giovane luis

giovane luis

Published on 3 years ago

so i am back after a bit, here with this months pickups. It ranges from an acne studios jumper, some raf simons x adidas, aswell as a number nine bandana, a supreme work shirt, and also an alexander wang tee. if you don;t know this is my monthly video where i showcase all the clothes i've bought usually based around streetwear and high fashion. let me know what was you favorite peace from this mens fashion haul. :-)

♪ i dont know ♪

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Comments :

Lateef Shafau

Lateef Shafau . 6 months ago

Whats the song in the beginning????

hustle endless

hustle endless . 1 year ago

what brand of glasses you wearing?

Hoy Kim

Hoy Kim . 2 years ago

Could you tell me youre measurements such as height & chest?


BCLife . 2 years ago

What's the exact name of the Crewneck?


lunchboxesrock . 2 years ago

what size is that supreme leopard shirt


YungH . 3 years ago

Lmao your sus af dude

Crave Closet Division

Crave Closet Division . 3 years ago

love the pickups!


Habril . 3 years ago

i fuck with your channel bro

Edwin Flores

Edwin Flores . 3 years ago

ur cute for a black guy

Antonio Raya

Antonio Raya . 3 years ago

you stretching that acne studios piece makes me cringe so much


Twilingz . 3 years ago

why the fuck do you buy 200$ tees and ugly ass supreme ?


DefusePengu . 3 years ago

My guy Luis 🤘


WaffleGasm . 3 years ago

I really like that acne studios shirt my pick it up myself


Maccsi . 3 years ago

How are you enjoying your season 3 yeezy boots? Still wearing it as the weather gets warmer?

Caleb Belkin

Caleb Belkin . 3 years ago

Hey bro how tall are you and what size is the supreme shirt? I'm tryna but one but wanna make sure it fits first

Arath Munoz

Arath Munoz . 3 years ago

I can't afford anything that ): bbbbuuuuuutttttt I enjoy all your videos ! Keep it up bro !

Alex Hibiscus

Alex Hibiscus . 3 years ago

idk why but your facial structure reminds me on onision

Yung Geo

Yung Geo . 3 years ago

That supreme tho 🔥 and what's the ring?


SippinDatWock . 3 years ago

dope stuff g

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