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Led Zeppelin - Rock and Roll (Drum Cover) - Ludwig Amber Vistalite

Kick It Like Bonham

Kick It Like Bonham

Published on 5 years ago

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This was originally for a little collaboration that never panned out, so I had fun with it and threw the wig on. This will be the first of many new videos being uploaded over the next few weeks.

Drums are a 2000-era Ludwig Amber Vistalite (with some vintage hardware like the 5/16" spurs):

14x26 Kick
10x14 Rack Tom
16x16 Floor Tom
16x18 Floor Tom
6.5x14 Ludwig Supraphonic (1973)

Cymbals are:
Paiste 24" Giant Beat Ride (Reissue)
Paiste 16" 2002 Medium
Paiste 18" 2002 Medium
Paiste 15" 2002 Sound Edge Hi-Hats (1977)

2 x Early 70's Ludwig Atlas Straight Cymbal Stands
Ludwig Rail Consolette (Late 60's/Early 70's model)
Ludwig L-Arm Cymbal Mount
Ludwig Late 60's/Early 70's Atlas Snare Stand
Ludwig Speed King (60's WFL Model)

Comments :

D Kelly

D Kelly . 2 weeks ago


flamma ferus

flamma ferus . 2 months ago

faster than Bonham 🀭

Marcus Amyotte

Marcus Amyotte . 2 months ago

That was an awesome drum cover.

Simon Rees

Simon Rees . 2 months ago

Fuck yeah

William Pham

William Pham . 2 months ago

Looks like John Bonham isn’t dead

DN Ray

DN Ray . 3 months ago

That's bloody brilliant!

Giulio La Franca

Giulio La Franca . 4 months ago

Wow perfect

Abhimanyu Garg

Abhimanyu Garg . 4 months ago

I don’t think his mother is telling the truth... ...Just kidding!

Johan GT-R

Johan GT-R . 5 months ago

Hi hi great!!


Marshorror . 5 months ago

Fuck his arms must be dead hah! Amazing


GAMEDOGWARRIORS . 5 months ago

U Rule!

wide awake

wide awake . 5 months ago

Totally fuckin awesome!


T L . 6 months ago

I think Bonzo would definitely give this a thumbs up. Nice job bro!

Andrew Klein

Andrew Klein . 6 months ago

It's 8th notes on the snare all the way through, not just at the beginning and breaks. That is what made John Bonham...John Bonham. Nice playing though.

Andreas Berglund

Andreas Berglund . 6 months ago

I thought Bonzo was dead?

fisky business

fisky business . 6 months ago

I would love to know where you got that kit!:)

Eric Amato

Eric Amato . 7 months ago

This guy, " RULES."

Hafiz Jumat

Hafiz Jumat . 7 months ago

i thought it was Bonzo..oh my fucking God!!!!oh my fucking God!!!!πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯

James McKay

James McKay . 8 months ago

Nice job! Love that kit.

Bradley hacker

Bradley hacker . 8 months ago

Bonzo would love everything except for the kick drum

Pablo Cruise

Pablo Cruise . 8 months ago

USA scores it 9.9.... the Japanese score it 9.8... the French score it a 7.8


ZEP ZEP . 8 months ago

I worked on that song for months


ZEP ZEP . 8 months ago

Great job


The SM ROCKS . 9 months ago

Plz plz plz watch this if you are a true led Zeppelin fan https://youtu.be/OTEFpVZhilw

Richard Mendell

Richard Mendell . 10 months ago

B.d. tuned to the lowest note of the intro...

Mariano Garocchio

Mariano Garocchio . 1 year ago

Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiileeedd it!, You use the 16" on the left and the 18" to the right all the time? or...


SR XIII . 1 year ago

Awesome kit, perfect color!

Teresa Bondora

Teresa Bondora . 1 year ago

I just keep watching this over and over compulsively. I've been intimidated by this song but I think I'm going to start trying to learn it. Thank you so much for this.

Brandon Cedeno

Brandon Cedeno . 1 year ago

Does anyone know the fill @ 2:00?

Paulino Constantino Delacruz

Paulino Constantino Delacruz . 1 year ago

heeeey man! good job!

Morning Star

Morning Star . 1 year ago

You should try room mics instead of just close mics sometime, you know, explore the sound

gregory dimaio

gregory dimaio . 1 year ago

The best cover of this song so far an hard to beat with that level of work. Great work an thanks for the job well done was a pleasure watching.

William Minyard

William Minyard . 1 year ago


DB Cooper

DB Cooper . 1 year ago

Excellent. The flying hair is too cool!

josef mengele

josef mengele . 2 years ago

that's the best impression of Ringo Starr that ive ever seen!

Mitakuye Oyasin

Mitakuye Oyasin . 2 years ago

Great jobπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘


gigglecheeks123 . 2 years ago

Sure enjoyed that, thank man!

Private Jimmy

Private Jimmy . 2 years ago

Wow. I was doing the intro wrong all these years.. (haven't played in years).. but wow the right hand is hitting the hi-hat & the snare along with the left..it sounded like..and wow.yes sounded like Bonham! Wow. Bonham always had these little cool signature textures , such as that one right there.. WOW! Great job dude you have captured the Bonzo energy and feel better than anyone I've heard I'd say even more than Jason! You look like him too..dang you should be in a huge Zep tribute band bro

Shyam Buddh

Shyam Buddh . 2 years ago

"... and they've got this kid on the drums, just phenomenal ..."


Whinafco . 2 years ago

Really enjoyed that man!! Great job!

Michael D. Bauer

Michael D. Bauer . 2 years ago

Great job.


enna1913 . 2 years ago

Nice wig. Good cover.

Lisa Wolverton

Lisa Wolverton . 2 years ago

I love you ! πŸ˜ƒ awesome and ur drums sound great

Had Enough

Had Enough . 2 years ago

Sounds good but the bass drum part is busier on the studio recording. It''s not just single hits or double hits.

Rodolfo Baliga

Rodolfo Baliga . 2 years ago

excellent drum cover u got my two thumbs feet

Jude Gorman

Jude Gorman . 2 years ago

Jeez dude I know you can basically perfect Bonzo’s groove and rhythm but I didn’t know you used to look like him too! Truly a reincarnate

Daniel Norelius

Daniel Norelius . 2 years ago

Is it Jason hiding under there???

Sanford Mann

Sanford Mann . 2 years ago

Dude you destroyed those drums! That base is killer!

Luis Betts

Luis Betts . 2 years ago

Have you ever get to know Jimmy Page, Robert or JPJ !???

Stephen Wilkins

Stephen Wilkins . 2 years ago

who taught you how to play like this did you teach yourself sounds really good awesome

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