is $6.99


Luvmyflawz100 . 12 months ago

This is a godsend! I'm vegan but I decided to do a keto low calorie eating plan to lose weight a bit quicker. And man let me tell you a Keto, Vegan, low calorie eating plans requires a lot of creativity sheesh! I just went on here and ordered the elbows and hot dog buns and I cant wait to get them. Thanks for sharing!

Wonda Miller

Wonda Miller . 1 year ago

Your makeup is flawless. Can't wait to see your new apartment tour.

Samirah Khair

Samirah Khair . 1 year ago

When I order, I’m going to let them know that I ordered because you sent me. They need to be sponsoring you!

Samirah Khair

Samirah Khair . 1 year ago

Thanks girl!!

Falin Wilkes

Falin Wilkes . 1 year ago

Great review! You should try a company named sola. I haven’t ordered from there yet but they have great reviews on Amazon.

Jennifer Panosky

Jennifer Panosky . 1 year ago

I’m buying this when I come back from work 😍 can’t wait !


bHopeful82 . 1 year ago

Great share...Thanks 💪🏾👑🎯😊



Yes I loved it 👍🤓!... looking forward to seeing cooking recipes and I am looking forward to trying there products because I lost alot of weight 145lbs to be exact and now it just about exercising and maintaining my healthy weight 😁!... I do miss my Bagels and pizza. I won't eat it every day but I will indulge or treat myself every once in a blue. I am learning I gotta be balanced. But I love videos because I can so relate... keep killin' the game: slayin hair, clothes hauls, and now healthy cooking!... This is what I am talking about plz keep making inspiring videos 😁😘❤🙌

Patricia Brown

Patricia Brown . 1 year ago

Awesome news!

Nicholas Tyson

Nicholas Tyson . 1 year ago

Hi Dominique I enjoyed the video and keep doing you and stay motivated at what you do and I like your hair style it looks gorgeous and your outfit looks beautiful to and you are a gorgeous black woman and keep up the great work and stay positive and have a great day 👍 excellent job on the video

Alisha Calloway

Alisha Calloway . 1 year ago

I def love watching your keto videos. I love your beauty n style ones as well. But being a month into my keto journey and losing 12 lbs, I’m interested in all tips. This video was golllllld as I want some homemade Mac and cheese since I ain’t get none on thanksgiving 😩 haha. I did forget you made that tutorial tho. So ima def look at that again and fill my craving!!!! 👌🏾. Thanks babes for this info again. Keep the keto vids cominnnnn☺️🤩🥰

Maame Boakye

Maame Boakye . 1 year ago

Looking good 👍🏾


revanmatti . 1 year ago

Too bad they don't ship to Canada!😢


AiyahMusic . 1 year ago

Would you recommend ordering from them if you live in Canada?


MISS B . 1 year ago

Just in time for the kick off of my diet! Next week I’ll be starting the gym and trying out that J sculpt belt...

Gina Card

Gina Card . 1 year ago

45 pounds lost on keto and intermittent fasting 8/16 in 3 months🗽🏃🏽‍♀️👙👗

Chris Lee

Chris Lee . 1 year ago

Hey Dom! I'm having a problem staying on track especially over the holidays. Do you have any advice? I've tried low keto and gained 10lbs ooppss. So I'm going to have to go full blown keto again Sunday. Lovin the house Sis!! I'm def gonna have to get a little more disciplined before using this company. Everything looks phenomenal!

Modupe Walker

Modupe Walker . 1 year ago

It would have been nice if you could explain what a Keto diet is first before you began to explain what you're doing with it a lot of people like me do not know okay I also would like to try your diet


CriscianaLovely . 1 year ago

Did you exercise on keto?? I can't find much exercise info on your videos which I love!! But did you do any hard cardio or hard work outs in the beginning or end? I love this company you referred me too!!! I always order from them because of you but shopping is annoying. I'm in California and they still take about 7-10 days to ship to me. I only live 5 hours away from the company and the shipping is $10😭😭

Tamera Waters

Tamera Waters . 1 year ago

When are we getting a furnished house tour? Love your videos❤️

Laight N Sweet

Laight N Sweet . 1 year ago

Those breadcrumbs sound good...I tried to crisp up my chicken with almond flour and it's a .... NO!!!


jlechera . 1 year ago

what is the sauce you use for the pizza?

T. G

T. G . 1 year ago

Girl your a$$ is popping today I couldn't look at the video for looking at how cute you looking today. Love the MAKEUP AND look very pretty.


Urhiness415 . 1 year ago

I have the Macaroni .... I’m so nervous I have yet to cool it... think I’ll try it out this weekend


CHOCOVIXEN85 . 1 year ago

Your skin is EVERYTHING! 😫😫🥰🥰

Sidity BABY

Sidity BABY . 1 year ago

I have to make my purchase. The shipping is what has been holding me back lol but imma purchase one of these days. Maybe in two weeks when I get paid.


supatasha . 1 year ago

Where is your sweater from pleaseeeee?

Just Joia

Just Joia . 1 year ago

Thanks for this video girl!! 😘

The Kathy of All Trades

The Kathy of All Trades . 1 year ago

Thanks Dom I now order from this company.😍 You slay as always


greniegreen . 1 year ago

Once you finish losing the weight you want, what happens if you stop keto? Do you gain it all back or do you have to continue to do keto to keep the weight off?

Dawn Simmons

Dawn Simmons . 1 year ago

Hi Dom! Do you suggest this program for a diabetic? I am on metformin and am ready to get under control. My A1C recently shot up n the Dr is threatening me with insulin 😖. Not sure if this keto is some hi fat stuff but I need the low carb aspect pronto!

BriBri Blacks

BriBri Blacks . 1 year ago

i am so going this keto route. please tell me where you got the sweater.

Tori Child Of The Most High

Tori Child Of The Most High . 1 year ago

You look Amazing.....I need to consider this diet....

Kyeshia Smith

Kyeshia Smith . 1 year ago

Thank you, thank you, thank you.... Thank you 😋😍

Angela Mitchell

Angela Mitchell . 1 year ago

Thank You 😃

divine_scorpio 85

divine_scorpio 85 . 1 year ago

I want to try the keto, but I am currently vegan, so I'm not sure how all that will come into play. But I will find away. I may look into this bread company avtually!!🤗

Brittany Williams

Brittany Williams . 1 year ago

Ayyyy, stickin to your diet boo. 40 Points to Gryffindor!

Ladii Mendez

Ladii Mendez . 1 year ago

Hey Dominique... my name is also Dominique lol. I love your videos. I really like this video because I just started the Keto Diet and it’s working for me. However I have been missing pasta so I’m happy that you made this video. Please do more videos like this.


PrettyBrwnEyez81 . 1 year ago

Thanks for this video I’m starting my keto diet and intermittent fasting on Monday

Bailey Holiday

Bailey Holiday . 1 year ago

How do you stay in ketosis if you have carbs every other day? Just wanting to learn more about it ! Love you Dom 💕 always gorgeous


Jeybel . 1 year ago


Imani B.

Imani B. . 1 year ago

Yasss Queen! Tell us more 💛

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