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How I lost 55lbs of baby weight at home! PART I

Finding Bianca

Finding Bianca

Published on 2 years ago

If you guys have any specific questions for future videos then leave them in the comments and i'll try to address them in a reply or future video!
My IG: bianca_aneska

Scarlett's IG scarlett_parkway

Comments :

Noble Strength

Noble Strength . 2 months ago

What a precious baby! She is adorable! Thanks for sharing this! Very doable!


L A . 11 months ago

Umm find it hard to believe w the fake boobs and fake lips.. that u didn’t have a nice Lipo done..

Brandon Morales

Brandon Morales . 1 year ago

I love you 💝💝❤🤗😀

Carly Cane

Carly Cane . 2 years ago

Your lips.... Too much :( Yuk

dee d

dee d . 2 years ago

i had a csection a few weeks ago im 162lbs trying to get dwn to 135 also 5'7 your such a motivation

Tammy Bunnell

Tammy Bunnell . 2 years ago

Omg your baby is soooo adorable!

Sharday Cota

Sharday Cota . 2 years ago

Did u breast feed?

Soch Bau

Soch Bau . 2 years ago

You are so gorgeous ;)

Kim Yung Chai

Kim Yung Chai . 2 years ago

Good for her, but this is not a realistic standard to judge ourselves by. She looks like a goddess, honestly, 95% of us are not going to look like that before pregnancy

Shiloh Keeling

Shiloh Keeling . 2 years ago

my daughters name is Scarlett too!

Didi Dodi

Didi Dodi . 2 years ago

Amazing body after!! The body has memory if u are fitness before and helps a lot your genes if u are slim person. Beautiful baby . Amazing eyes from mami

helen smith

helen smith . 2 years ago

Mummy magic weight loss tea helped me loose my post baby weight quickly and easily.

Sasha Tyler

Sasha Tyler . 2 years ago

I mean no disrespect towards you but I am just saying my honest opinion.... your lips look too big. It looks like you got them injected too much. Congrats on your body transformation though, you body looks good.


ajones21606 . 2 years ago

Awww baby so adorable

carol thompson

carol thompson . 2 years ago

Amazing ! I got in shape my drinking Mummy magic weight loss tea daily and working out.

Bethany Hale

Bethany Hale . 2 years ago

I tried lots of remedies to reduce my post pregnancy weight but nothing worked except for Mummy magic weight loss tea.

Alexa Marshall

Alexa Marshall . 2 years ago

Mummy magic weight loss tea is what helped me loose my post baby weight easily.


T J . 2 years ago

Scarlette is such a good easy going baby and beautiful

Joan Berry

Joan Berry . 2 years ago

I wish I had your will power, from Calgary Alberta Canada 🇨🇦!

Miracle Williams

Miracle Williams . 2 years ago



KatyaMako . 2 years ago

My dear! You're stunning! You motivate me! Take care! Good luck!

Aminah A

Aminah A . 2 years ago

My goal weight 130 👍🏽🤗🤗

Donna Williams

Donna Williams . 2 years ago

I gained weight after I had my first child than I tried mummy magic weight loss tea and kept doing my workout routine and I was in shape in no time.

Mel Zabes

Mel Zabes . 2 years ago

Glad you are back! You look amazing girly!


Bumblebee . 2 years ago

Literally the most inspiring video ever

Laura Nadel

Laura Nadel . 2 years ago

You look fantastic. I did pretty good post partum, but you look amazing

Svetlana H

Svetlana H . 2 years ago

Wow you look amazing 😍👍👍


C00KiE81 . 2 years ago

From previous videos you made it seem like you were a tank lol those 55lbs were distributed throughout your body. You didn't look huge at all. 👍 To losing all that weight.

Rachel Laura

Rachel Laura . 2 years ago

Love how disciplined and motivated you are 🙂

The World According To Lisa

The World According To Lisa . 2 years ago

She's such a cutie always seems happy and content xx

Joana Richard

Joana Richard . 2 years ago

Bianca, não vais falar em português com ela desde o início?


LouisVuittonCoffeeLver . 2 years ago

You look so good and she is absolutely beautiful

Sophia Cabais

Sophia Cabais . 2 years ago

Thank you so much for sharing I need all the ideas I can get and I get Waite for good ideas☺️

Rafif Abdalla

Rafif Abdalla . 2 years ago

Wow Bianca, that’s such a motivation! I’m planning to get pregnant by next year.. is there any advise u can share on things to do before u get pregnant? I swear u should start ur own lil business for women losing weight after giving birth.

Radames Vlogs

Radames Vlogs . 2 years ago

Wow Bianca great job in getting back in shape! You look great!!! Say hi to the family :)

P LuvsLife

P LuvsLife . 2 years ago

I'm 7 minths pregnant and I swear Im gonna get like you after I give birth. #motivation


Szys . 2 years ago

I look beautiful as always!! Congrats too! And omg Scarlett she’s so adorable I can’t 🤗😩

niels bianchini

niels bianchini . 2 years ago

Thanks for the video! you are so beautiful! Scarlett is so cuuute!! Cant wait the next vlog :) Niels


Alidelray . 2 years ago

You look amazing girl looks like I need a planner to help me stay more consistent with my workouts.... ❤️ the sticker idea

t m

t m . 2 years ago

Great video Bianca! This is very motivational!!


LustForLuxury . 2 years ago

You look amazing thanks for the making the video 😍

Roslynn A

Roslynn A . 2 years ago

I’m surprised you aren’t using a jogging stroller!


VictoriasClosetXOXO . 2 years ago

Bianca you look Amazing!

Debi W

Debi W . 2 years ago

You go girl!! #inspired🏃🏻‍♀️

Theresa Trychanel5

Theresa Trychanel5 . 2 years ago

This is an awesome vid ...you look amazing 😉

Melanie Caroline

Melanie Caroline . 2 years ago

Your abs are so sexy the lines!! You don't look like you just gave birth 8 months ago. And I saw your last video where you mentioned people said you look transgender don't even listen to them they are just haters. Social media is stupid what matters is your family at the end of the day not stupid comments on your page!

Ashleigh C

Ashleigh C . 2 years ago

Yay! You look absolutely incredible!!!!! Thank you so much for posting this video. This is exactly the motivation I need to get my butt in gear!

Jessica Aloha

Jessica Aloha . 2 years ago

I love how you give realistic advice instead of trying to sell sponsored diet pills like other Youtubers . :)

kathy fairchild

kathy fairchild . 2 years ago

props to you Bianca. Thanks for your pointers. Thank's for sharing your family life.

Malena Haas

Malena Haas . 2 years ago

Loved! Excited to see the food/diet part 👏🏻

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