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How to make a dog Bandana



Published on 5 years ago

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Judi Brayman

Judi Brayman . 4 weeks ago

I love watching your videos. You are so thorough and your methods easy to do and to understand.. I've recently found you here and already made the candy bag pouch. This one I'll be doing next. Can't wait. Thank you so much!!

Stacie Trevino

Stacie Trevino . 1 month ago

I just love your videos!

Mali Pleinnikul

Mali Pleinnikul . 2 months ago

such an easy tutorial, i will be making some for my frenchie and my mastiff today , thanks so much you make it look so easy!


JustSayin . 2 months ago

I don't need a sewing lesson #101, just want to see how large, how big of a seam......Cut out the rest.

Suzzette Allam

Suzzette Allam . 2 months ago


Boerne resident Texas

Boerne resident Texas . 2 months ago

Good evening from the Texas Hill Country. I’ve been looking everywhere for sizing on these bandanas. Not as easy to find as you would think. Always enjoy your videos. I like to think I’m an accomplished seamstress but I always learn something watching your videos. Thank you for being so thorough. Hope 3P0 is enjoying his bandanas. What a thoughtful gift.

Michele Vydrzal

Michele Vydrzal . 2 months ago

The only thing I have trouble with is cutting fabric...what do you reccomend for cutting large perfect squares?

Lory Lewis

Lory Lewis . 3 months ago

Love your bracelets

sharon ruda

sharon ruda . 3 months ago

Love your video !! Thank You !

jackie Fuller

jackie Fuller . 3 months ago

SO helpful, thank you!!!

Daniel Gomez-Edwards

Daniel Gomez-Edwards . 6 months ago

Thank you for the tutorial - just so I am clear, there will be a few inch section of the bandana where your hand went in that will have a row or stitching? So basically there is the quarter of an inch stitching around the outside and then a close edge stitching for a few inches?

sunny baby sunny

sunny baby sunny . 8 months ago

Omg I’m so excited to make bandanas you seriously explained so well thank you so much 😊

Sudesh Chauhan

Sudesh Chauhan . 9 months ago

Nice bangles mam.

Jessica Orellana

Jessica Orellana . 9 months ago

Thank you so much for this video, supper easy to follow and love how she explains every step! Very helpful!❤️

The Lady Kaylah

The Lady Kaylah . 12 months ago

Alternate fabric suggestions?

Jessica Lamirande

Jessica Lamirande . 1 year ago



JohannaGoesOutside . 1 year ago

Thank you so much for this tutorial, simple and makes a beautiful bandana! :) I just made one and it was very quick and easy.

Krystle Simpson

Krystle Simpson . 1 year ago

thank you for sharing this. I opened my first sewing machine this evening and this was the first thing I made! Turned out beautifully!

Suzanne Kester

Suzanne Kester . 1 year ago

I am making this for a friends dog for Christmas. You make this scarf look easy to make. Thank you.


CatGamez . 1 year ago

It didn’t fit my hamster.

Doge iQ

Doge iQ . 2 years ago

I will try this😀thank you

Sara Allen

Sara Allen . 2 years ago

Thank you for this tutorial. I made several for my pastor's little dog. I was able to hand embroider little targets name on the bandanas also. Off the subject. I love your quilt. Me and my grandmother just finished a sunbonnet sue and sam queen size quilt. Which was all hand done.😁

Jean Ellis

Jean Ellis . 2 years ago

What kind of foot are you using?

Sue Alderton

Sue Alderton . 2 years ago

Thank you....I've made three and now going to make another one for a friend's pup!

Hannah Slowikowski

Hannah Slowikowski . 2 years ago

Can you make a tutorial on a double sided dog Bandana?


C G . 2 years ago

So great! Thank you so much

Heaven Watts

Heaven Watts . 2 years ago

I absolutely loved this! You were so thorough and did not ramble! I feel more confident about creating a bandana!

Eddie Mills

Eddie Mills . 2 years ago

Great video!!! It gave me the measurements that I've been looking for in bandanas. Thanks, Kathy

KL Mueller

KL Mueller . 2 years ago

I have a 120 lb Bernese Mountain dog. I start with a 40 inch square for his bandanas. I could probably use a 36 inch square, but I like to have enough to tie without the bandana being tight on his neck. Maximus is broad and beefy and has long legs so he needs a big bandana!

Dyane Downs

Dyane Downs . 2 years ago

Thank you.

GinaMarie Garcia

GinaMarie Garcia . 2 years ago

Thank you for this video. Do you know how to make a dog vest?

Sincerely Summer Pearl

Sincerely Summer Pearl . 2 years ago

This is exactly what I needed. Thank you! Also, love your bracelets. And thanks for having accurate captions. It makes a huge difference for me (auditory processing disorder) and for people like my niece, who's hard of hearing.

Sylvia Miller

Sylvia Miller . 2 years ago

Thank you for the video and the easy explanation. So very simple. Made several for my brother's dog. Wish I had seen your tutorial before I messed up on 5 Bandanas.

Jessie Wheat

Jessie Wheat . 2 years ago

Thanks! Very useful.

Tonya G

Tonya G . 2 years ago

Is the fabric supposed to be washed and dryed before cutting the measurements?

Victory R

Victory R . 2 years ago

great! do you know about what size necks a size Large would fit? thanks

Tonya G

Tonya G . 2 years ago

very nice. Thank you.

Kristi Wilson

Kristi Wilson . 2 years ago

I love your video! I just subscribed. I'm new to sewing and you explained everything in a way that was helpful for me. Thank you :)

Amy Smith

Amy Smith . 3 years ago

Nice bandanna. I love your bracelets where on earth did you find such a thing? I love bracelets and would love to wear those.


ComradeAlpha . 3 years ago

Thank you so much

Sami Dinnerville

Sami Dinnerville . 3 years ago

I have a small business where I actually make dog bandannas. I have had many failed attempts on starting my business up, this is legendary! Thanks so much! Will definitely try!!!! Wow! You definitely deserve 1million + followers


20to1Devotchka . 3 years ago

wow thank you so much for this! Im hoping to make some bandanas for the dogs at the daycare where i work. Loving your bracelets too btw :)

Adriana Rodríguez

Adriana Rodríguez . 3 years ago

Thank you for this tutorial! It was very clear and I will make one for my puppy :)

Natalie Simpson

Natalie Simpson . 3 years ago

we need a photo of the pup wearing it! :)

Chelsea Holbein

Chelsea Holbein . 3 years ago

So when you stop to make the area for your hand do you cut the thread then start again down some ?

Terri Morris

Terri Morris . 3 years ago

Do you think flannel would be ok for a bandana or is it too heavy?  Oh and I like your video very nice to follow.  Thanks

Melissa Thomas

Melissa Thomas . 3 years ago

Good day! Thank you for the tutorial, I am looking to make a bandana for my friend and her new Boston Terrior pup! Sorry if this is a dumb question, but when you go to sew the gap left for your hand, do you do that by hand or with the machine? Many thanks!

Nancy Elswick

Nancy Elswick . 3 years ago

Loved your bandana.great job.thank you!

Devin Michaels-Bishop

Devin Michaels-Bishop . 4 years ago

I've clicked on the link above, but I can't find the sewing pattern for making a Bandana for my wonderful babies. If you could please help, I would greatly appreciate it.

Rebecca Porter

Rebecca Porter . 4 years ago

Thanks for the video!... also, LOVE the bangles!

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