Shantae Latrese

Shantae Latrese

Published on 3 years ago

It's been two weeks and my results have been nothing short of amazing. I am restricted to 500 calories a day. My meals mostly consist of cucumbers, shrimp and an apple. Of course I switch it up, but that is primarily what I eat since I don't have a taste for chicken and beef at the moment since watching 'What the Heath' on Netflix.

Many people are asking if I stopped Herbalife. I am still a huge Herbalife fan but I am taking a mini break to drop a few extra pounds. After I complete the maintenance phase on HCG I plan to go back to my Herbalife plan.

One of the downfalls of not taking my Herbalife is that I don't have the energy while taking HCG drops. I have been drinking a lot of coffee with no sugar (eww) lol.

I ordered my HCG drops from

Enjoy my before and after pics!

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Comments :

Mayra Rico

Mayra Rico . 3 weeks ago

I have this botanical coffee that gives you energy, elevates your mood, and burns fat. Contact me for more information. It’s awesome! I’m 32 pounds down and no more depression or mood swings. 😍😍😍😍

RGB . 1 month ago

Your coordination is on point!!! Good job!!!
always true

always true . 7 months ago

This is very dangerous the FDA said this isn't for weight loss and it's against the law
Erica Scott

Erica Scott . 11 months ago

Will the drops really work? Are they the real ones?
alexis urena

alexis urena . 1 year ago

What’s the name of the drops you got? Or where can I buy them at?
Latisha Stevens

Latisha Stevens . 2 years ago

Where can I find that brand of drops?
Yolanda Mejias

Yolanda Mejias . 2 years ago

hola como se usa ????
Kiarra Hall

Kiarra Hall . 2 years ago

After watching "what the health" I was the same I went vegan but relapsed, fell pregnant ate everything ! Lol I think I need to watch it again just to remind me 😁 great video tho girl your real which makes it enjoyable for me to follow you. I think I wanna try HCG drops too. Any tips would be great
clean eating means washing my food

clean eating means washing my food . 2 years ago

Congrats on the progress made... r u hungry while doing this?? Man i may have to take a sleeping pill after i eat so i can sleep away the desire to eat 500 calories is diet water and a a cup of broccoli Lol
clean eating means washing my food

clean eating means washing my food . 2 years ago

Im so scared that i will be hungry
Blah C

Blah C . 2 years ago

Do you think I can lose 15 lbs by Feb 11??? I’m starting drops today and I’m gonna work out at a boot camp 4 times per week ??
Fancy Mcp

Fancy Mcp . 2 years ago

Hi Pardon my ignorance, I would like to understand the necessity of the drops if you are only consuming 500 calories a day? You are bound to lose weight and lack energy.
Princess PrettyFeet Asmr

Princess PrettyFeet Asmr . 3 years ago

This is awesome love.. You are doing a great job...

DejaFitBeauty . 3 years ago

Wow great progress! #ytsisters
Now in Lao

Now in Lao . 3 years ago

You go girl!! Love hearing about peoples healthy choices!! Smashing those weights!! Here to support... Subbed ya 🙃

chanda . 3 years ago

Hi!! I didn't realize you were local to me. Are you still drinking your herbalife shakes along with the HCG?***** I just readed what you wrote about Herbalife..sorry. Got it.

MsLove2siing . 3 years ago

How do you mentally prepare for the protocol? You inspired me so I just brought drops!!!

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