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Depression and Low Cholesterol

Just In Health

Just In Health

Published on 2 years ago

Depression and Low Cholesterol

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Most people think that having low cholesterol level is a good thing, but is that always the case? In this video, Dr. Justin Marchegiani discussed how low levels of cholesterol, a fundamental building block for brain health, relates to depression and other mood issues, how cholesterol intertwines with proteins, minerals, and neurotransmitters, and how it refers to sex hormones, bile salts, and stress hormones. He also talked about the root causes of why cholesterol is being laid down. Watch this video to learn more about these relationships.

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Comments :

Killing Rasputia

Killing Rasputia . 1 year ago

Seriously. I feel so much better knowing what the hell has been wrong with me for the last month. I always have energy, I eat a vegetarian diet and then booooomm! No energy. Sleeping 12+ hours a day. Never getting out of bed except for work. Not motivated. Literally just no care to do anything at all. I went and got a physical and I just got my lab results. Cholesterol is low! I didn’t understand. I have no reason to be depressed yet I find myself unsocial, sex drive down and locked in a room. I’ve gained a few lbs from being lazy AF and now I know why


にょろ~ん♂ . 2 years ago

My total cholesterol is around160. From my experience, I recommend Vit E and Vit K (K1+MK-4) when you have low cholesterol. 5mg of K1, 10mg of MK-4 and 200IU of E improved my symptoms which lasted over 30 years. Those threes are correlated and Vit E and Vit K interact with each other. We need to increase cholesterol, which are negatively correlated with bad sleep and depressions. I'm Japanese and I eat natto but it does not work for me.

Irma Fisker

Irma Fisker . 2 years ago

Is my craving for sweet things related to depression? I never liked sweets, cake and chocolate before.

Tyler Gordon

Tyler Gordon . 2 years ago

Thank you Mr. J! Enjoying my local eggs for breakfast. Powerful.

Noreen N

Noreen N . 2 years ago

When you say cholesterol, do you mean total cholesterol?

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