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Tiffany - Here In My Heart



Published on 11 years ago

Music video by Tiffany performing Here In My Heart. (C) 1990 UMG Recordings, Inc.

Comments :

Bea Smith

Bea Smith . 1 day ago

Tiffany had also the best voice ever...

Jimmy Nuzum

Jimmy Nuzum . 3 weeks ago

Never of hear this song befor from Tiffany my fist time

Queen Bunnyೃ

Queen Bunnyೃ . 1 month ago

What country did the video takin?so romantic and solemn

Calix Ems Limdo

Calix Ems Limdo . 1 month ago

I miss my mom😭😭😭 Someday I will see you in heaven... You are forever in my heart ma.

Marciano Paroy Jr.

Marciano Paroy Jr. . 1 month ago

One of the best!

jose natan almeida

jose natan almeida . 1 month ago

Obra prima😍

Alessandro Sabino

Alessandro Sabino . 1 month ago

Beautiful forever 😍😍😍

Benny Demson

Benny Demson . 1 month ago

This song ..It was remind me .when the first time..i meet some one special

Pedro Melendez

Pedro Melendez . 2 months ago


elisa zanotti

elisa zanotti . 2 months ago

Che meraviglia ...😍❤️

Queen 111

Queen 111 . 2 months ago

All Tiffany's songs are so beautiful.

Jim Farrell

Jim Farrell . 2 months ago

absolutely love Tiffany..

Rita anna

Rita anna . 2 months ago

80's @90's love songs are very much i love it..and i really really want to heard and sing it also..

Janice Herbon

Janice Herbon . 2 months ago

Beautiful song!

Jon Snow

Jon Snow . 2 months ago

The video color is just so epic..

Mario Anchondo

Mario Anchondo . 2 months ago

Mario Anchondo 1976

Alexis Moral

Alexis Moral . 2 months ago

Still love your music


jabaros75 . 2 months ago


Lydia- Mehr Zeit fürs Meer

Lydia- Mehr Zeit fürs Meer . 3 months ago

Great voice. Nice video 👍👌👌

Angela Papadimatou

Angela Papadimatou . 3 months ago

I always love this song!!Tiffany is the best singer!!

Marcelo Jacosalem

Marcelo Jacosalem . 3 months ago

paborito ko to ni nung 3rd year high school ako... even up to now.

Adrian Lanuza

Adrian Lanuza . 3 months ago

Here in my heart is a great time to play music and guitar together

Leobilla Cabugawan

Leobilla Cabugawan . 3 months ago

Giving up doesn't mean you are weak it only means that you are strong enough to let go.😘😘😘 Can I get some like.⤵️

Jose Cardenas

Jose Cardenas . 3 months ago

Tiffany’s voice is amazing and this song is so good. Should have been her third #1 single

Rob Ramirez

Rob Ramirez . 3 months ago

Easily ThE MOST underrated voice pop music had in the 80s and 90s.... Nobody sang and sings like her and she had range too! I am glad Tiffany never gave up and has (amazingly!) released 7 studio albums since!

Daryl Espenilla

Daryl Espenilla . 3 months ago

Love Tiffany since I was a kid... Any Filipino here?

jose miranda

jose miranda . 3 months ago

May resemblance sya Kay demi lovato

janet johnson

janet johnson . 3 months ago

her PRETTIEST ballad

indra septyan REX TROY

indra septyan REX TROY . 3 months ago


indra septyan REX TROY

indra septyan REX TROY . 3 months ago

Start 0:55 So Deep n' So Cool

lyn Lynn

lyn Lynn . 4 months ago

Anyone going through a heart break?!! I want to cry when I hear this song.. So beautiful..

Einstin Sanapz

Einstin Sanapz . 4 months ago

2019 beutiful songs

Nicola Hnin Kay Davies

Nicola Hnin Kay Davies . 4 months ago

Here in my heart, you will be forever 💕

Rickey Engle

Rickey Engle . 4 months ago

don't want it,,it's no good

Gras Sofyan

Gras Sofyan . 4 months ago

Welcome October...

Jeff Teitsworth

Jeff Teitsworth . 4 months ago

one of my favorite tiffany songs

fadhil arief

fadhil arief . 4 months ago

Nice, so awesome... 💚👌


KHATE GERONA . 4 months ago

I really loved this kind of classic beauty 😍 She's so damn beautiful. I'm a huge Debbie Giibson fan but I like Tiffany too!

Bach Tyar

Bach Tyar . 4 months ago

Here In My Heart

Anarchy Akina

Anarchy Akina . 5 months ago

September 2019!!! No distance can keep us apart long as your you're here in my heart..

Andre Thiago

Andre Thiago . 5 months ago

Conheci essa música linda através da banda Scorpions

marianne xecile aleckzandra taguinod

marianne xecile aleckzandra taguinod . 5 months ago

I am a modern child yet my music preference is a music as beautiful as this.

abluemovie7 84

abluemovie7 84 . 5 months ago

I'm 35 and I'm just now discovering Tiffany's music. I first knew her as the voice of Judy Jetson in the Jetsons Movie back when I was 6 years old. Since she did this past Mixtape Tour with NKOTB, I became a new fan and I think she's a very underrated singer. She's got a Tori Amos type of vibe and her voice is fantastic.

aji setia

aji setia . 5 months ago

the most..beautifull

andy quizon

andy quizon . 5 months ago

it's 2019... never knew that this song was sung by tiffany...until now

Gwendolyn Gemeniano

Gwendolyn Gemeniano . 5 months ago


Angel Ann

Angel Ann . 5 months ago

august 13,2019 still watching..this songs get me goosebumps,remembering someone i love and lost..

Zhel Eduvas

Zhel Eduvas . 5 months ago

2019 here? ❤❤❤

САЩАДИКАЙ Majapahit Philips

САЩАДИКАЙ Majapahit Philips . 5 months ago

A Music Genius she must be

james avila mangente

james avila mangente . 6 months ago

when it comes to music,80's hits were the best ever for me,their were already a legend in the word's music history!!

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