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[Just Dance 4] Jailhouse Rock - Elvis Presley



Published on 7 years ago

Comments :

Tati R

Tati R . 4 days ago

Imagine dancing to this alone.

Leslie Cabrera

Leslie Cabrera . 1 week ago

Im always the red skirt girl. I thought she was pretty as a kid. Lol

Milajose Venezuela

Milajose Venezuela . 2 weeks ago

Deseenme suerte a mi y a mi prima plis

Daniel McCallum

Daniel McCallum . 2 weeks ago

Oh gees in class my teacher is making us do this dance for our Christmas concert...😩it's so hard...I'm not looking forward to doing the partner part at all

Всеволод Малиновский

Всеволод Малиновский . 2 weeks ago

I forget...

Bree Mcinnes

Bree Mcinnes . 3 weeks ago

I did this dance for my part of the concert when I was in year 1

Andrew Scialdone

Andrew Scialdone . 3 weeks ago

Is it weird that once I did this dance 6 times in a row I found it so addicting for some reason

Veronica Romero

Veronica Romero . 3 weeks ago

Kixfinzjjuxukk kukixfjf

Bryan Torres

Bryan Torres . 3 weeks ago


miguel-lima? alves bezerra

miguel-lima? alves bezerra . 4 weeks ago

muito legal a música adorei


HaxFNM . 4 weeks ago

I used to be the guy in the orange. Good times💞⚡️

Chase K

Chase K . 1 month ago

this song was from my tap dance

Valeria Braga

Valeria Braga . 1 month ago



AHRE 1D . 1 month ago

malardo como salen con x en todo jsjdlajaslkdjlka

Maria Rita

Maria Rita . 1 month ago

Não gosteii


By ARMY . 1 month ago

Man eu vou dança isso em público...😯

Abu Hussain

Abu Hussain . 1 month ago


Taylor Frederick

Taylor Frederick . 2 months ago

Ugh I wish times were still like this. When ppl would actually go to parties and clubs to actually DANCE together!

Sydney Mae

Sydney Mae . 2 months ago

"fun fact": I was dancing to this in my room, tripped over a laundry basket, fell, and sliced my toe open and lemme tell you it was so wonderfully amazing bleeding and having to wear bandaids under socks

Katelyn Cauthorn

Katelyn Cauthorn . 2 months ago

This Dance is so fun! Me and my sister are doing it as a surprise at my parents wedding!

Amparo :3

Amparo :3 . 2 months ago

Que recuerdos!! Baile esta canción en 2 de primaria


IamNeito . 2 months ago

Socs and greasers

Edits e Vídeos Da mariannycavallcante

Edits e Vídeos Da mariannycavallcante . 2 months ago

alguém BR?


PAULO ROBERTO C. HORTA . 2 months ago


Jambe belle

Jambe belle . 2 months ago

The King always living !!!!


V C . 2 months ago

The worst part was when you had only three people dancing to this song and one person had to do all the couple dance moves alone

Jimena Diaz

Jimena Diaz . 2 months ago

me encantan

Gaby Samaniego

Gaby Samaniego . 2 months ago

Gaby samaniego 💜 leo daina

Cedi Lowry

Cedi Lowry . 2 months ago

This is a super random question, but can someone please tell me what kind of skirt the one in red is wearing? I’ve been trying really hard to find a similar one and I’ve been struggling 😆

Hayden Peters

Hayden Peters . 2 months ago

My favorite band is Elvis and the blues.

Rachel Gardea

Rachel Gardea . 2 months ago


Angel D365

Angel D365 . 2 months ago

Good old Elvis!!

Actual Walnut

Actual Walnut . 3 months ago

this is such a banger

sofia henao

sofia henao . 3 months ago

Eso es fabuloso me gusto mucho

Dustin Kopperman

Dustin Kopperman . 3 months ago

I never played this game before

Kels Bongy

Kels Bongy . 3 months ago

00..A 1:08

Larissa Souza

Larissa Souza . 3 months ago

É anos 60

Bs s

Bs s . 3 months ago

Shut up

Dafne Dos Santos

Dafne Dos Santos . 3 months ago

Essa musica n é anos 70

Yasmin Dantas

Yasmin Dantas . 3 months ago

Amei essa música 👏👏👏👏

fernanda huaman

fernanda huaman . 3 months ago

Es muy bonito como baila son de hace tiempos

Kitty Tube

Kitty Tube . 3 months ago

I have this for prouduchon!!!!!!!!!!

5th Ledesma

5th Ledesma . 4 months ago


Maya- Kun

Maya- Kun . 4 months ago

When te mandan a bailar esto pa' tu escuela v:

Anderson Frota

Anderson Frota . 4 months ago

Essa música Nem Era nem nascisndo Eu

Kévin Allan Cedillo Koênigsegg

Kévin Allan Cedillo Koênigsegg . 4 months ago

*≈Like!!]°››si crees que:Elvis Presley es y sera el:Rey del Rock...por todo el infinito...(⭐🌟✨💎).

Kévin Allan Cedillo Koênigsegg

Kévin Allan Cedillo Koênigsegg . 4 months ago

-Like!!]°››si te dieron ganas de bailarlo...2019 o quizas alguien en:2020..(⭐🌟✨💎).

Blanca Torres

Blanca Torres . 4 months ago

Yo la iba a bailar en la escuela con el niño que me gusta

Belen Ramirez

Belen Ramirez . 4 months ago


Word Girl Gamer

Word Girl Gamer . 4 months ago

The song was written and released in 1957 Elvis Presley has passed away in 1977

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