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Weight Loss Juices | Subah Jain | Satvic Movement

Satvic Movement

Satvic Movement

Published on 2 years ago

Juice Cleanse Recipes for Detoxification & Weight Loss | Subah Jain

3 Super Healthy recipes for a juice cleanse diet. Going on a liquid cleanse from time to time gives the body a break from digestion, and hence time to push out the toxins, and go into deep cleaning.


#1 Ash Gourd Juice

Simply take ash gourd (safed petha), peel off the skin, take out the seeds and drink.


#2 Glorious Greens Juice

1 large cucumber
3-4 celery stalks
1 cup spinach
4 lettuce leaves
2 apples

Cut and prep all your ingredients and then simply juice everything up.


#3 Pink Power Juice

2 apples
1 medium carrot
1 small beetroot
3-4 celery stalks
1/2 a lemon

Cut and prep all your ingredients and then simply juice everything up. Squeeze the lemon from the top.


#4 Clean Carrot Juice

4 carrots
1/2 cup pineapple
2 oranges

Cut and prep all your ingredients and then simply juice everything up.

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About Satvic Movement:
Satvic Movement is the beginning of a new civilisation delivering holistic, ageless and timeless knowledge of purifying the body and hence getting rid of all health problems without medicines. Satvic is not the vision of one man. It's not even a mission of one community. It's rather a calling, from God himself, to reform this misdirected civilisation.

Comments :

santosh sahni

santosh sahni . 5 days ago

The way you explaining is beautiful like your skills and your internal beauty dear.. Anyways thanks for such a nice video.

Dobariya Uttam

Dobariya Uttam . 5 days ago

Can you translate your old video in hindi please 🌹🌹🌹🌹🙏🙏🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹 All video

pinkygokhale madkoriya

pinkygokhale madkoriya . 2 weeks ago

Can take petha juice hole day. For detox.

Namita Shrivastava

Namita Shrivastava . 2 weeks ago

Mem plss Hindi me bhi video banaye


SOUMYA MURUGAN . 2 weeks ago

Mam iam drinking pomegranate with milk juice in the morning..it is good or bad pls reply mam .instead of breakfast

Anjali's LiveStyle

Anjali's LiveStyle . 2 weeks ago

Juicer name plz

Jay Choudhury

Jay Choudhury . 2 weeks ago

Ash Gourd should be taken with Black pepper during Winter since it's cold in nature . Further if we strain the juice we would lack the fibre which is also essential for body .

Jayshree Bhoite

Jayshree Bhoite . 3 weeks ago

What is juicer mixer name

Bhagyesha Vyas

Bhagyesha Vyas . 3 weeks ago

Plz guide for pcod with thyroid cure

Prathamesh Shinde

Prathamesh Shinde . 3 weeks ago

Great work. Keep going and thank you.

Girija K

Girija K . 3 weeks ago

Mam Plz tell Juicer name

Dharmesh Sapariya

Dharmesh Sapariya . 3 weeks ago

Madam, it's been little costly to me on daily basis. So, can you suggest me some alternative to these juice as can i take only palak or only beetroot juice and is it as beneficial like the juice you suggest?

Navya Shivaji

Navya Shivaji . 4 weeks ago

Namaste, Can we add a spoon of honey to ash gourd juice?

susanbaby baby

susanbaby baby . 4 weeks ago

How to remove wax on apples

Kartik Mehta

Kartik Mehta . 4 weeks ago

Hello Subah, Thanks a lot for such an inspirational stuff for Healthy life. I have one question regarding Juices. Can you give me a list of Juices that can be stored for 4-5 hours in the fridge? As I am going to the office early in the morning. I want to carry with me so that I can dring later. Thanks in advance for your suggestion.

Ramkumar T C

Ramkumar T C . 4 weeks ago

Can i eat tomato in morning without seeds

Madhumita Mondal

Madhumita Mondal . 4 weeks ago

Mam plz tell me how u get pineapple and orange same season....??

Raja Jain

Raja Jain . 4 weeks ago

Human should not consume critic juice at empty stomach morning

mritunjay kumar

mritunjay kumar . 4 weeks ago

हिंदी में बोलये

hi tech gaming

hi tech gaming . 1 month ago

Instead of taking the juices why can't we take ingredients directly.

Sushil Kumar

Sushil Kumar . 1 month ago

Bat krti ho hindi Culchar ki aur english me bol rahi ho

Vivek Singh

Vivek Singh . 1 month ago

Subah khali pet lena h

Anil Jain

Anil Jain . 1 month ago

Beta apne juser ka nam batayo gisme biz nahi piste ho keya es juser me biz nahi piste please reply muje lena h offer chal reha h jalgi reply the

Stella Brown

Stella Brown . 1 month ago

Is is okay to blend the ingredients together? For example I usually just blend kale a water and the consistency is very juice like.


Miracle . 1 month ago

Hi...u had mentioned about only juice diet for 3 days continuously....but I don't remember in which video....can you please share the video

ijeoma nwabuisi

ijeoma nwabuisi . 1 month ago

I usually make mine into smoothies, hope its okay too

Akash Verma

Akash Verma . 2 months ago

What to do with the remaining ash gourd??shall I can use in any recipe

Awesome life

Awesome life . 2 months ago

Mam which juicer do you use ?

Ramchand Jain

Ramchand Jain . 2 months ago

हाईबिपी पर विडियो बनाईये मैरा बिकी 170/90

Mahi Sharma

Mahi Sharma . 2 months ago

Hindi me bhi vedio bna diya kro madam. Pls

rosemary ansah

rosemary ansah . 2 months ago

What about Amla

Ankita Sarode

Ankita Sarode . 2 months ago

Smoothies of these are better than juice because pulp has more fiber....

Mayur Nandaniya

Mayur Nandaniya . 2 months ago


Berhane Ghide

Berhane Ghide . 2 months ago

Hi Subah Thank you for your video. i am happy that i found your channel. I live in Canada and it is very hard to find Ash gourd (safed petha), but instead i found white pumpkin and i am told that they are the same and Opus squash. Is it true these three are the same or can i use Opus Squash because i can get it in the market. Please let me know which one to use. Thanks for your educational video and God bless you.

Saloni Chawda

Saloni Chawda . 2 months ago

Can you please suggest an affordable cold pressed juicer?



Any one following this , can I do this


ANKITA DESAI . 2 months ago

What is Petha is call in USA? I haven't seen winter Melon in USA?

Priya Tyagi

Priya Tyagi . 2 months ago

Can we consume ash gourd juice in winters?? Does it increases the cough?

Khaleel Arshad

Khaleel Arshad . 2 months ago

Plz make a video umbillical hernia

Vaishnavi Chaudhry

Vaishnavi Chaudhry . 2 months ago

Dear I am suffering from uterine fibroids please tell what to do Dr. Are telling for surgery 😥.IAM very upset

suma gayatri

suma gayatri . 2 months ago

Tell about ur juicer pls its different

akshay dhamale

akshay dhamale . 2 months ago

Please give subtitles subha

Kuldeep Yadav

Kuldeep Yadav . 2 months ago

Mem is juice ko banane ke bad hum kitne samay tak rakh sakte h Matlab jese subhah banaya 5 baje or ishe fir 7 am par le sakte h kya yani ki 2 se 3 hours bad So plzz. Mem reply jarur karna Kyuki mera timing kuch aisha h ki mujhe morning me jaldi jana padta h to me isko bana kar sath le jau or fir bad me pi lu

simplify study

simplify study . 2 months ago

My husband has lost 15 kg in less than 2 months and now he has fair,clear and shiny skin.He pigmentation has also completely gone. Thank u ma'am for changing our life.

Aditya Pransukhka

Aditya Pransukhka . 2 months ago


Arvind Rajput

Arvind Rajput . 2 months ago


Arnab Sarkar

Arnab Sarkar . 2 months ago

Keya mey boli karkey wo juice kha Shakti hoo

Dance with Bharti

Dance with Bharti . 2 months ago

Easy to make...thanks for sharing this video 😊👍

Hemangi Bendre

Hemangi Bendre . 2 months ago

Vegetable or fruit juices shld nt be strained. So better use grinder n drink without straing.

Sumaiya Khan

Sumaiya Khan . 3 months ago

Can you share what is the best healthy snack ideas... because sometimes i feel lazy to prepare n become hungry n end up grabbing biscuits or cookies ....at that time what we can prepare n keep in fridge.....

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